[Approved] NEAR German February/March 2022


Hi @marketingdao-council

In January we continued with our NEAR German journey. At the end of last year we created a community on Telegram and on Twitter and in January we started with content creation in German. We created a Medium account and posted the first German articles about the NEAR ecosystem there. We think we managed the first two months well. About 1200 members already joined the new community and discussed about NEAR related topics in German. You can see some facts about our activities and some statistics in our report. To be able to grow further the community we want to continue with our work and take the next steps.


  • In the next two months we want to grow further our German community on Telegram and Twitter. Our main goal in our community is to increase the engagement.

  • Therefore, we are planning contests on Telegram and Twitter.

  • Telegram contest: The most active users will get some nears. For example the 3 users with the most messages will get some NEARs.

  • Twitter contest: Followers have to like, retweet and tag friends to earn NEAR. The most successful followers will get some NEARs.

  • We want to translate some (6-8) articles of the NEAR ecosystem to German and present these articles to our community through our Medium account. We think it’s important that there is some content in the German language to engage more German people for the NEAR ecosystem.

  • Publish 1-2 translated articles on a well-known German crypto site (e.g. https://de.beincrypto.com, https://coincierge.de/, CoinQuora - Latest Cryptocurrency and Blockchain News.)

  • We have noticed on the German Discord channel are often questions about NEAR related content. In the last days we already answered a few questions voluntarily. We are not admins there, but we will continue with that support because we think that people on Discord should also get answers for their questions. But we will motivate them to join our Telegram group also.

We will do the activities listed above to grow further our community, but we also want to take the first steps towards education of the NEAR blockchain in the German-speaking area. As we said at the start of our journey we want to find people in the German-speaking area who want to deal with the NEAR blockchain and develop it further. We will also set activities in the next two months to try to find those peoples.


Till end of March, we are expecting to reach:

  • 1500+ members on Telegram and Twitter and good engagement
  • German articles about NEAR in German Language
  • Be present on well-known German crypto sites.


Successful activities till end of March meaning:

  1. Active Near Germany Telegram group, talking about the NEAR Ecosystem.
  2. Active Near Germany Twitter account - with the latest news about NEAR.
  3. 6-8 articles in German about the NEAR ecosystem published on medium.com
  4. 1-2 Article in German shared on a well-known German crypto site (e.g. https://de.beincrypto.com, https://coincierge.de/, CoinQuora - Latest Cryptocurrency and Blockchain News., …)


  • Telegram + Twitter + Discord (3 managers, 450$ each/month): 2700$ total

    • Support our communities on Telegram + Discord + tweet regularly the latest news of the NEAR ecosystem on Twitter.
  • Telegram/Twitter Contests: 500-600$ total

    • provide 40-50 NEARS as prizes for our community members.
  • Write/translate 6-8 German Articles: 650-750$ total

  • Publish 1-2 article on a well-known crypto site: 600-700$ total

  • Management: 700$ total

    • Planning, reporting, team meetings, coordination, prepare articles, get in contact with crypto sites, brainstorming

Total costs (February and March): 5450$


Thanks for your proposal.

I would like to hear more specific details about what you plan to do to take the first steps towards education, etc., as outlined below?

Also, you mention translating articles into German – are you also planning to produce your own content?

You might connect with the team at NearWeek to see if they might want to collaborate you you translating their articles to German. Also, the Near Writers Collective started by @Aria might be a good team to connect with if you have a bounty for German writers in the future. Lots of people in that telegram!


Thanks for your answer and your ideas

Yes, we want to get in contact with some Blockchain developers/educators. The goal is to bring people who want to develop further the NEAR ecosystem and/or educate other people.
We also want to contact universities and plan an Online Academy with them.

Our team translate and create own content in German. The goal is to bring the latest news and updates within the NEAR ecosystem in German. And we also create articles about Staking, Nightshade Sharding, Validator Network etc.

Very good idea, we should connect with them. @Aria are you already writing content in German or do you plan to bring content in German in future?

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Hi! No, we are not and there’s no plan of doing that in the foreseeable future.

Hi @marketingdao-council can you please review the proposal in the next time?

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If there are no further comments from @marketingdao-council or @MktngDAO_Advisors , I’m happy to move this to Approved.

I tried to find the Discord link but only found an expired link, can you share, please?


Thank you for the approval!

The link to the discord channel is NEAR

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Ah my bad, I was under the impression you had a separate DC channel

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Thanks for your proposal @cryptoheitzi, I have voted to approve as I am a strong supporter of regional guilds.

A few thoughts, comments and suggestions for future proposals:

  • In-person events: I would strongly suggest to host more in person Meetups. If you haven’t already, connect with the NEAR Meets team as they have the infrastructure and resources to help set up these types of events.
  • Expanding on the above, I would warn against vanity metrics on social media. I would worry less about ‘engagement’ and more about the quality of the content being shared. I believe that users would rather have less noice and more signal. On this point, I believe that twitter and telegram giveaways are a good example of a low-value activity which is also a low bar for teams to achieve. In particular, I don’t think 3 NEAR is a meaningful enough amount of money (for the right crowds).
  • Education, education, education. I would strongly suggest you look into NEAR Hispano and, more recently, several of the guilds that have spawned off them such as Argentine Guild. You should develop KPIs for how many developers the German Guild can onboard and design clear pathways to achieve this: this is what marketing money that is well spent looks like. These Guilds should provide clear examples (if not ready to copy playbooks) on how to market the existing pathways to devs (NEAR University, Certified Dev Bootcamps, Hackathons, Fellowships, among others).

Hope you find this feedback useful, looking forward to seeing how the Guild grows and evolves over the next month.

@marketingdao-council @MktngDAO_Advisors


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Hi @satojandro

Thank you for your trust and your feedback

We want to set our main focus on education in the next weeks. We want to connect with universities, educators, students and blockchain developers that are interested in understanding the NEAR blockchain and developing it further.
We are planning to make in-person events like a Near Blockchain Academy where students of a university take part in and learn about the NEAR protocol. I think that the Near Meets team can help us organizing such an event.

I agree completely with you that quality of the content is very important. Our aim is to produce German content with high quality. For example on Twitter/Telegram i think it’s more important to have tweets/messages with quality rather than have many tweets/messages but only retweets or useless messages like GIFs or “Hello” messages. But i think occasionally a contest on such social media channels can be good to remind some users that there is a German community.

Hi @cryptoheitzi - per the payout process we seem to be missing an Astro DAO poll from you before we can proceed through to payout.

cc: @marketingdao-council

Hi @mecsbecs
Here is the approved payout poll:

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Perfect, thanks! Expect the Reward Agreement from HelloSign soon (check your spam as email filters often misdirect it).

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