[Approved] March 2022 Social Media and Marketing activities budget for Goa Guild

@David_NEAR thank you for the reply!
about bot i call Denni , it’s his sub-project that he’s taking responsibility

about Instagram promotion previous report has results from using IG promotion tools there. now we’re going to promote post about calling artists to participate in minting and competition, and about the last meetup of the month, and probably smth else, metaverse party. i suppose it will be enough for 3-4 small promotion ads in Instagram of our actiivities.

about videographer work - first purpose for him was to make videos from meetups, to post it in IG (and youtube) to let people know what we’re doing here. now mostly i suppose this work will be connected to prepare the video from event for streaming it to metaverse party . as well as to have full links to event when we make NFT from it, to put into description of it the link to see the report from event,
i can reduce the budget if you think it’s too much, but ant professional videomaker takes here 100USD minimun for a work on 1 video, so i put some additonal budget in reserve if some project, that we’re curating, will be also needed with video report. (like project of Leo, for example, and now many art projects are coming to us for getting knowlges about NEAR and NFTs, we’re helping them to onboard, and i suppose it will be interestng to get video reports from them with interview )

i was talking to @thephilosopher about renting a parcel from MetaverseDAO
and one party i’d love to perform with nearhub.online as well.

yes, here i agree with your doubts and just today we decide to close this position and line. it was an idea to work on telegram channel to design it with welcoming notes and some bots, but i also don’t see the value of it now. i manage to moderate and fullfill with news wthout bots:) so this point i’m removing

here i should probably write “councils work” :see_no_evil:
managing tasks, events, people, connecting it. accepting incoming proposals and questions, giving all info and links about NEAR Protocol, as well as pr and communicaton, agreements , onboarding people and projects, controling budget and expances, expanding the team(i hope).
i try to divide it into 2 parts in order to delegate some activities, and to be more a DAO and to join more interested people to be in the team
70% of the day it takes usually and the whole success depends on it)) and metrics as well are connected to all that is descrbed here. if during the month i’ve managed to perform 2-3 cool metaverse parties, to create some special collab with other DAOs and onboard a number of artists to GoaDAO Mintbase store - it’ll mean the success, i suppose

we care a lot about security because we understand that we are responsible for the funds of our people.
the bot uses the official NEAR-API-JS API to create and import accounts
currently using a local folder to store key pairs, similar to Near-cli
the only difference is that the folder is on our server where the bot is hosted

the folder is located in a docker container closed from external access, the container interacts with the bot using the rest api inside the docker network

from outside the Internet, access is open only to the callback address of success authorization of the available mood domain via cloudflare, the real IP server is not visible at the specified address, the address is forwarded through the nginx proxy
to the api server.

to provide all security guarantees at the moment. Access via ssh is possible only with ssha keys. Root access is closed. Server OS Ubuntu 20.04 LTS

the bot itself does not have direct access to the keys
the api server interacts with the keys on the js node

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Slightly overpriced for me. Is it a fair rate ?

Probably, doubled with first one…

Do you have a specific quantity of banners, stickers, flyers? What is stand for “Merch” ?

Could you please justify this point? What kind of projects ? Thank You

Ok, would be great to see a list of all wallets with next report. It’s important for me to learn how many new Community Members remain in Near Ecosystem.

Thank you for proposal and great job.

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And the last question :grinning:

What the difference between proposal in Marketing and Creativities DAO?

A little bit confuse

good morning
thank you for reply

i wrote it upper there:

  1. Social Media metrics
    1.1. Instagram
    160 followers now → +30% to 210-230 followers
    1.2. Telegram
    110 followers → +50% to 160-170 followers
    1.3. Twitter
    30 followers → +30% to 40-50 followers
    1.4. Discord - we’ve just opened it

to explore, to fill with info, grow to 20-30 followers

they charge 100USD for shooting and masterng 1 video, any of video-editors
and i have no idea, how much will be charged to prepare 1hour video from the event for streaming it to metaverse party, so i put a bit more here for the case it will be more expensive

about it i answered to David - i’m going to edit and cancel this point

merch is authors handmade designed clothes w/NEAR logo, 5 piece test set, 10usd each, we plan to gift it to the most active artists who are minting at goadao-mntbase store
300-400 stickers; 50 posters, 10 banners, 500 flyers
if some project, coming to us, also needs with print promo, wish to help them with promotion their project powered by NEAR

i’ve mentioned about it here:

now there are projects that coming to us with idea to be minted on NEAR platforms, so we’ll help them to create wallets, to connect to paras, to create mintbase stores, study how to mint. there are painters, women who makes thousands of Mandalas, musicians. there is an social idea to prepare children playground free of charge, to clean the beach and put garbage bins - sucj initiatives we’re going to collect and vote and support those that is usefull for enviroment and people
also now we’re helping to few more projects to prepare great proposals to forum here. so it’s a part of big work about spreading awareness about NEAR Protocol is going on.

yes, it’s important for me as well. very difficult to count wallets without referal link that could count it by itself, because some people are creating their wallets by themselves, anyway we try to count the number of wallets by the transaction-history from our wallets and i do my best to control it.
if you have an idea what is the best way of counting these new wallets - i’d appreciate if someone can share it !

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as Creative DAO asked me to prepare separate proposal for their category, i took the whole block that is concerning Mintbase and shift it there, according to creatve dao rules

and i took out this field of budget from marketing dao

if i did it wrong way, please correct me :pray:

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@marketingdao-council i made corrections in post
is it now going to be approved?

Ok thank you! Waiting for feedback from @MktngDAO_Advisors . I’ll approve it, if it’s looks good for our best-in-class advisors.


Hi all – @David_NEAR @marketingdao-council were your questions about the security of the wallet bot answered completely by @denni_wild? If not, what else do you want to know on that front?

In terms of the marketing itself, a few thoughts:

  • I support the meetups and that you are combining education around Near with arts/entertainment.
  • For the metaverse parts of the project, I would like to know how you are going to report on the success – viewers, participants, etc? What’s your plan there? I know it is an experiment, but think about how you are going to measure the success so you can adjust your activities and know how to improve it over time for better reach and impact.
  • @Dacha asked about how to track the wallets so we can see who is participating in the community, not just signing up. Is there a way to ask people to add their wallet to a form and a send a screenshot perhaps for a chance at an airdrop of your project’s NFTs or another added incentive? I am not sure of the exact logistics, but is there a creative way you can incentivize people to share information with you so that it’s easier to track who is creating wallets?
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@johanga , agree , it’s very important!

Thank you for questions!

Here it’s firstly and mostly Mintbase part, so the number of nfts minted and artists onboarded during the month, and if we’ll able to sell. Nfts will be constructed from recording sets from real events and from separately onboarded artists.
Exploring metaverse here is one more way of promotion opportunities on near to artists and to onboard them. So here as well i see that the number of people who start to visit metaverse events of near daos from Goa (we’ll make nft-airdrops after also to get wallets), the number of artists who join the community, number of proposals from Goa events for future months:)

As for now I’m counting very easy - by the number of 0.1N sent from my wallet for it’s activation. :slight_smile: our team also report regularly about their opened wallets (=sent N) so we can see it by transactions from specific wallet(s)
Also , we have a form, all the time it’s modifying, but there we can check other wallets, and details

Then again with nft-airdrops after event we can see number of active wallets
Anyway, we have a community, that is very natural and real, and every project or artist or proposal we guide we know



Hello @johanga You put this article in this form to guide members to create a wallet. This article was written on April 11 and it is old.
It is better to update it Thanks.


Thanks for your reply to the questions @johanga!


thank you for noticing !!


Ok, I propose approve your proposal.



kindly invite @marketingdao-council @MktngDAO_Advisors to accept final decision and to move proposal to “approval” if it’s so, so i could continue my work properly :pray:


Wouldn’t it make more sense to host this in NEARHub? AFAIK it’s free and it’s NEAR native. Otherwise, I think the cost for renting a parcel here is far too high.


I’m thinking of it too! And it’s so much interesting for me to explore Tamago, so I’ll do it, thank you, i didn’t know it’s free, I’ll talk to them
Anyway, this part, that is concerned Creative DAO, is remaking now, and was shifted here
If I have to take out from this proposal this part at all? And continue only there in creative category

You shouldn’t request funding for the same initiatives from two different DAOs (unless there’s an exception and cost is being split), so yes please remove anything which is duplicated here - thanks!


@David_NEAR i’m sorry for misuderstanding
i didn’t requested twice - i shifted those part from one proposal to another (it was my answer about it). just i left here mentioning about this our plan, by mistake with last numbers :woman_facepalming:
but now i got the point! i’m preparing proper separate proposal about metaverse party to creatives and took it out from here at all.
it started because we decided to support Leo and his project with preparing proposal for and with him (he doesn’t speaks english this much level, so translate and all) to onboard long-term artists on NEAR. then i first time faced with creatives category rules about proposals, it’s different from marketing. so then i understood that metaverse presence relates also to creatives, and after - this mess,

Now i’ve edited the first post with corrections above. hope it looks clear, and compact, and good for @marketingdao-council . waiting for the responce (with all the team :slightly_smiling_face:) - we’re ready to realize it all, onboarding one by one international creative projects-people (that visit us regularly) from Goa to NEAR

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