[approved] Metatronic V


Proponent: Isa Danoninho Near
Account: isadanoninho.near


The Metatronic is an electronic party focused on Dj Set that happens in the metaverse. No main streaming, it is an experience created for you to travel and teleport to the atmosphere that the dj wants to take you. There is no electronic style of music, the style is to be good and artistic. Metatronic is a movement that is being built. A new movement that brings essence in the sound, history, content, space, diversity. The Metatronic goes beyond music, it is an artistic experience, that is why it always hosts an art exhibition on the day.

Justification (benefits)
Offer the Metatronic to celebrate some of the projects created within the Gambiarra. Enable the visibility of visual artists, creating an event to bring people together, to exchange artistic experiences through music and art. To encourage artists to produce more art and to get to know the work of other artists.

For this month we are working with an eighties line up.
Direct from Berlin, as our headliner the guest of the month is ROTCIV.

ROTCIV has been DJing and producing since 1996, contributing and spreading the electronic music culture in his native Brazil. In Berlin since 2010 has been frequently DJing at the most exciting clubs: Panorama Bar, Cocktail D’ Amore, About Blank
Wilde Renate, Else, Katerholzig, Schwuz, Ipse and many other clubs in the city while also travelling abroad Europe with his dynamic carefully selected sound. Since 2008 he manages Mister Mistery, a label focused on Acid, Disco, House, Electro and classic influences from 80s and 90s with a truly contemporary edge and unique sound.
ROTCIV currently releases original tracks and remixes on labels like:
Luv Shack, Permanent Vacation, Funnuvojere, Freeride Millenium, Full Pupp Ekspress, Unterton/ Ostgut Ton, Skylax ,Rebirth, Live At Robert Johnson, his own Mister Mistery and many more.

Soundcloud: Stream ‎ROTCIV music | Listen to songs, albums, playlists for free on SoundCloud

And to open the party, we will receive the Bad Reputation project.
Directly from São Paulo, the duo that is part of the collective Banali, explores the strands of Dark Disco, EBM, Post Punk, Electro n Slowly.

Soundcloud: Stream Bad Reputation music | Listen to songs, albums, playlists for free on SoundCloud

About the production part:

The recording studio is my home, and I always invite DJs that live in São Paulo to come and record their sets here.
I’m the one who sets up the scenography, develops the decoration objects, does the image capture, edits and animates the video, synchronizes the audio, renders and uploads to YouTube.
The DJ brings his equipment and leaves here leaving me the audio.

YouTube Metatronic link: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCByzc2UNyr3vWCINBdUwdFA

I have been learning how to make VOXEL ART, so I have been striving to build things that go with the set, to bring the decorative experience to the metaverse as well.
I plan to create some elements to compose the space.

Create the flyer, and promote the party on the communication channels…

Buy artwork for the party’s exhibition and send it to dao’s wallet, to compose the collection, encouraging artists to produce visual material.

A 3h event with two DJ sets.

Timeline: Performed within the month of June. Normally, a party does not take place at the end of the month.

Production - 250usd
DJ set 1 - 100usd
DJ set 2 - 100usd
USD50 to buy artwork for the show

TOTAL: 500usd

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Hi Isa … your parties are always animating the exhibitions inside our art gallery. We will be looking at your proposal with the Council

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flyer done

Boa tarde metatrônicos, nossa quinta edição chega com tudo trazendo uma atração internacional.
Domingo, dia 26 de Junho as 18h (horário de Brasília) tem a quinta edição da festa eletrônica mais under do Metaverso.

ROTCIV é o nome do nosso Headliner, DJ e produtor desde 1996, contribuindo e divulgando a cultura da música electrónica do Brasil, seu país natal. Em Berlim desde 2010, toca frequentemente nos clubes mais excitantes: Panorama Bar, Cocktail D’ Amore, Sobre Blank
Wilde Renate, Else, Katerholzig, Schwuz, Ipse e muitos outros clubes da cidade, ao mesmo tempo que viaja para o estrangeiro da Europa com o seu som dinâmico cuidadosamente selecionado. Desde 2008 gere Mister Mistery, um selo focado em Acid, Disco, House, Electro e influências clássicas dos anos 80 e 90 com um som verdadeiramente contemporâneo e único.

Link Soundcloud: Stream ‎ROTCIV music | Listen to songs, albums, playlists for free on SoundCloud

Bad Reputation vem pra somar no time, o duo formado por @michanascimento e @fbionog são parte do coletivo Banali e dentro deste projeto exploram diversas vertentes e contextos da música eletrônica, sempre orientados pela frequência do momento em que se encontram.
Com cases recheados, procuram se apresentar no formato freestyle e essa mescla proporciona experiências inesperadas e ambiências inimagináveis, tornando impossível imaginar o que se esperar em cada apresentação.

A festa vai acontecer no Gambiarra Gallery, e vai receber a exposição Back to 80’s composto por 16 cripto artistas internacionais da comunidade NEAR.
Curadoria feita pela @BiaVictal e @Ghini .

Link para acessar a festa é o: Voxels

Espero vocês todos para mais uma experiência sonora!

Produção: Danone Psicodélico
Funding: Gambiarra DAO
Apoio: NEAR


This is going to be huge @Isa_Danoninho !!! Can’t wait for this party!!! uhuuuuul :muscle: :muscle: :blush: