[APPROVED]Near Community Rwanda for June 2024-$1700 FOR CAMPUS TOUR


Near Community Rwanda is dedicated to empowering individuals in Rwanda through education, collaboration, and innovation within the NEAR blockchain ecosystem. Our mission is to foster a vibrant and inclusive community where every member has the opportunity to thrive.


Educate individuals on the NEAR Protocol and blockchain, promote collaboration in Rwanda’s blockchain sector, and drive innovation and growth in the NEAR ecosystem, creating diverse opportunities for all.


Our vision for Near Community Rwanda is to be a hub of creativity and progress, inspiring Rwandans to explore blockchain’s potential. We envision a future where the benefits of the NEAR Protocol positively impact sectors from finance to governance.


  • Optimize the onboarding experience for developers by creating user-friendly documentation and interactive tutorials for NEAR and Aurora ecosystems.

  • Facilitate rapid DApps development by building a library of reusable smart contracts, SDKs, and hosting collaborative hackathons.

  • Streamline product deployment processes by implementing automated pipelines and providing post-deployment support for applications on NEAR and Aurora networks.

  • Form partnerships with local businesses to implement NEAR-based solutions.

  • Establish a mentorship program connecting experienced NEAR developers with aspiring enthusiasts.

  • Empower the community to address local challenges using NEAR technology, particularly focusing on DApps development.

  • Onboard passionate developers and provide training to newcomers within the NEAR Ecosystem.

Near Community Rwanda Socials :

Social.near:Near Community Rwanda (rwandacommunity.near) | Near Social
Twitter: https://twitter.com/Near_rwanda 1
Email: nearcommunityrwanda@gmail.com
WhatsApp Community: WhatsApp Group Invite

Monthly KPIs Summary for Near Community Rwanda :

  • Onboarding Target: Aim to onboard 100 new members within one month.

  • Video Production: Plan to create 2 videos. The first will focus on Wallet Creation, offering a step-by-step guide. The second video will highlight key moments and insights after each event and capturing the highlights

  • Written Content: release 4 articles/posts encompassing a range of subjects, including introducing NEAR Protocol to beginners, developing decentralized apps (dApps) on NEAR, and spotlighting the NEAR Protocol ecosystem.

  • Creating Infographics: design 2 visually engaging infographics that effectively communicate key information. These infographics will cover the NEAR Protocol Overview and dApp Development Lifecycle.

  • Online sessions: we’re planning to do 1 AMA/twitter space and one educational session about NEAR Protocol each month as part of our online sessions.


This campus tour aims to create awareness and foster engagement among students and blockchain enthusiasts within various universities in Rwanda. The tour will include informative workshops, interactive sessions, and opportunities for students to learn about NEAR’s technology, ecosystem, and potential career opportunities.

Event Details:

Date and Venue:

Date: June, 18th

Venue: ALU(African Leadership University)

Participants: 100+ University Students and + 60+ Software Developers

Budget Allocation:

  • Accommodation and Transportation for NEAR Core Team: $300
  • Venue Rental: $150
  • Branding (Pullups, Stickers, Swags, T-shirts): $450
  • Photography: $100
  • Refreshments: $350
  • Event Items (Sound Systems, Audio Visual Equipment, etc.): $250
  • Merchandise: $100
  • Onboarding Rewards: $250
  • Marketing Expenses (WhatsApp engagement) and Team management: $600

Budget Total: $2,550

Wallet Address: rwandacommunity.near


  • After completing all the campus tours, we anticipate onboarding 60 developers, representing a substantial achievement in our expansion endeavors.

  • In total, we expect to have 60 transactions.

  • Additionally, three dApps are slated for development, and we will showcase progress on GitHub as evidence of our efforts.


Ishimwe Deborah

  • Experienced IT professional and skilled Communications Manager with a passion for blockchain technology and digital marketing. Expertise in managing complex IT systems and spearheading communication campaigns for diverse audiences. Excited about the potential of blockchain to revolutionize industries. Background in digital marketing enables creation of impactful campaigns for evolving digital landscapes. Thrives on challenges requiring a blend of technical expertise and creative communication strategies.

Cishahayo Songa Achille

  • A passionate software developer with a diverse background in assisting startup founders, running his own company, and advocating for digital skills accessibility across Africa. He believes in the transformative potential of blockchain technology and is dedicated to empowering individuals through blogging, public speaking, and community-building efforts. As the founder of the Rwanda Technology Community and the African Soft Skills Organization, he fosters environments for collaboration and personal development. When not coding or networking, he enjoys music, literature, and meaningful discussions, always open to exploring new opportunities for collaboration.

Cyusa Asaph

  • A passionate smart contract engineer, crafting scalable and efficient solutions for the network, particularly in the exciting realm of a decentralized world. My expertise extends to EVM networks as well, where I’ve played a role in integrating DeFi solutions and promoting financial accessibility. Beyond functionality, I am committed to sustainability, and implementing energy-efficient consensus mechanisms. A continuous learner, I am eager to collaborate on groundbreaking projects that push the boundaries of web3 and shape the future of decentralized technologies.

Rwanda is rapidly emerging as a leader in Africa’s tech ecosystem, boasting an impressive 99% internet coverage and over 70% digital device ownership by its population. This robust digital foundation positions Rwanda as a prime location for tech innovation. The Rwandan government actively encourages investment, particularly in the tech sector, making it an attractive destination for both domestic and foreign tech entrepreneurs. With a vision of becoming Africa’s tech hub by 2030, Rwanda is actively supporting this goal by providing resources and fostering an innovation-friendly environment.

Our aim is to use Web3 technology to contribute to Rwanda’s target, as it will increase solutions, but also enhance existing solutions by adding security and other features brought by web3. We focus on Web3 adoption fueled by the advantages of the NEAR Protocol, particularly its speed, cost-effectiveness, and user-friendliness. Recognizing the importance of human capital, we will reach our aim by investing in blockchain education and fostering a community of tech experts. By empowering Rwandans to actively participate in the blockchain industry, Rwanda is well-positioned to achieve its ambitious tech goals with the help of NEAR COMMUNITY RWANDA.

Thanks for your proposal. I will advise your team to focus on only one IRl event at this stage. Also, what are the KPIs from the IRl event?

Hello Ruwanda Community, nice to have u onboard.

Just like @IgbozeIsrael said 1 Campus tour and other coordinating activities to aid retention will be better.

Waiting for your response to @IgbozeIsrael on your event KPIs before fully support it and 1 campus tour, because it’s a newly onboarded community, this event help you to get some visibility and traction

Note: Funding is not a guarantee as a result of what happened in our May proposal, we believe that your community are continues adding value to the ecosystem with or without funding.

Thanks !! we made some changes sir!

We made some modifications and thanks your feedback sir

Nice. Happy to support.

Sir!! we’ve been try our best to make things happen and and we’re continuing our activities as well