[Approved] NEAR HO CHI MINH CITY Meet Up

Great report and photos! Well done @williamx

Love the near branded merchandise… but what are the black containers with black saucers used for?


Thank you @cryptocredit, they are coffee filters :joy: tried to make a local swag. You can use it to make a cup of coffee for yourself without a coffee machine.


Very well done @williamx , Love the photographs from meetup :hugs:

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Wow, absolutely awesome report :muscle::muscle::muscle:

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That was an awesome experience, thanks @williamxbf for creating such a fruitful 1st event for all participants! :beers:
We have 2 granted NEAR projects, a prestigious Near backer (GFS), and a community rep from all big forums!
Looking forward to the second meeting!
Thank you @marketingdao-council to make it happen! :hugs:
And wanna share it with you guys @ConciergeTeam about the effect of an offline event, and hope we can have one soon for the team! :smiley:


Amazing! Vietnamese coffee will send you WILD if you’re not used to it :exploding_head: - Great stuff, though :tada: