[Approved] Lines And Bodies Graffiti Collective

Hello, my name is Arinze, a member of graffiti who have participated twice on the Graff on the wall, am quite delighted to propose Lines And Bodies collective.
Lines and Body is an art project where lines would be used on the human body, especially to random people to tell stories.
The name of this project is called LINES AND BODY. It is using stylized afro tribal lines to draw on a human body to tell stories. This lines bears not just a story but that of the body (that is, the body of the person being drawn on).
Since the project is about the people experiencing art in a different way, making it more personal for each audience, this project would be onboarding 5 models and 1 photographer for the month of August.

Location( DedeukwuShryne ) -$100 for 24hrs
5 Runway Models $50 each x 5 -$250
Videographer & Photographer @Neec -$200
Body Art materials (acrylic markers, acrylic washer,…) $50
My payment $200
Total requested : $800

The video will be uploaded in the Graffbase Youtube account and photographed work will be minted in the Graffiti DAO store with 30% royalties to the Graffiti DAO and %70 to the artists(the photographer and models inclusive).
Target wallet: ogaarinze.near


Amazing project @Ogaarinze =)

I’m moving the tag from Creatives DAO to Creatives cause this project need be insert on the Graffiti DAO monthly proposal if they agree with that.

I wish you luck =)


Thank you very much. I’m positive about this.
Fingers crossed :crossed_fingers:


We the GraffitiDAO are happy to approve this proposal please change to ( APPROVED ) and stay informed in our TG group for grant updates.


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Thank you very much @Dedeukwu
Really pumped and looking forward to embark on this project.


Nice one bro @Ogaarinze


This is awesome bro.


Thank you @shittusaheeddp let’s build

Thank you @Femdography let’s build greatness