[Approved] NEAR Turkey Community [August - September]

Hello NEAR Family;

Our goal is to introduce the NEAR Protocol to everyone who has heard of blockchain in Turkey. Therefore, as a team, we are trying to promote the NEAR Protocol everywhere, both in our environment and on social media. We aimed to reach everyone, especially on social media. So you can find us on;
Telegram: For quick and one-on-one support , News-Announcement purposes , Educational purposes .
We provide 24/7 support on every ecosystem issue as much as possible.

Here are our other social media networks.
Twitter , Instagram , YouTube , Medium and Discord .
You can see some facts about our activities and some statistics in our latest Report of July

To be able to grow further the community we want to continue with our work and take the next steps.


  • Twitter/Instagram:
    To keep the community alive and informed, we post Turkish-specific, simple and understandable news, important updates, authentic research, and infographics.
    An average of 3 tweets are posted per day with verified real news.

  • Telegram contest:
    We have already made the Quiz Night contest successful on Telegram in July, and it will go on in August and September too, with the activity invites your friends.

  • YouTube:
    We have planned to create 3 videos about the NEAR ecosystem in the Turkish language and present these articles to our community through our YouTube channel. There is not enough content in the Turkish language.

  • Article:
    We have planned to write 16 articles about the NEAR ecosystem in Turkish language and present these articles to our community through our Medium account. There is not enough content in the Turkish language.

  • Online events:
    We will hold online events through Twitter Space. There, we hope to get to know the members of our community better, as well as their skills and perspectives on the near Protocol.


At the end of August and September, we are expecting to reach:

  • Online events.
  • Using Social Media Networks actively.
  • Videos about NEAR in the Turkish language.
  • Articles about NEAR in the Turkish language.
  • Weekly spaces about popular crypto topics to attract people to NEAR.


(for the next two months)

  • Twitter + Instagram = $ 3,000
  • YouTube: 3 Videos X 110 = $ 330
  • Article: 16 Articles X $100 = $ 1.600
  • 5 Moderator (Telegram + Discord) = $ 1,500
  • Reporting Administration, Operational Costs: $ 900
  • Channel events (Quiz Night – Invite your friends): $ 800

TOTAL : $ 8,130

Thank You!


Thank you. Happy to support! :muscle:


Great proposal and you guys are making great progress. It’s nice to see that the Turkish community is growing well. :tr: :white_heart: :rocket:


:hugs: Thank you @Dacha for your support and thanks @Kemal for encouraging us.

Let me tag the @marketingdao-council to get more feedback. :upside_down_face:


Thanks for your ongoing work.

I support this proposal.

Note: I’d like to meet with the team t get to know you better and further explore how we can collaborate and support you in the future.


:pray: Thank you for your support.
It is an honor to hear these words from you. I will arrange a meeting as soon as possible. :sparkling_heart: :hugs:


Meeting would be a pleasure sir, i love your work on youtube and im fan of your channel​:grin::grin:
Please keep up the great work!


Hello @so608 @cryptocredit @Klint If you don’t mind, can I get some feedback from you too? :melting_face:


The metrics look impressive- keep up the engagement. Happy to support this proposal. All the best.


since three marketing dao members have approved your proposal
moving it to approved

You can now

1)Proceed to Poll on AstroDAO .
2)Once the poll is approved, you need to submit THIS form Ironclad.

How to create a poll? Here is instruction.

Have a great day.