[APPROVED] NEAR Korea DAO Community Meetup: A Buidl.asia Side Event during ETH Seoul Week, June 2023, South Korea

Thank you for your prompt response,

Happy to support this proposal.

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Thanks for all the corrections

I am happy to support.

Let’s build NEAR again!


Thank you for all your adjustments and corrections.

Happy to support

Looking forward for your report.

Have a nice day

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Thank you for your support!

Thank you for your support!

Let’s build NEAR again!

Thank you for your support!

Have a nice day.

Hi @CoinEasy thanks for your proposal . I note that this has the support of both @IgbozeIsrael and @Bakaka from the Regional DAO team. Please take onboard the comments from @satojandro and i am willing to suppport. You need the support from one more council before being Approved.
Sounds like a great event!


Thanks so much for the support and positive vibes! We’re taking all the feedback to heart and can’t wait to make this event as amazing as possible. Really looking forward to getting that final thumbs-up and hitting the ground running!

Thanks for the proposal – noting the support of the Regional DAO team and their recommendation (part of our new/current process for addressing regional proposals), I am happy to support. Moving this to approved. You can submit to Astro. Here are the instructions:


  1. Go to the Marketing Astro DAO page https://app.astrodao.com/dao/marketing.sputnik-dao.near and click on green “+” “Create Proposal”

  2. Choose proposal type “Propose a poll”, then include:

  • Proposal name: this is the project/guild/member name

  • Brief description of the project. It is helpful to copy/paste the same name used on the official Forum proposal post

  • Amount in $USD. If you would like your funding issued in either NEAR or, for funding under $5K, a stablecoin (nDAI, nUSDC, nUSDO, and nUSDT), you must specify the currency request on your Astro poll.

  • Target wallet

  • Link to the proposal on the Forum

  • To finalize, click on “Propose” button

Please input the correct information (target wallet, amount, link on proposal). Otherwise, your poll can be rejected. If the funding amount requested on Astro does not match the funding request on the Forum, your poll will be rejected.

  1. Copy the link
  2. Then come back to https://gov.near.org/ 1 find your original proposal and paste the link.
  3. When your proposal is passed on Astro DAO, it will receive an “[Approved]” Status
  4. After that, approach NF for your payout proposal, following this guideline:
    [New Process] Community Payouts
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Thank you once again for approving our proposal.

Please help to check and approve: DAO Proposal (astrodao.com)

@cryptocredit @satojandro @so608 @Dacha

We’ve successfully completed the IronClad form!

@cryptocredit @satojandro @so608 @Dacha