[approved] metatronic 2nd edition

Report part 2

For the second stage of the project, the second edition of the metatronic party took place.
The guest to play in this edition is dj Micha (michanascimento.near) and he brought 2 hours of set with a street and psychedelic style.
For the art show I invited the project mintbase Sunday, idealized by Alexandre macieira to compose the gallery!
The flyer was made by me and was promoted in telegram, Instagram and WhatsApp channels, in partnership with the marketing team.
During the weekend something happened inside Gambiarra DAO, and the store had to be transferred to a new wallet, so the staff ended up having problems with the storage of the store and could not resolve the time of the event.
Fortunately they were able to get the arts into other stores which caused the numbers of participating artists to go up in the last hour before the event.
We had a total of 22 participating arts!
As for the party, it was very positive!
We kept an average of 18 people online during the entire party, and got up to over 40 people on the plot!
A really great number!
Many people complimented the dj’s being.
With the 50usd that was made available, we bought 6 artworks for the collection!
I will leave the prints of the party data, and in the sequence I will help you to make your payout proposal!


On art purchases, 50usd = 4,81N
Each artwork cost 0.77, which allowed us to buy 6 artworks.
The total value of works bought = 4,62





Congratulations @Isa_Danoninho
It was all very beautiful, congratulations for the report also … impeccable.
I liked how the members of the Gambiarra community made an effort to make everything happen in the best way.


Amazing Party!!! Congratulations.


Hey, good night!

I would to say thank you very much to this amazing opportunity and for this interesting experience of playing in the metaverse.

I hope so see you soon on the main floor again.


MintbaseSunday comes in its 4th edition with a beautiful party! Thank you very much @Isa_Danoninho for your dedication and commitment to the community, thank you @michanascimento for the first quality sound during the event. There are already 78 artworks that integrate the MintbaseSunday Collection and I take this opportunity to thank each participant of the event. Together we will build a stronger network with a lot of union.


Thank you, @Isa_Danoninho, for the production of the party. I saw there was an increase in the number of people in the party, comparing to the last one. Congrats! :star_struck:

Can I ask you something? Your report is very complete, but could you organize your report in the model we use? I am asking that, because I have to use one link to your final report in Metaverse DAO monthly report.

We also use the conversion rate of 500 usd = 48.125 near (i.e., 1 near = 10,38 usd). You can ask for a payout proposal, using this conversion rate. In fact, you already made your payout proposal, so we are approving it, given it is super near the conversion rate. We know you don’t know about this conversion rate, so next time it would be nice if we could approve your report before you ask the payout proposal and tell you the conversion rate, in order for us to do things in the proper order.

Thank you for everything, @Isa_Danoninho. The party was fun and the music was excellent. Again, congrats for your work. :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


Final Report

Project status: completed
Project name:

Project Accounting:

Updated Project Timeline:

Highlights and Final Products:


Next Steps:

Additional Links:


Wonderful music, Micha! Congrats! :fire: Thank you for playing in our party. You are always welcome!


Final Report

Project status: completed
Project name: metatronic 2nd edition

Project Accounting:
Production - 250usd
DJ set 1 - 100usd
DJ set 2 - 100usd
USD50 to buy exhibition artwork for metaverse DAO collection
TOTAL: 500usd

Updated Project Timeline: We changed the order of the parties but everything was completed on time

Highlights and Final Products: The women’s exhibit was very nice, especially Bianca Victal, who will be on display throughout the month. Both parties were successfully completed.

Learnings: Always have a plan B for any divergence, and always have a right arm that won’t let you fall.

Next Steps: The party is a successful project, so we intend to keep building it.


Hey, Isa. You can also ask for a ppayout proposal of 1 metacoin for the successful project. Thank you so much for the wonderful paty! :smiley:


I already made the request there at astro dao, thank you!

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