[Approved] NEAR HO CHI MINH CITY Meet Up

Thanks for helping me move subcategory btw :innocent:


It’s great! Thanks @williamx for the proposal! :beers:
While working here for a while, this gonna be the 1st chance for me to meet all the people face to face! :grin:


This is great! @MktngDAO_Advisors

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Agree! Love to see in person events around the world, this is a no brainer :100:


Thank you so much. I’ll wait for the status of my proposal to be updated, hope we can organize it on time as planned.

Good evening! Your proposal was Approved on the forum.
Please, follow these steps

Thanks :blush:


Great! appreciate your guide! Thank you


Followinging the guide, I have submitted a poll on Marketing Astroo DAO. Thanks @marketingdao-council for consideration



I wish you many success @williamx in this initiative!
Very well presented! I will take it as a model to my future proposals :wink:


Poll expires in 24 hours, pls consider voting @marketingdao-council. By the way, I haven’t been contacted after the KYC, is there any person in charge or any channel to confirm the process is still going well?

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If there’s an issue with it, someone will reach out. Once the poll is approved then you’ll receive a docusign link for the agreement to receive NEAR. Should be all good atm, just needs approving.


Hi, the poll for this proposal will expire in 30 minutes, I have tried many times to contact other @marketingdao-council.

Tagged council 1 day before the expiration day, sent a direct message before 3 hours, everything I could do. Should I know what else do I need to perform to get my poll approved?

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Hi @williamx It has been approved – please reach out if you run into any additional issues.


Dear @so608, Thank you, appreciate your confirmation.


Hereby is the report for Near Ho Chi Minh Meet-up

Dear community, Near Meet Ho Chi Minh was successfully organized on 09th April, 2022, which connected representatives of projects inside & outside Near Ecosystem.

Metrics reflection:

Actual Topics

We talked for 3 hours, with the actual agenda as follow:

Actual Costs:

The actual cost basically aligns with the approved proposal. 1 change made:

We couldn’t set up a catering service due to the limited budget that I have proposed ($100). Hence, this amount was combined to the swag for attendees with each pack including (1) NEAR cup & (1) NEAR Coffee Filter. ($10/pack x 25 pack = $250)


The meet was successfully created an opportunity for Near enthusiasts to meet and share.

Special thanks to

@jlwaugh for your guidance & support on creating this Meet Up

Mr. @HaiVu with his sharing about Project opps - an introduction to NEAR granting program

The 2 projects that have been successfully granted by NF are Up-Fi Network and Pawn Protocol, with the sharing about their journey & experience for interested outside projects & potential partners.

@near.insider, a winner of DAOcubator with the talk about their journey with NEAR

The meet hadn’t been a successful event without the support of the community, councils & advisors of @marketingdao-council, projects, guilds, DAOs and all participants. We had a great meet-up!

Full Driver Pictures of the Ho Chi Minh Near Meet event 09/04/2022 (Valid for 6 months from now on)

Last word, the budget for photographers wasn’t proposed in this proposal. To have those beautiful pictures, the media team was sponsored by Cointap.Network, an outside project that is interested to learn more about NEAR)


Great report and photos! Well done @williamx

Love the near branded merchandise… but what are the black containers with black saucers used for?


Thank you @cryptocredit, they are coffee filters :joy: tried to make a local swag. You can use it to make a cup of coffee for yourself without a coffee machine.


Very well done @williamx , Love the photographs from meetup :hugs:

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Wow, absolutely awesome report :muscle::muscle::muscle:

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That was an awesome experience, thanks @williamxbf for creating such a fruitful 1st event for all participants! :beers:
We have 2 granted NEAR projects, a prestigious Near backer (GFS), and a community rep from all big forums!
Looking forward to the second meeting!
Thank you @marketingdao-council to make it happen! :hugs:
And wanna share it with you guys @ConciergeTeam about the effect of an offline event, and hope we can have one soon for the team! :smiley: