[APPROVED] May 2023 Media campaign for the Near Kingdoms game(Aurora/Near)

Hello friends! I am the founder of the well-known NPunks project on the Near. We started in 2021 and now have a dedicated team working on a mobile game. Our plans are global, as we aim to capture a portion of the massive $200 billion mobile gaming market, specifically the 2.6 billion subcategory of strategy games. Additionally, we aim to expand to PC/Mac.

  • :crown:Near Kingdoms game will utilize the Near and Aurora blockchains.

  • We have a large community of NPunks NFT holders (2000+).

  • We are passionate about our work and achieving results.

  • Our team consists of experienced professionals from the gaming industry who have worked on hits such as Crysis, Baldur’s Gate, and others.

Currently, our project is in the prototyping stage. Within two months, we will begin testing our MVP.

We need funding for marketing on social media and other platforms because game development and marketing must go hand in hand to achieve results in the gaming industry.

About Game

What are our plans?

Rewards for testers

Bug bounties, including bug-hunting contests and other activities aimed at identifying as many bugs and issues in the game as possible.

Advertising placements at events

Acting as sponsors or partners at online events (e.g. Spin Rave). Our logo and information about us are displayed to the event audience, helping us gain a new audience.

Social activity and developer diary.

  • Twitter: 3-4 posts per week (@nearkingdoms, @near_punks, @near_insider)

  • Twitter 1 developer-diary post per week (@nearkingdoms, @near_punks)

  • Instagram 1-2 posts per week (@nearkingdoms)

Forum topics

Creating game-related threads on forums such as forums.tigsource.com, bitcointalk, cryptotalk, indiedb.com, and reddit.com/r/gamedev/.

Twitter contests

Holding weekly competitions on Twitter with AURORA/NEAR token prizes.

Creating media kit materials

Creating a brand book, corporate identity, and advertising materials and placing them on the website.

Posting game information in Twitter publications

Posting tweets about the game on accounts such as @zueljin, @jakebrowatzke, @P2EAlliance, and @Crypto_Defi_NFT.

Near Kingdoms Contact/Info

2k+ NFT holders NPunks now.

Budget Proposal - paid in unlocked NEAR tokens

Proposal per 2 months: 5000 USD


  • Amount of posts/tweets over all social media channels

  • Content Creation for posts (pictures, video, graphic design done by a brand designer/graphic designer)

  • We will be using Google Analytics and other tools to provide a report on the growth metrics.

  • UAW on the DappRadar

Advantage for NEAR/AURORA ecosystem

  • Increasing brand recognition for NEAR/AURORA

  • Improving the in-game community and increasing transactions on dappRadar

  • Strengthening the NEAR ecosystem through collaboration with other communities

  • Motivating newcomers to join the NEAR/AURORA ecosystem to play and earn

  • Developing GameFI for NEAR/AURORA

  • Focusing the project on the mobile gaming market.

NPunks & NearKingdoms Team


Good luck with the project. Your dedication is commendable.
Oh Gods! Autumn is coming, and the grant is approved in May! Against the backdrop of an $800 million Near promotion company, this amount looks ridiculous. But I’m not funny. Many private investors, including me, supported the development of the game by purchasing special nft boxes on Near. Thus, trusting the Near ecosystem and promoting it through one of the most sought-after areas - gaming. After all, the path to a billion users starts small. Is not it?

Sorry, the system doesn’t allow me to post more than two posts in this thread. Okay, I’ll add to this post. Good luck!


Hey guys thanks for the proposal. I’m reviewing this, but in the meantime can you share any other funding you’ve received from NEAR or Aurora? Thanks!

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Happy to support! Have a great day.


Hello! NPunks or NearKingdoms have not received any grants.


Cool project, I’ve been following it for a long time. I wish you good luck in development on Near


Thank you so much! You too


So far, the project has only received funding from the NPunks community, from the sale of the “NFT Box” that will be used in the game.


Absolutely right. I also note that the boxes are still for sale.

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Hi @NPunks thank you for your proposal - i note that the project is still in development and feel that funds for marketing would be better spent when you have a working MVP. Unable to support at this stage

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Hi! In the game industry, game marketing typically starts long before the MVP stage, as game development is a lengthy and expensive project. We haven’t been given funds for development, so we’re doing it on our own. However, marketing is crucial and highly important to us because it’s high time to start promoting the project to a wide audience. This will benefit both us and the ecosystem, as we’re truly working on creating a significant product for the vast mobile market, rather than just another P2E game.


Thanks for your proposal,

I support this proposal. Notes:

  • NPunks is one of the OG NFT collections and seems to have an active, supportive community. The former signals how long the leadership team has been around, which I use as a proxy to determine the depth of knowledge about and commitment to NEAR.
  • Existing, active and supportive community greatly derisks the venture (chances of product succeeding when it launches are much higher). I’ve also taken into account that the project has raised some money from the community prior to asking for funds, which is also a sign of good will and early product validation.
  • I also took some time to read the NEAR Kingdoms documentation. Project looks fun and well thought out.
  • I believe this projects has the capacity to increase the amount of users and daily txs on NEAR/Aurora as it is FUN. This is at the core of current Strategic goals: showcase what can be built on NEAR and give people something to do on-chain.
  • I also note that Dacha has been leading the NEAR Games community for a long time and his support also informs my reasoning.

There’s a few things I would also like to suggest to the team:

Good luck


Thanks @satojandro for Support, Trust, and Notes! :handshake:


Thanks for answering the council members’ questions – I’ve looked through what you’re trying to build, and I generally believe that games have strong potential to engage existing community members and bring in new people to the NEAR ecosystem. I also understand the need to grow your audience before launch in this case.

I can support this proposal to see how the project evolves – please be aware that we will require a report documenting growth, metrics and how the funding impacted both your project and the NEAR ecosystem in order to allocate any additional funding.

Moving this to approved. You can submit to Astro. Instructions:


  1. Go to the Marketing Astro DAO page https://app.astrodao.com/dao/marketing.sputnik-dao.near and click on green “+” “Create Proposal”

  2. Choose proposal type “Propose a poll”, then include:

  • Proposal name: this is the project/guild/member name
  • Brief description of the project. It is helpful to copy/paste the same name used on the official Forum proposal post
  • Amount in $USD. If you would like your funding issued in either NEAR or, for funding under $5K, a stablecoin (nDAI, nUSDC, nUSDO, and nUSDT), you must specify the currency request on your Astro poll.
  • Target wallet
  • Link to the proposal on the Forum
  • To finalize, click on “Propose” button

On behalf of the NPunks / Near Kingdoms team, I express immense gratitude for the trust and belief in our project. We will make the most productive use of the funds received and provide a detailed report.

The voting has been created. Thank you, and have a great day, DAO community!

The poll - https://app.astrodao.com/dao/marketing.sputnik-dao.near/proposals/marketing.sputnik-dao.near-715


Hello Dear so608 ! Have any news about the grant? Not recieved. We have approved poll https://app.astrodao.com/dao/marketing.sputnik-dao.near/proposals/marketing.sputnik-dao.near-715 3 mothes ago. Thank you.