[Approved] July 2023 NEAR Ecosystem News Stream + NEAR Media & News Guild

Hey NEARians, good day! We are excited to present our work to the community. Being with you all is a lovely experience, LFG!!

Introduction: [Introduction] Near Media News Guild

[Approved] June month Proposal: [Approved] June 2023 NEAR Ecosystem News Stream + NEAR Media & News Guild

June Month Report Work: [Report] June - NEAR Ecosystem News Stream + NEAR Media & News

Plans For the Month Of July

  1. We look forward to promoting more NEAR Protocol and Aurora, NDC-related activities and collaborating with more projects to do so. We are also collaborating with other communities to organize AMA and giveaways.

  2. Push community near.social profile to the 200 followers

  3. We will provide all possible support to the NEAR regional communities in puss their any community events, giveaway, contest…

  4. Will create a weekly thread post about the dApp, which has built on the NEAR & Aurora ecosystem

  5. Weekly AMAs with Ecosystem dApps

  6. NDC weekly updates

  7. weekly community events

  8. will help to create more near wallets, etc…

Funding Details for July:

Social Media Twitter

  • Topic: support all projects on NEAR protocol, share news from NEAR, ecosystem updates, infographics, partnerships
  • KPIs: Jun: Follower: 6000+, average 10000 impressions, average 10 - 15 Likes/tweet
  • Budget: 500$

Social Media Telegram

  • Topic: support community members, All NEAR ecosystem updates, infographics, partnerships
  • KPIs: increase group members, amount of daily messages, Community Quizzes & Events, active member contest, 24/7 mod(2) support
  • Goals For Jun: TG Group: 1500+, Announcement- 1300+
  • Budget: 300$

Content Collection And Infographics

  • Topic: All possible infographics to provide NEAR & Aurora ecosystem projects + regional community support and weekly activities thread post design
  • KPIs : Infographics:- 100+ For Both (Twitter & Telegram) & 20+ NEAR News Stream
  • Budget: 400$

AMA or Giveaway

  • Topic: Hosting an AMA with projects, and AMA with exterior projects from the NEAR ecosystem, and spread near ecosystem updates.
  • Topic: Giveaway and quizzes for community members.
  • Budget: 150$

In additionally will also manage community Instagram and near.social media platforms, and work on their growth too!

NEAR Media & News: 1350$

Proposal: NEAR Ecosystem News Stream

Funding scheme: July Month

Hey NEARians, we are representing NEAR Ecosystem News Stream and are happy to be here to introduce you. I hope we can do great things together! Let’s see more details below!

Post Introduction you can find here >> [Approved] June 2023 NEAR Ecosystem News Stream + NEAR Media & News Guild

  1. Why only regional communities?

Nowadays regional communities play an important role in blockchain growth, and keeping them in mind our first target will be the NEAR regional communities.

Regional communities can serve as a platform for sharing knowledge, best practices, and use cases. By bringing together developers, entrepreneurs, investors, and other stakeholders, these communities can facilitate the exchange of ideas and experiences that can help accelerate the adoption and development of blockchain technology.

Regional communities will keep their members connected with the latest blockchain-related news & updates, and all that information they will get from the NEAR Ecosystem News stream channel 24/7.

  1. What problem is the NEAR Ecosystem News Stream solving?

The blockchain ecosystem is global in scope, but it also has a local dimension. Different regions have different challenges, opportunities, and cultural norms that can influence blockchain technology adoption and growth. It is more important that all the information or updates related to the NEAR ecosystem reach all the countries in perfect time with quality content.

So as a solution we are building the Ecosystem News Stream for NEAR Protocol With the correct news source, we can spread awareness to all the local communities about the most recent improvements in the NEAR ecosystem while also reaching a large number of people.

  1. KPIs:
  • 24/7 Ecosystem News Stream: Additionally, we will provide updates to the local community with 24/7 news that includes all information about the NEAR ecosystem. [we will share the detailed report at the end of the month]

  • NEAR Regional community monthly report review work!

  • Daily community social media platforms KPIs

  • Collection of the communities events and contests that have been done during the month!

  • Continuously connected with the Regionals leaders in private group chats!

  • Invite leaders to update their community’s upcoming weekly plans to the spreadsheet, and according to this data will create a thread post and amplify on all platforms and invites community members to join the events!

  • Track the News post shared by the community: we will keep track of all the news posts circulated by the regional communities, and get monthly reviews from the leaders for better development.

  • Invite leaders: We are going to invite leaders in different factors, in the first phase will invite all regional community leaders to join us, and after that in the second phase will invite the different Project & Media communities Leaders, letter back will invite the dApp leaders to help in this initiative to more grow the NEAR Ecosystem.

  • Regional Community Leaders Chat: Maintain the group chat of the leaders and take their suggestions for better implementations and work on them.

  • Will collect the data and make a separate spreadsheet of each community, In which all the details are available for example, the leader’s detail of the community, the total numbers of the team members, and all the social media platforms of their community.

  • And many more, and all of this will share in the detailed report at the end of the month

  1. News that we will cover:
  • NEAR Ecosystem Updates
  • NEAR Official Blogpost
  • Aurora Updates
  • NEAR weekly main updates article
  • NEAR Protocol Twitter Posts
  • NEAR Build Projects Achievement
  • New Partnership announcements & AMAs related to the Ecosystem
  • NEAR’s helping projects
  • And many more!
  1. Funding Details
  • 24/7 Collect news and share in news stream(2 members), monthly community report review, collection of contest and events details: 400 * 2: $800
  • Daily Community social media activity sheet, Daily community KPI’s, Invite leaders to add weekly plans(1 member): $300
  • Weekly report, weekly calls, weekly reminders to the leaders about news gaps, daily social media growth, report review(1 member): $200

NEAR Ecosystem News Stream: $1300

Here the total amount of the proposal is

NEAR Media & News: 1350$
NEAR Ecosystem News Stream: $1300

Total: $2650

Wallet Address: nearmedia.near

Here are Our Social Media Accounts:

Twitter Profile | 4.7k+

Telegram Group Chat | 1.3k+

Telegram Announcement | 1.1k+

Instagram Profile| 0.2k+

Near.social | 66

Our Collab form:

cc: @marketingdao-council @rc-admins

Please share your valuable reviews & questions, thanks!
NEAR Media & News!


Great Job you are doing with helping keep RCs in check and spreading ecosystem news.

I hope we take this to near social too and do many activities on near social this month.

Happy to support



Yes, and for that we are started to push one dedicated near.social community profile, soon will touch 500+ followers on near.social, maybe before end of July! :blush:


Hey hey! Thank you for great job @Dk_51 . Moving to approved accordingly to @IgbozeIsrael and RC DAO admins’ decision. Thanks


Hi @marketingdao-council ,

Thanks for your support this is our poll voting link