[Approved] Keep It Local Live 2

KIL X NXM Presents Keep It Local Live Vol 2!

KIL is an entertainment platform that promotes and represents local talents across Asia. As to date, we have organized over 30 live events and with the support from NXM, we would like to organize our first event on a virtual space. Keep It Local Live is a concept where we showcase the hottest or newest talent from our local scene. It can be anything from an album release, a tribute show and an exclusive showcase.

To commemorate our collaboration with NXM, we would like to do a monthly feature that will showcase,

  1. Live performances by selected artists at The Playground via Cryptovoxels. The event will be streamed via Twitch. Proposed Artist for our second show in November would be Skies Are Red as it will their first album and NFT launch in the metaverse.

  2. Collaboration with headlining artist (Skies Are Red) to sell their NFT’s at the virtual space during the event. Artists exclusive NFT’s will also be sold via our KIL store on Mintbase

  3. Proposed Date for Event : 28th November 2021.
    Duration of event : 2 hours

  4. Headlining artist (Skies Are Red) will join and help promote the NXM community group via social media

  5. Budget
    Artist $200
    Venue Rental $50
    Visual Artist $50
    Management, Streaming and Production $200

Total $500
NEAR Amount : 53.533

Target Wallet : keepitlocal.near

The main vision for the event is to expand our initiatives to a virtual scale and to give local asian artists an opportunity to promote themselves in a unique environment.

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Hey @JudeKIL thanks for putting in this proposal! We’re looking forward to supporting it again this month, but I also suggest that we work on deploying the Keep It Local DAO so that for future events and growth of the KIL community you can apply for funding directly from Creatives. Of course DAO to DAO collaborations are wonderful as well!


Hey @JudeKIL I’ve marked this proposal Approved already. Is there a poster for the event yet? Also, can you let me know what time it will be so that I can prepare the venue in CV for you!

Hey Vandal, feel free to view the details and timing for the event as per the poster attached below. Thanks for the approval and looking forward to our second event with you.

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Awesome! Can you submit a payout request to the DAO for $500 value in NEAR and note the amount (and value) of the Near in this proposal. This way we can expedite your payout before the end of the month! Here’s the link to the DAO - https://app.astrodao.com/dao/nxm.sputnik-dao.near

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