[Approved][May] NEAR NFT Week Funding

Upcoming NFT Collection is already getting covered by @NearNft
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We can add this information in our weekly digest.

I can support this for a month to see how it goes. I see the value in having a media project specifically focused on NFT news and updates in the NEAR ecosystem, but I think you need to focus more on building community, engagement and trying to serve/add value to your audience vs. just reporting information without much context – right now, if you read the web site and Twitter, there is information, but not much reason for people to engage further or opt into your mailing list or Telegram. I look forward to seeing where you take the project for another month.


Looks good. Let’s see on results. Happy to support

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Good morning, ~3 NFT artists from Human guild filed out the form and didn’t get any response.

Good morning!

Can you please ask the artists to connect with us on our telegram group.
Link: Telegram: Contact @nearnftweek

We have reviewed our submission form sheet based on the query raised here but unfortunately we have no submission recorder in the sheets.

Kindly share this Form Link with the Artists for getting covered in NEAR NFT Week.

Report: NEAR NFT Week
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