[APPROVED] NEAR Arabia Guild - August


What tasks are required from the users (and what is the expected benefit of this)?

-Taking lessons about NEAR and solve the quiz (promoting NEAR)
-opening a wallet from wallet.near.org (increase the number of NEAR wallets)
-Joining NEAR Arabia Telegram group and follow NEAR Arabia Twitter account (increase the number of Twitter and Telegram users)

*Goals & Promotion plan :
We have many goals, the most important :
-Increasing the number of the community by 50-60% for Telegram and Twitter :
Telegram: Contact @NEAR_Arabic
-Get new designers, developers, investors to involve them in the NEAR ecosystem
-Also in terms of engagement, we look forward to increasing the rate by at least 20% - 25%.

*3 Webinars :
After the event ends and while the participants are waiting for the results, we will hold 3 webinars, to involve them in NEAR.
-The first one targets interested parties and investors.
-The second one targets designers
-The third one targets developers
-3 original articles :
Each article will be a comprehensive reference for developers, investors, and designers

  • Funding Details:
    • Total requested amount in USD and NEAR : 5700 USD -
    • NEAR Wallet ID / DAO : neararabia.sputnikdao.near
      Funding required (Basic):
      -Create the “Learn and Earn” event page including the manage panel and the content of the lessons: 500$
      -Event management and promotion: 500$ (to get at least 250 - 350 participants)
      -Rewards for the 200 winners: 2000$ ( 10$ per person - 200 winners)
      -3 webinars: 1200$
      -1 video to promoting the event: 300$
      -3 original articles: 600$
      -Managing social media channels: 600$
      (Bonus) funding
      We ask for a bonus as the number of participants increases, as this means that we have succeeded in managing and promoting the event.
      for each additional 150 participants, we will get X USD/Tokens (determine by you)

Please take a look at our detailed proposal here: NEAR Arabia proposal - August - Google Docs


Hey! Threw some comments in the doc


Pinging the fellow Marketing DAO Council members (@jcatnear @cryptocredit) to take a look as and when they can.

@MostafaLotfy please don’t solve/remove the comments I’ve left on the doc, they’ll be good to encourage discussion.


@jcatnear @cryptocredit

Hi @MostafaLotfy Great to read your proposals for the Arabia Guild.

Could I suggest that you post a summary of your proposals here on the forum for everyone to see.

I know that @David_NEAR has made some comments on the doc so if you want to post a revised proposal that would be great.

Don’t forget to include a clear breakdown of how the funds will be spent and what results you hope to achieve.

Good luck!


Hi @cryptocredit

@MostafaLotfy good day ! Could you please write about results of the marketing activities.

Thank You

I apologize for the delay.
I had a big problem that affected my life and affected part of my work.

As for the report, we started in mid-October and some works are stopped around the first week of November because of the difficult circumstances I went through.
we went back to work two days ago we will continue work until February 10th so we can reach our goals and then we can submit a full report.

Follow up on the work done:

-Create the “Learn and Earn” event page including the manage panel and the content of the lessons

Done: Here is the page + the lessons (live from October): تعلم واربح مع NEAR – اتعلم بلوكتشين

-Event management and promotion:

  • Work in progress

Ads made so far (Will add more):NEAR - ADS - Google Docs

Number of participates so far: 73
Spreadsheet: تعلم واربح مع NEAR - Google Sheets

-3 webinars:

  • Work is in progress.

- 1 video to promoting the event
The video will be published within 3-5 days.

-3 original articles:
Articles are ready, will be published soon.

Managing social media channels:
For Twitter:

For telegram:

I’m really embarrassed, once again, I apologize for the delay. We have been working since October 2020, and all reports were submitted on time.

The work will be completed, our goals will be reached, and we will do additional work this month without further funding request. The full report will be on 10-15 February, God Willing.

Thanks for your understanding.


I apologize again for the delay, we’ve done some extra work (We didn’t get a budget for it and we will not request any):

Support some projects that use NEAR:

Our report:

-Event management and promotion:

-3 webinars:

-محاضرة حول الـ Web3 و NEAR - YouTube
-محاضرة حول البلوكتشين ومشروع NEAR - YouTube
-محاضرة حول NFT و NEAR - YouTube

- 1 video to promote the event
-مسابقة بقيمة 2000$ انتبه تروح عليك المجتمع العربي لعملة NEAR COIN توزيع دائم 🥳🥳🥳 - YouTube

-3 original articles:

Managing social media channels:
For Twitter:

For telegram:

  • 60+ posts published

  • All inquiries have been answered and new members have been guided

  • Gained about 180 new members +35%

  • the users’ submissions are being reviewed and then will be sent the rewards to them (the transaction link will be added here : )

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