[Approved] Funding Request To attend Coinfestasia2022 Bali

Hallo Near Community!!
Hallo @marketingdao-council

Near Indonesia would like to take a part in a festival that will be held in Bali, Indonesia, which will be held by Coinfest Asia.
Coinfest Asia is an insight & networking festival to share opportunities around web3, crypto, blockchain, NFT & Metaverse.
And as additional information NEAR INDONESIA partner community at the event.

Paras is one of the sponsors at the event and then Paras will be going to show NFT gallery include booth, and the CEO of Paras will be the speaker. And also Oliver Barker as a NEAR representative to be a speaker.

Roadshow goals:

  1. Relation with global and local communities
    who came to the event.
  2. Educate about NEAR ecosystem
  3. Networking with influencer and enthusiast
  4. Create mini workshop at Udayana University, teach about career opportunities on NEAR Protocol and create projects on the NEAR blockchain, especially devloppers. @irfianto as the speaker.
  5. Updates on the latest crypto regulations, especially in Indonesia.

The timeline for this event is as follows:
Day 1: trip to Bali (Aug 24th,2022)
Day 2: Attend the Coinfest Asia Festival (Aug 25th,2022)
Day 3: Attend the Coinfest Asia Festival (Aug 26th,2022)
Day 4: Discussion with University organitation for the event mini workshop (Aug 27th,2022)
Day 5: Road Trip (Aug 28th,2022)
Day 6: Visit to Udayana University (Aug 29th,2022)
Day 7: Mini workshop in Udayana University/ Back to jakarta (Flight Night) (Aug 30th,2022)

Our Participating Team:
The Near Indonesia team applied to come to Coinfest Asia 2022 consists of 3 persons whose names.

  1. @agungdjs: Co-Founder NEAR Indonesia.
  2. @derymars: Co-Founder NEAR Indonesia.
  3. @irfianto: Teacher who will teach Web3 technology, FYI, Irfi is the head of the developer division at Paras.

Requested fund (break-down):

  1. Air Tickets:
    • Flying from Jakarta: $152/person x 3 persons
    • Sub-total: $456

  2. Coinfest Tickets:
    Ticket Coinfest: $200/person x 3 persons
    • Sub-total: $600

  3. Transportation:
    • $20/day x 6 days x 3 persons
    • Sub-total: $360

  4. Hotel Cost:
    • Villa for 3 person: $150/day x 6
    • Sub-total: $900

  5. Additional Cost:
    • Sub-total: $500

  6. Event Cost:
    • Giveaway to workshop participant: $500 ( for quiz, best question, active participant)
    • Sub-total: $500

Total fund request: $3316

Councils: @agungdjs @derymars @riqi
Wallet Address: indonesiaguild.near

  • Can you use one car for or public transportation?
  • I found 646 stays on Bali for 3 people below $70 a day on Airbnb;


Thank you.

Hallo dacha, thaks for your respond :slightly_smiling_face:

I plan to rent a car there. The average rental price is $40/day (depending on the type of car). Estimated average fuel consumption $20/day, for transportation from airports, hotels / villas, coinfest events, Udayana university and also a place for making banners for events at university.
• $40/day x 6 days (Rent car)
• $20/day x (Fuel)
• Sub-total: $360

The price is from a reference nearest villa at the event, specifically in the Canggu area.

If the price is not recommended, it’s okay we will reduce the funds for accommodation according to the recommendation :wink:
• Villa for 3 person: $70/day x 6
• Sub-total: $420

Additional costs for meals for event participants and organizers, rental of event locations, and also fees for speakers.



Ok, thank you. Happy to support .


Looks like a great initiative. Thank you for the detailed proposal.

You have my support.


Thanks for the proposal. Happy to support.

Few notes:

  • I’d strongly encourage you to use the Satori Creator Studio to create an onboarding experience - mint Proof of Attendance and Participation (POAP) NFTs, generate a QR code that attendees can use to create a new wallet (choose wallet username, all transactions paid for), and then automatically claim NFT.
  • Working with Paras gives this proposal a lot of weight

Moving this proposal to approved now. You can proceed with the AstroDAO application. Please note that the form to request funds from the Near Foundation has recently changed, the new form is here. (Ironclapp)


Thanks for all your support mates @Dacha @Klint @satojandro @marketingdao-council.

  • Sure, we will use Satori for onboarding user.
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proposal was submitted, kindly check it at Astro DAO.

@satojandro @Dacha @Klint @cryptocredit @so608 @marketingdao-council

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Hi Alejandro @satojandro , we are impressed by your amazing results for using Satori as POAP NFTs

For us, it’s a new standard for delivering user experience and onboarding new users on the spot into NEAR!

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