[APPROVED] “História de Bagagem” September

“História de Bagagem” (Luggage Stories) is a project that works from creating platforms for immigrants living in Portugal to express themselves and tell their story.

5 minute video portraits that show stories that everyone should hear, told by those who have lived them. These stories can be about an infinite range of subjects, such as childhood stories, political statements, jokes, about nothing in particular; it all depends on those portrayed, who will have absolute freedom of expression.

After the first edition we’ll do it again with 5 new interviews that will be published on our YouTube channel, on our Instagram and, will be made available as NFT’s on our Mintbase.

Fund Request:

Production and edition: 250 USD
Fund to buy a Tripod and a new memory card: 100 USD
Translation: 90 USD
Fee for interviewees: 20 USD * 5: 100 USD

Sub Total = 540 USD (57 N)