[Approved] July 2022 Social Media budget for fraDAO

[PROPOSAL] July 2022 Social Media budget for fraDAO

Guild name: Atelier Techne Studio

DAO name: fraDAO

Q2 Council:

frado.near @frado

narau.near @narau

raissa.near @raissalaban

Funding scheme: Monthly


Hello moderators, how are you? With great respect to everyone here, we are only asking for the continuity of the marketing funds, after having executed the design thinking process of fraDAO’s branding and all the housekeeping. We are ready to go month by month with our branding immersion. I would like to clarify that we were invited to participate in the international NFT Rio event and we did massive free publicity in the main room and in the pitch room, in the projector and talking room.

We are honored to continue the monthly marketing work.

We are past the middle of the year 2022 and our community currently has more than 100 members.On the mintbase We opened a second gallery, focused on video art and music, and the thir foccused in 3D objects and gained visibility and recognition through our presence at the NFT Rio event, a four-day event that entertained enthusiasts and those curious about the current state of the art, blockchain and DEFi.

We were thus able to receive with great joy and recognition the return of the artists who saw their faces, quotes and images of their works projected on the big screen of the event at Parque Lage, the NFT Rio, material that was gathered from the posts created in our beauty marketing trajectory on Instagram.

Thus, several artists from the community started to send the autobiographical texts we created, about their paths, inspirations, reflections on NEAR cryptoart, in addition to a brief selection of NFTs, to participate in our hall-gallery on Instagram. In fact, this social network brings together a dynamic of interaction and connection between people who are moving to the decentralized web, as well as those who are still slowly updating.

We have completed a color cycle, in the chromatic harmony of the spectrum of light decanted like a rainbow, and we intend to continue with another wave of incredible women who make up our community.

In parallel, we have Facebook, Reddit and Twitter, which are channels that should continue to be fed, since the metrics indicate their growth and because there are more ways to inhabit the networks, respecting the individuality and navigation option of all people.

Check NFT Club talking about our mintbase store:

Metrics in social media:

Create and grow social media engagement, producing content with links that will lead to the NEAR Protocol, NFT club, Mintbase and Paras Increasing the visibility of our Mintbase store and visibility of our artist from our community.

Six posts per week on Instagram + several stories

Five posts per week on Facebook + several stories

Five tweets per week on Twitter + 2 retweets per day

Reddit Account engagement and post working progress artistic process and how to mint.


Funding Details

Social media:

Reddit account management = 200 USD

Reddit tokens to prevent shadows banned = 20 USD

Instagram account management = 200 USD

Instagram promotional tool in march = 50 USD

Facebook account management = 200 USD

Facebook promotional tool = 25 USD

Twitter account management = 200 USD

Twitter promotional tool = 50 USD

Telegram and Discord group moderation = 200 USD (95 Artists)

Content creation for social media and landing pages = 300 USD

Motion Graphics for youtube and website: 200 USD

Graphics Design creations for Instagram and facebook: 500 USD

Graphics Design VR Room content for cryptovoxel and nearhubs: 200 USD

QR code Annual service and 300 Sticks Class A+ quality, with fraDAO/NEAR logos and site appointments: 200 USD

Total requested amount in USD : $ 2545

NEAR Wallet ID / DAO: fradao.sputnik-dao.near

Wallet owner’s name: frado.near


Our Marketing Team:

raissa.near : Design Core, motion graphics, Instagram Manager

lagolagoa.near : Twitter manager

mairysarmanho.near : Facebook manager and google ads Strategy

nidacosta.near : Female and Web 3 Contents.

pbborges.near : Reddit Manager (Patrícia Borges)

paulaguimaraes.near : Branding Core Team

@frado: Branding Core, Telegram manager, art director, web server and workflow manager

@hiimf: Front-end and back-end website

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/fra_dao

Reddit https://www.reddit.com/user/fra-dao

Twitter: https://twitter.com/fra_dao

Facebook: Redirecting...

Telegram: @fra_DAO

Thanks for supporting fraDAO!


Happy to support! Have a great day!


Thanks @Dacha ! have an amazing week ! :slight_smile:


Just curious, how do you plan on getting your account un-shadowbanned?

It’s likely you got banned by shilling across groups in what would appear to be “spammy” practices.

$20 in tokens isn’t going to reverse this.

Additional Questions:

What is the Facebook promotional tool?

What is 300 Sticks Class A+ quality?


Hello @Klint @Dacha and @David_NEAR , how are you? Your placement was perfect.

About Reddit:
two days ago we managed to get out of Shadowbanned. We only stayed for the weekend, we sent a series of messages and authentications, that we are not robots and everything went smoothly.
We read too much about the rules, karma and tokens. If you have a Nice quantify of Karma and few coins to pay ads, the chance of shadowbanned is lower, and follow the rules and never Spam. On reddit have many auto Moderators.

Check the Reddit inbox message :

Screen Shot 2022-07-13 at 18.48.08

What is the Facebook promotional tool?

Sorry about the term “promotional tool” it’s mean “ads” “promote”. On the web 2 it is ineffective not to advertise, I think this algorithm system of centralized companies is terrible, we don’t talk to almost anyone if we don’t pay for ads.

What is 300 Sticks Class A+ quality?

In this photo above is a simple example of a standard sticker of dubious quality

We want to produce 300 unities of Stickers with QR Code and Logo of fraDAO and NEAR.
The strategy is to have high quality stickers that can be glued in any climate, want something even more durable and long lasting, with a better quality glue. We want to make the best quality with a laminate applied to produce scratch, water and UV resistant stickers.
Here’s a link for more details: 7 Important Types of Label and Sticker Materials Discussed

If you need further clarification, I am at your disposal.


Looks good. Happy to support


Thanks @cryptocredit ! have a nice week


Thanks for your proposal,

Happy to support for another month and see how project continues to grow.

Moving this to approved now. You can go ahead and post Poll on AstroDAO


Thanks @satojandro for supporting us !
Have an amazing week!


Hello @marketingdao-council,
we are happy with the approval and aware of the delay we are experiencing in the face of new reformulations in the NF. I’m posting the pool link.
We are wanting to say thank you for the approval and trust.
We will have a lot of respect and honor the funding for our July marketing proposal.
Thanks fraDAO team.



GM @satojandro, how are you?
Here´s ok! i checked that our proposal was not changed to [APPROOVED].
Thanks :slight_smile:


Done. Have a great day!

Ps: new form for rewards requests Ironclad


Hey, please submit the new form for this proposal but not for this one - cheers

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Hi @David_NEAR !! Perfect information!! Thanks a lot ! Cheers!!! :slight_smile:

Thanks @Dacha !!! Have a nice weekend :sun_with_face: :sunglasses:

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