[APPROVED] NEAR Hunters community for August

Proposal from NEAR Hunters community for August

Previous proposal

During the month of August we’re going to roast our new-created account on near.social: Near Social
As well as to continue performing the current list of activities :arrow_heading_down:

Plan of activities for August:

1. Managing russian-speaking community chat, and operations - Daily
– Daily preparing of news content for Near and Aurora community news streams;
– Research, analysis and testing dapps on Near, Aurora;
– Connection with the ecosystem’s team members for the “How it Works” AMA sessions;
– Cross-marketing activities: connections with the different blockchain teams to host Community Voice chats in native language;
– Development and implementation of strategies for increasing community engagement;
– Managing chats

2. Onboarding Quests:

1) HuntersBet - five events a week for the community will be posted on near.social:
.1. HuntersBet tournament - the main tournament of the week;
2. Zealy Bet - tournament on Zealy platform;
3. Community Drop - a tournament where it’s not about getting the score right, just luck. Random prizes;
4. Weekend tournament;
5. Quick Tournament - fastest battle on the court, guess the token rate in 5 hours, bets are accepted during 2 hours.

2) Quest campaigns on Zealy - 2 per month, posted on near.social:
Developing and writing the concept of events, preparing budgets, site selection, moderation of events, summing up, and payment of awards. Monitoring the execution of tasks on the quest sites. Collection of data on the results of the events.

3) Сommunity bot quests with Telegram: Contact @tip_help_bot to keep new-onboarded users - Weekly every Sunday (4 per month)
Every week Hunters will hold a tournament for the most active chat members. The top 10 chat participants will receive awards.

3. Educational Social media Production:
– Live Test AMA sessions (on Telegram) with NEAR ecosystem projects’ teams - bi-weekly (2 per month)
– Short Video guides ‘How it works’ - bi-weekly (2 per month)
– NEAR Ecosystem dApp-review - weekly (4 per month)
– Community Voice chats in Russian with other blockchains’ active members - bi-weekly (2 per month)

Funding details for 1 month:

  • Techdirector - 700 USD
    Dapps testing; AMAs and Voice chats host; Managing chats.
  • Luchito - 300 USD
    Moderation of chats: answering questions from community members, informing and assisting on ecosystem issues. Preparing AMAs and Voices, collecting questions, and rewarding participants.
    Daily translation and posting of news on community news channels.
  • Tolmindev - 1200 USD
    Responsible for all design graphics and visuals for Hunters marketing campaigns, events, etc.
  • Rewards - 500 USD
    Total amount: 2700 USD

Target wallet: ahtest.near

Hunters Socials:
Near Social
Telegram: English Chat & Russian chat
Aurora Hunters channel
Medium: in English & in Russian



Thank you for your proposal.

Please could you share the report to your previous approved proposal ?

@techdir I asked you a question, but you did not respond.

We hope to complete all proposal reviews today.

I have two inquiries.

Where does your community from ?

Your previous month’s report.

Thank you…

hello @Bakaka, the previous month finished just today, so the report will come after that.
we’re an international community, the core team is from Belarus, Kazakhstan and Ukraine, we speak Russian as a native language,


Thank you for your clarification, looking forward to seeing your reports today.

Please could you DM via tg.

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Greetings, Bakaka)
As of today, the report looks like this


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Happy to support your team to do great work here on NEAR.


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