[APPROVED] Funding Proposal for NEAR China Community

NEAR China Community is one of the largest communities of NEAR. We integrated 48 WeChat groups into two telegram groups in Oct for a better discussion environment. The number of fans has increased fast, and we still need to attract more people to join us. Therefore, I suggest launching at least one activity every month for both online or offline. At the same time, we will continually search active members for content localization and distribution. In this way, we want to achieve the goal of community member acquisition, activation, and retention.


  • Attract more fans to join the community
  • Keep the community active
  • Let users discover the value of NEAR through activities
  • Reward content creators of the community
  • Activate creators community contribute on content localization/distribution
  • Increase Asia social media engagement


For now, we already launched 2 major campaigns:


  • We will create a 5,000 NEAR proposal in the AstroDAO

  • Budget: 5,000 NEAR that will be used to fund different community events in China

DAO Council members:

  • Murphy
  • Amos
  • Eunice
  • Iota
  • Maria