[Approved] Funding request for ETH Milan 2023

Dears @creativesdao-council

Our objective is to create an engaging and interactive experience at ETH Milan 2023 through a Treasure Hunting activity using QR Code Sticks placed both inside and outside the event venue. Participants will use their smartphones to scan the QR codes and follow clues to discover hidden treasures. The prizes for the Treasure Hunting activity will include NFT Tokens, NFT Utility items, and Art NFTs. Additionally,

With a collaboration with NEARHub, create an immersive fraDAO art festival at NEARHub, using VR Glasses, if possible.

NEAR STAGE Collaboration:

We can plan to coordinate a Rapper Battle on the “NEAR Stage” where participants can use their cellphones to explain governance votes.

Another dynamic on the stage will be the “NEAR Jam Session,” where we will record a session and conduct a workshop on how to mint NFT Music using the NEAR protocol.


1. @frado  – [Founder of fraDAO and Creative Director] Reasons to attend the conference: 

Overall, attending conferences offers numerous benefits, including networking opportunities, knowledge acquisition, professional development, inspiration, exposure, collaboration, and staying updated with industry trends. Share the event contents in our community hub in South America and social medias.

By implementing the Treasure Hunting activity and coordinating the Rapper Battle and NEAR Jam Session, we aim to bring a unique and immersive experience to ETH Milan. Through the Treasure Hunting activity, we will engage participants in exploring the event venue and discovering hidden treasures, promoting interaction and excitement. The Rapper Battle and NEAR Jam Session will showcase the potential of blockchain technology and the NEAR protocol in the music industry, inspiring participants to explore new possibilities and learn about minting NFT Music. Additionally, the presence of Brazilian artists and their 2D and 3D NFTs listed on Mintbase and Paras in the NEARHub metaverses will provide exposure and recognition to their work, contributing to the growth and visibility of the Creatives DAO.

Flight cost: Rio de Janeiro to Milan - LIN. (18th july)

Tickets: $1,474 (18th july)
*need to pay 6% of international buy fees in credit card (iof): $88,44
*Como funciona o IOF em compras internacionais?
Total: $1562. (18th july)

I will always be updating the price of tickets, every week it gets more expensive

Passport: OK!
Curator TEAM : OK!
Producer TEAM: OK!




Hey @frado
The proposal for ETH Milan flight tickets has been approved by the CreativesDAO vertical.

To receive the grant, please follow the steps outlined in the guide below: Guide - Creatives Constellation Funding Guidelines.

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Thanks Paul and @creativesdao-council for amazing organization and vision!:heart:
Love :heartbeat:

Ps: filled form and submitted!

Thanks again