[Approved] Near Italia report and update

Project Name: NEAR Italia

DAO near-italia.sputnik-dao.near

Guild Governance: myself @stanisnear + New entries

Total amount requested 3 months: 1200$

Hi Everyone I hope everyone is doing great,

Another month has passed by and I’m here to share a review of what has being going on in the last 3 months with the Italian Guild. I will do my best to give monthly reviews now that we will onboard some new members (spoiler alert).

This post will be mainly focused on 3 points and hopefully will not be too long:

  • Onboarding new members in the guild
  • An update on Alberami
  • Metrics

I’ll start with introducing the 2 new members of NEAR Italia.
As you all know me and Stan have been taking care of building the foundations of the Italian on chain community (as I think that our is atm we can be described as such). We are for now the only members of the council and as I mentioned in the February report: ([REPORT] [Approved] February Near Italia) we were looking for people that could contribute to the Guild. For this reason we are really happy to onboard 2 more members in the council @Ton618 and @ggox.

I have been able to read few reports of the other Guilds that imho are doing really well in this period (NEAR Venezuela/Hispano for example) and I see that they are more active on the technical/education level. Antonio (Ton618) will help us to grow on that side following the community members that might be willing to learn how to build in NEAR, or how to become a certified developer etc.

Luigi (ggox) on the other side has been already cooperating with us when, together with Martina helped us with our NFT giveaway that was airdropped to the following 10 members of our community:


Moreover, Luigi and Martina cooperated with NEAR foundation creating and airdropping the NFT below to the wallets that participated in the onboarding survey:

Luigi will help me out in feeding the community creating contents for the social medias.

Most probably in the near future we will onboard more members, we are thinking about Evelina @Fitz that has also cooperated with us in translations but I still didn’t manage to find time to reach out to her, I’ll do it soon :slight_smile:

Added Value for NEAR and projects onboarding

As mentioned in the last report, together with Stan and @cryptocredit we had a first meeting with the team of an italian green project called Alberami.

We had a second session with @FritzWorm (that I guess doesn’t need to be introduced) and 2 core members of Alberami: Francesco @Frank_Alb and Cosimo @Ims-Scx. We are really excited to announce that they decided to apply for the grant and for this reason I’ll tell you a bit more about Alberami and what is their vision.

Alberami is an innovative startup founded and registered in Lecce a beautiful city in the south of Italy.
Alberami is a platform of intermediation between farmers, who with their agricultural crops are able to store CO2 (carbon dioxide), and industries or individuals who intend to voluntarily offset their emissions.
Alberami takes advantage of the great capacity of agricultural land (mainly olives threes) present in Italy to absorb huge amounts of carbon assigning a monetary value to the hard work of farmers, custodians of the natural heritage.

Alberami provides olive growers with a set of sustainable agricultural practices designed by our specialist team and approved by the scientific community, as able to increment the amount of CO2 absorbed and retained by each plot. By adopting these guidelines, the farmer is able to generate ‘sustainability credits’ that can be then sold on to the voluntary carbon credit market to Alberami’s offsetting clients, small or large companies, industries and private individuals looking to reduce their carbon footprint.

Implementing the Blockchain technology as the ideal architecture to prevent the counterfeiting of CO2 offset records and certificates issued, Alberami’s technological architecture allows the quantification of the CO2 absorption potential of sustainable agriculture projects, the certification of all stakeholders, and the attestation of emission offsets in a safe and unambiguous way.

Alberami has developed and owns the legal license for the calculation of CO2 absorption, evaluated independently, following the
eligibility requirements of Carbon Credits defined by the Clean Development Mechanism (CDM)
introduced by the Kyoto Protocol. This ensures that the credits generated by Alberami represent the actual reduction or removal of one ton of CO2 eq. from the atmosphere.

Alberami is already able to implement what mentioned above registering the transaction on other blockchains but given the shared interest in being environmentally positive Alberami would love to use Near as the blockchain for the registration, certification and the corresponding issuance of carbon credits. Creating this architecture on NEAR blockchain is the main reason for applying for the grant and we are really confident with this cooperation both companies will add huge value to each other.

- Social media management on chain community metrics

Near Italia has 3 active channels where we create content for the community and interact with them.

All the channels have been growing even if I’m noticing that Telegram is growing at a faster pace than the others.

Our Twitter reached a total of 63 followers seeing a small growth of 12 followers.

Instagram passed the 100 followers milestone and counts a total of 105 members growing of 34 members.

I honestly think that this numbers are showing us that the organic growth is slowing down.
It is now the moment to organize more community initiatives and advertise some posts to have more visibility and I’ll take care of this in the future.

On the other hand I’m very happy to see that the Telegram group is now active on daily bases and that it added almost 100 members in 3 months. We passed the 200 members milestone and may was “historically” our most active month with a total of 534 messages exchanged:

** - Founding**

On the last founding request I mentioned that was my intention not to overcharge myself and start delegating tasks. Well, I have still not been able to do that and I count on doing it from this month with the onboarding of the new members of the guild. For this reason I was thinking to ask what could be the last payout proposal for social media management regarding this passed 3 months. The payout asked for each social medial goes from 200 to 250$ p.m.
In my case what I would like to ask is 1200$ in total since that is more to sustain the costs of the Canva monthly subscription to be able to create good content for Instagram and for the time that I dedicate to the Telegram group where I do my best to always answer to all the questions asked by the users. Of this payout I will send 200$ to the Italian Dao in order to have a liquidity pillow to found initiatives and bounties. I’m thinking about another giveaway but that includes a referral system and to have a number of wallets that we create every month for new members of the on chain community.

Thanks a lot to everyone that will take the time to read this long post.
I’m always open to hear suggestions and opinions so feel free to reach out to me or comment this post :slight_smile:



Happy to support . Thanks for great job.


Hi @GiuseppeBk thanks for the report.

Good to see the Italian community growing. For clarity please include Total Amount Requested in proposal.

Happy to support


Hi Dasha, thanks for the feedback

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Hi Carl,

Just did it, thanks :slight_smile:


Solid start and great proposal. You have my support.

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Your proposal was Approved on the forum. Please, follow these steps to get approval on Astro DAO

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Thanks a lot for the support :blush:

A little update :blush:

The grant application from the team of Alberami has been sent!

Hopefully we will soon see the beginning of an awesome cooperation!