[Approved] Near Native Community (Social Media Budget) May, June 2023 - one month $3300

Looks like I missed something. What is United DAO? This wallet is not a member of NEAR Native DAO

A wallet for grants, from which grants are sent to DAO (we already used it in the Aurora grants program), before there was rucommunity.near - it was also not in DAO.

Thank you for the response. Just curiosity, why not use near-native.sputnik-dao.near directly? Are there some limitations from AstroDAO’s side?

It used to be that way. But they transfer to a wallet that passes KYC. Simply put, the money is received by a particular community member and then transferred to the DAO.

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Got it. Thank you for your answers and for your job.


Sure. Always welcome.

You have done an amazing job for the community and ecosystem, please would you be able to onboard users to i-am-human in your first month and the subsequent month? If yes update the proposal KPI.

Hello, thanks for a well-written proposal. can you please change the duration of your proposal to either begin with May or June? This is to help us align with when funds will be distributed

Are you sure we need to change the offer for May/June? because we worked in April, like in other months when there was no funding. If necessary, we will change it, but once again think about it yourself, what precedent is being created for the community. Thanks and good day

We have April there and April is over.

We want to be able to provide funds for these activities and be sure to account and follow it up.

I included my comments in the draft document.

At this point, this system is unfriendly, and should not be used in KPIs.


Because, first, for a number of countries it is impossible to have an account there without a VPN. (And these are additional barriers, plus the system is built on a different blockchain, do we want users to advertise the CELO blockchain? — Instead of making a native solution that works for everyone?).

Second, not all users come into the system to participate in any policy (plus seeing the barriers in the current system will make them think about whether they need a token?).
In the sense that everyone can freely buy a token, but to register you need a VPN — this can have a negative effect.


Hello, I changed the information.

You have a valid points, we will look into consideration. Thank you

Hi @Vladislav_vl25 - thanks for the proposal. As this falls under regional communities, and we are trying to collaborate with the Regional DAO council for these kinds of proposals at the moment, I will wait to hear more feedback/thoughts from @IgbozeIsrael @bakaka before responding further. Thanks!

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Hi @Vladislav_vl25 thank you for your patience throughout the review process and what have you been doing to the ecosystem,

Happy to support,

But, medium articles and content translation SHOULDNT be just translations of NF blog or news, we need translation of BOS and I-AM-HUMAN overview in your KPIs inclusively although you make a point on its unfriendly and issues with verification,

Looking forward to your report.


Thank you for your support.

But what do you mean by the phrase should not just be a translation?
Some of the information from the blog is informative, and the reports from NF are needed by users.
Or do you think their translation is unnecessary?

I believe that our guild is experienced enough to choose the best way to interact with users.
And such expressions can serve as an imposition of someone else’s will, which clearly will not contribute to the development of the guild in the normal way.

I would also love to hear about your positive experiences, what communities have you developed and what successes have you had?
What steps have worked best for you?

My opinion is that the average user needs to understand what is going on in the ecosystem and what they can do in it.
The average user does not care about politics, he came to staking tokens, something to farm or play.

If we want to attract ordinary users, we have to take these nuances, offer them cool dapps with a user-friendly interface that they will understand.


It’s addition to your translation list, i know your community are well experienced and contributed to the ecosystem without any objections.


Thank you for your kind words.
And we would really want the RC DAO to be the environment in which guilds would want to work, where you could share positive experiences.


Absolutely, this is the intention

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Hello team! Happy to support your proposal (one month) because the RG DAO working group members agree with this.