[Approved] June 2022 Marketing strategy to Expand LEAFES Dao



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Good evening :blush:, it should be a poll in Marketing DAO

Step-by-step instructions here:

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wow that’s great news and creative idea…

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thanks, Dacha.

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Dear councils, wishing you a great working day.
could you please specify the poll results, as we first time participants in such a procedure, cause our budget was planned for June '22, and now is July 4.
Just want to clarify, but does the Marketing DAO gives support afterwords the work was done?
@Klint @so608 @satojandro @cryptocredit @Dacha

Hi @Olgagi – I’ll try to answer your question, let me know if this is what you are trying to figure out: approved funding is for the work outlined in the proposal. Before funding another/future proposal, we ask to see a report outlining how the project is progressing, sharing metrics and other details. There have been a few cases where we have funded work that has already been done, but that is typically for projects we have a lot of knowledge about and can see the clear benefit to the ecosystem. Hope that helps!


@Olgagi have a great day! and
we’d love to join our NEAR Fashion project to your Community and DAO :blush:

there is a project description
here - Mintbase Store with 1st collection minted

our idea consists of 2 parts:

  1. producing collection of unique clothes with unique prints on each one by fashion designer @Manumission , then to mint as NFTs that are real things
    there is a report about this part

  2. to develop 3d-wearables from collection models, same as real but for applying to metaverses on NEAR
    the actual proposal about this part is here,
    one 3d-designer has started to create the first test model of t-shirt

and we can change anything in mechanics in case you’ll accept the intense of NEAR Fashion project to become a part of LEAFES DAO, following the described plan:


very welcome, guys! we are about to launch special Fashion Space for our designers. So please join us! :wave:
@johanga pm me for a zoom call (if needed) for the details.
See ya soon. Cheers. :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

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@so608 Hi Lorraine, thanks a lot for the details.
I’d like to clear up the current situation. As our budget for June was approved, the poll completed on 5th July, still we did not get any money.
How we can follow our plan with all the KPIs if today is July 11?

Hi @Olgagi – Thanks for posting about the situation. Did you complete the Google form for KYC? Here is the process (pinned at top of Forum too in case you need it in the future):

You need to submit the form linked there, then you will receive a separate communication from NF after the KYC process is complete requesting an e-signature. Once that is complete, funds are typically transferred within a few days.

NF office was closed last week – so that may also be a factor in the timing of the transfer.

Hope that helps!


yes, I did. Still did not get the e-signature form.

Hey! Because NF was closed last week, please be patient:

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hi guys, do you still exist?
shall we expect the payment?

Hey, FYI:


David @David_NEAR thanks for clarifying! :rose:

Hey @Olgagi we’re still here :grinning: – the delays are affecting everyone across the ecosystem. I hear they are working to resolve by EOW.


thanks Lorraine !!! :rose: :rose: :rose:

#Report for the current proposal.

Project Name: LEAFES fab.

Project Status: [Completed]

@marketingdao-council Thanks for your support and giving us an opportunity to move further.


1. Collaborations and Giveaways:

1.1. Strategic partnership with Arhead.

1.2. Strategic partnership with Araxland.

2. LEAFES & Arhead Metaverse space development. From the concepts to first results

Metaverse Space drive: LEAFES Metaverse space - Google Drive

3. Special NEAR Jacket drop

Jackets folder pictures and videos inside: NEAR Jackets Drop - Google Drive

Medium article & announcement: Crypto: bubble or revolution?. Exclusive NEAR branded Jackets launch… | by LEAFES | Sep, 2022 | Medium

Twitter announcement: https://twitter.com/LEAFES_official/status/1567545640187760640

Telegram announcement: Telegram: Contact @leafes

Other announcements:

And we contacted to 5 media and waiting for their feedback right now.

4. LEAFES Community engagement

1100+ users in discord Discord

1350+ users in Twitter https://twitter.com/Leafes_official

420+ subscribers in Telegram Telegram: Contact @leafes

300+ designers in touch ready to join our platform.

5. Somnium Metaverse Fashion Show participation
We got an invitation and participated Somnium Metaverse show as artists and hit the poster of the event

  1. We announced our own Metaverse show and got first dresses from designers:


Another works we didn’t post yet:

7. Copyright

Linkedin company page setup https://www.linkedin.com/company/leafes-corp

Articles for Medium & Linkedin

@satojandro here is our report for the previous marketing grant. The funding got to the account on the August, 5th.