[APPROVED] June/2022 – Add Near currency, Content Creation budget for Startup

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opportunities for teachers in Near University;

Of course!! Today I will add a link tree and I will insert these topics.

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Hi, I went to the Astro Dao Poll site, but the option there was “Propose a transfer”, I did that. I hope I am correct. My concern is that NEAR is dropping a lot and I saw that the only currency option was NEAR.

Sorry, I saw there were two requests in Astro Dao Poll. I ask you to disregard one of them. Thank you!

You need to click on the green (+) button and then open the drop-down menu by clicking the arrow to the right of ‘Propose a Transfer’.

This will open a drop down menu, scroll down and select ‘Propose a Poll’

Make sure you include a link to this proposal, and your Target Wallet and Total Amount in the main box

Hope that helps

. This one? There isn’t this option… Thank for your answer!

Good day! Try it :blush:

Apologies if you are having problems. Please follow the link provided by @Dacha above

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Thank you Dacha, but with this link, happens the same. Don’t appear the option propose a poll. I tried by 2 browses. I will try again tomorrow.

I hope that my transfer propose be disregarded. Now I got make my poll propose.

Thank you! I got it now, by my cellphone

I see you have now posted a Poll on Astro. https://app.astrodao.com/dao/marketing.sputnik-dao.near/proposals/marketing.sputnik-dao.near-384

You need to add a comment with Target Wallet. This is the wallet name that you wish the funds to be paid into.

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Done! Thank you for this guidance.


Hey @fernandapaixao – in the future, can you insert a link to the Approved Proposal on the Forum – ie in this case a link to this post – in the poll on Astro? This will help with faster approval b/c we can see what the poll refers to and cross-reference with the information on the forum. I’m voting on yours now on Astro and you still need one more council vote there – it should go through soon.

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Thank you for this guidance. I’m so sorry about my text. This is my first time with you, in the future I will do a better poll.

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Hello @so608, how are you? I’m waiting the approved in Astro Dao, but I am already reading the forms that would be the next step, so that I don’t make mistakes. In the first topic, where it asks about which DAO or Guild I represent, can I put “individual proposal”? Thank you!

Good evening, yes you can.

And type Marketing DAO here

Have a great weekend :grin:

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Thank you! I am waiting for Poll’s approval, there are only a few days left before the order expires… we still have 1 vote to receive. Have a great weekend too!!!

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Dear @marketingdao-council, I hope this message finds you well. My Pool will expire very soon, I have added a comment with the summarized request as you have directed me. I wonder if it would be possible to approve this poll with 1 more vote or if you recommend me to create a new one. Sorry for writing differently than recommended, in the future I will do it correctly from the beginning. I would very much like to already start the project that has been approved and bring the crypto-currency ecosystem to my platform. Thank you!

Hey @fernandapaixao – I just checked and has been approved on Astro. You can do the next steps in the KYC process. See the pinned post above at the top of the Forum for instructions and let us know if you have any questions.


It’s will be nice if the languages to be learnt are outlined for those interested :woman_shrugging:… and I’m sure it’s going carry lots of people along

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