[Approved] NEAR Turkey Community [June]

Hello NEAR Family;

Our goal is to introduce the NEAR Protocol to everyone who has heard of blockchain in Turkey. Therefore, as a team, we are trying to promote the NEAR Protocol everywhere, both in our environment and on social media. We aimed to reach everyone, especially on social media. So you can find us on;
Telegram: For quick and one-on-one support, News-Announcement purposes, Educational purposes.
We provide 7/24 support on every ecosystem issue as much as possible.

Here are our other social media networks.
Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, Medium and Discord.
You can see some facts about our activities and some statistics in our latest Report of May and Defered Marketing from May.

To be able to grow further the community we want to continue with our work and take the next steps.


  • External Marketing:
    We are organizing another live event and content sharing campaign with another youtuber account with an average view rate of 100-200k and followers between.

Having talks with 3 youtubers atm, haven’t decided yet with which one we will move forward.
We’re asking for this marketing budget now because it takes +2 weeks for approval and +4 weeks until next month. We want to do it as soon as possible. I will provide clear reports with metrics next month about it.

• What is web3 and how Near is helping it’s adoptation.
• Explaining What Near is about to Turkish web3, cryptocurrency users.
• Opportunities on Near Protocol for everyone (Edu, Community etc)
• Educate people about important web3 stuff and Near.

• 100-200k first week engagement through posts, content sharing and livestream informative video.
• Projecting 10-20k views for the first week and the content will be staying there for good.

  • Twitter/Instagram:
    To keep the community alive and informed, we post Turkish-specific, simple and understandable news, important updates, authentic research, and infographics.

  • Telegram contest:
    We have already made the Quiz Night contest successful on Telegram in May, and it will go on in June too, with a new activity that invites your friends.

  • YouTube:
    We have planned to create 5 videos about the NEAR ecosystem in the Turkish language and present these articles to our community through our YouTube channel. There is not enough content in the Turkish language.

  • Article:
    We have planned to write 10 articles about the NEAR ecosystem in Turkish language and present these articles to our community through our Medium account. There is not enough content in the Turkish language.

  • Online events:
    We will hold online events through Twitter Space. There, we hope to get to know the members of our community better, as well as their skills and perspectives on the near Protocol.


At the end of June, we are expecting to reach:

  • Online events.
  • Using Social Media Networks actively.
  • Videos about NEAR in the Turkish language.
  • Articles about NEAR in the Turkish language.
  • Be present on Youtube and in well-known Turkish cryptocurrency communities.
  • Videos and weekly spaces about popular crypto topics to attract people to NEAR.


  • External Marketing = $ 2.200
  • Twitter + Instagram = $ 1.500
  • YouTube: 5 Videos X 110 = $ 550
  • Article: 10 Articles X $100 = $ 1.000
  • Moderation (Telegram + Discord) = $ 750
  • Reporting Administration, Operational Costs: $ 450
  • Channel events (Quiz Night – Invite your friends): $ 300

TOTAL : $ 6.750


Hi @crypto_blckhntr thanks for your proposal.

Please provide a break down of costs.

We normally fund social managers at $200 - $300 per channel

See above


Good days to all,

The main purpose of our focus on promotion is that there has never been a broadcast or AMA with high participation in Turkish before. I am currently in contact with three different influencers.

Approximately $1200–1500 will be given to the influencer, $500 to the participants as a giveaway or gift, and $500 to the representative (talks, preparation for the session, articles, presentations etc, operational costs: other expenses web cam, mic etc) who will talk about NEAR.

In fact, even the numbers we offer are not accepted.

  • influencers around +100k followers ask for 3-4k $ on average for one time campaign, we bargain and tell them our budget is low.
  • but at the moment we still are on deciding phase having talks with 3 different influencers, we might probably ask for a little more in case we can’t get it discounted.


As you can see from the statistics we hit these numbers in a bear market condition​:partying_face::partying_face:. I would like to briefly touch on moderation costs.

We are working as 5 people to support telegram/discord channel 7/24(@crypto_blckhntr, @OkanCaptain, @KriptoRaptor, @REK, @dadathoo_crypto),in addition we also organize some events like quiz night,game night(making space on twitter, video chat on telegram etc.) 750$/5=150$(per month) arent that much money and that money is just a small reward for our effort&work.

Some of the groups, they have less activity on telegram but they still gets 2000$ for moderation. Please consider this situation too.


Hello Sir;
I agree with my colleagues who wrote their opinions.

We are a group that has really adopted the NEAR Protocol, and we are moving forward by adopting it seriously.

I would like you to take a look at our Twitter and Instagram posts, which you specify as social media managers, but we are not just social media managers; we share original information on social media, without ReTweets.
To keep the community alive and informed, we post Turkish-specific, simple and understandable news, important updates, authentic research, and infographics.

Therefore, this requires;
a researcher
a designer
a social media manager.

So, I think the requested fee is reasonable, as you can see.



Thanks for the detailed proposal and reporting.

As the team is delivering and showing strong results, I’m happy to support this proposal.


:rocket: With our hard work and your support, NEAR will be even stronger, but will not go to the moon alone. :wink:


Twitter and Instagram
It’s difficult to parse out the project and work when you list your channels and don’t explain the number of posts.

10 Articles on Medium
Can you add the url to your medium account?

5 Videos:
Can you add your Youtube channel Link?

Moderation - telegram and discord
We average moderation cost is double what we normally give out

Usually, this is baked in and expected as part of getting funded.

The price points are just too high to support this at the moment.


@Klint Sir, I have already mentioned from the beginning of the proposal all the things you have been confused about.

You can click on the blue text. or I am ready to share everything transparently here once again.

Twitter: https://twitter.com/Near_Turkiye
Instagram: Login • Instagram
An average of at least 3-4 tweets are posted per day with verified real news.
It will be about the same for June too.
may twit

Medium: Near Türkiye – Medium

YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/c/NearTurkiye


We are working as 5 admins to support the telegram and discord channels on 7/24 (@crypto_blckhntr, @OkanCaptain, @KriptoRaptor, @REK, @dadathoo_crypto).
In addition, we also organize some events like quiz night and game night (making space on Twitter, video chat on Telegram, etc.).

750 $/5=150 $. Per person, $150 isn’t too much money, and that money is just a small reward for our effort and work.

At the end of each month, we write a report of all the jobs we have funded transparently.
I would like you to take a look at our latest report for the month of May.
There you will see that everything is written exactly as you want it.


Happy to support! Have a great day!


We’ve already got two support. Thank you!

What do you think? @cryptocredit @Klint

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Thanks for replying to my question. Also noted your replies to other council members. Happy to support and have moved to Approved. You can now make a Poll on Astro