[Approved] NEAR DACH (Germany, Austria, Switzerland) - May / June 2023 - $2850

CC: @marketingdao-council


Hi NEAR Community,

This proposal is about NEAR DACH, the regional community for professionals in the German-speaking area.

Briefly about me: My name is Kemal, I am a crypto enthusiast from Berlin and have been working in the NEAR ecosystem for more than two years. You can learn more about my work at NEAR as part of the Concierge Initiative from 2021 to the end of 2022 in this proposal.


The German-speaking region consists of Germany, Austria, and Switzerland, which together are home to around 100 million people. According to a survey conducted by the German consumer centers in 2021, around 5.9% of Germans own cryptocurrencies. It is estimated that the total number of crypto users in the DACH region combined is ~5%, which is about 5 million people.

And although DACH countries make up only 13% of Europe’s population, they account for about one-fifth of software developers, according to Fintechnews research.

But why NEAR DACH? In the business world, DACH or D-A-CH describes the German-speaking area, which consists of Germany, Austria, and Switzerland. And DACH is a combined abbreviation of the country letters of Germany (D), Austria (A), and Switzerland (CH) and thus the German-speaking area in Europe. So if you are talking about the German-speaking area you actually say DACH area, and not the German-speaking area. Therefore NEAR German does not make any sense if we wanna address professionals from Austria and Switzerland as well.

Guild Info

DAO address: near-dach.sputnik-dao.near
NEAR Wallet: dach.near
Email: dachisnear@skyborn.media
Funding scheme: 2 months (May / June 2023)
Near social of core members:

  1. Kemal Gökdogan aka @Kemal
  2. Fritz Wagner aka @FritzWorm
  3. Daniel (Near Social following) aka @Danielzo

I am also in discussion with a fourth contributor.

Contact Details

Email: dachisnear@skyborn.media
Telegram: @iamkemoo

Goals & Objectives


The primary and short-term goal is to build a sustainable German-speaking community for the DACH region where newbies and professionals can come together and exchange ideas and ask questions about the NEAR ecosystem.

The long-term goal of NEAR DACH is to grow into a regional hub of NEAR in the German-speaking region and to provide the German-speaking Web3 community with a space where diverse characters from around the world can come together to share their expertise and knowledge and exchange ideas with like-minded people.




  1. Provide 24/7 Support in the Telegram channel
  2. Grow member base through partnerships with other DACH communities
  3. Make contests to engage and grow the community
  4. Translate announcements and post content on the DACH NEWS channel
  5. Host AMAs with other DACH communities


  1. Retweet important tweets in German
  2. Tweet about NEAR and the ecosystem
  3. Make contests to engage and grow the community
  4. Host Twitter Spaces with other DACH communities


  1. Translate the most important articles into German
  2. Create new articles about NEAR, Guides, and the ecosystem in German


  1. Repost important announcements in German
  2. Create LinkedIn content about NEAR in German

NEAR Social

  1. Create NEAR Social account
  2. Create content/translate announcements
  3. Increase follower


  1. Partner with KOLs/influencers to do interviews on their channels and educate their community about NEAR. You can see an example here.

Regional HUB

Partnership with w3.fund, which has set up a new Web3 Hub in the center of Berlin to create a physical space where newcomers and professionals can come together and share ideas and knowledge.

Membership gives us the opportunity to hold offline events, as the use of the facilities is included in the price. In addition, Web2 companies will also be located there, which helps us to connect with Web2 companies and brands and introduce them to NEAR.

Note: This is yet not included in the costs as I am still negotiating and waiting for a response from w3.fund.

Measurements of Success

We plan to measure success by the end of Q2 using the following metrics.

  • Providing 24/7 support on Telegram, Twitter
  • Increasing the number of members in the Telegram channel organically to ~50 real members to verify IamHuman
  • Increasing the followers on Twitter organically to ~50
  • Translate/write 1 article per week
  • At least 2 online events (AMA, Twitter Space)


  • Monitor and growth of all channels of the NEAR DACH community (incl. daily support) = 1,500 $USDT (250 $USDT x 2 months x 3 team)
  • Translate/write at least 1 article per week, bringing us to a total of 8 articles = 800 $USDT total.
  • 2 AMAs with another DACH community = 1,200 $USDT (600 $USDT x 2 AMAs)
  • Telegram contest = 500 $USDT
  • Twitter contest = 500 $USDT
  • Management = 1,200 $USDT
    • Business Development, Research, Planning & Conducting Events, Ideating, Reporting

Total costs for May, and June 5,700 $USDT


Thanks for seeing to build NEAR in your region.
Could you please adjust your KPIs to be in line with the RCWG guide lines.

Thanks, thanks

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Hey @IgbozeIsrael, could you please point out what is missing or needs to be adjusted? As far as I can see, it already complies with the guidelines.

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Hello @Kemal, the RC is very concerned about NEAR BOS and IamHuman.

There needs to be clear deliverables from each community about wha they plan to do in those areas.

To onboard XX number of people to verify IamHuman etc.


Full support, and happy to collaborate with you again partner.

Was an amazing experience to join the project ops team at your command.

So, I am sure we can do excellent work again, this time for a truly German-speaking community.


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I’ve got it, I’ve updated it. Is there a new process we need to use or do we use tools like kycDAO etc.?

Hello @Kemal happy to support for one month (because M DAO short on funding) $2850.
Looking forward to seeing results. Good luck!

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Thanks for the info @Dacha. Is there a new process for applying for funding that I need to be aware of?

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You can now
1)Proceed to Poll https://app.astrodao.com/dao/marketing.sputnik-dao.near on AstroDAO
2)Once the poll is approved, you need to submit THIS Ironclad form Ironclad.
How to create a poll? Here is instruction 1.

How create a poll on Astro DAO?

Have a great day!


Hi @marketingdao-council, the proposal for marketing activities for the NEAR DACH DAO for 2023-05 is live here: https://app.astrodao.com/dao/marketing.sputnik-dao.near/proposals/marketing.sputnik-dao.near-696. Thank you for your time.