[APPROVED] Free Horses + Creatives DAO [July]

Free Horses is a project incubator and Launchpad for DeFi and Gaming Projects with aspirations to become the most prosperous and profitable incubator in the Near community.

Introduction post:


Our DAO: https://app.astrodao.com/dao/free-horses.sputnik-dao.near

Council Members:




Target: free-horses.sputnik-dao.near

KYC (done): @jloc

Total Requested Funding Amount: $2000

Timeline: July 15 - August 15

Proposal: To start adding value to the Creatives DAO with NFT Collection knowledge, cross collaboration with creatives and launch.

Our team has members with experience gathered from the NFT industry who even worked in different NFT Collections with TenkBay. We have a different value proposition that is focused on Community Building and supporting ongoing projects.

The NFT Collection Knowledge will be shared by creating and sharing content and running a workshop to explain creatives the way we know about creating NFT Collections. We are open to add this content to the Near Certified Creatives with @Cryptonaut

Cross collaboration through an open contest to create a ¨Creative Horse¨ collection, the utility can be discussed later, from what we saw from the ongoing discussion token weight voting is on the table for the Creatives DAO settings. This collection could serve as a utility token for it.

We will also take care of the launch promotion, that can be done next month, step by step and any help is appreciated. We also believe a more connected partnership can be made from the Creatives DAO with Free Horses launchpad so we are open to further discussions.

Metrics for success:

  • 4000 views on twitter where Creatives DAO is mentioned

  • At least 3 Creators to work in the Contest - We plan to use a mix of the creations for the NFT Collection

  • At least 10 participants for the workshop + content and video from the workshop will be used later for Creative onboarding and education

  • A collection of more than 3000 different NFTs

Budget Breakdown:

  • Marketing content created and spread using twitter mostly: 0$ https://twitter.com/Freehorses_

  • AstroDAO: 0$ No need already created and our community interact here: Free Horses

  • Councils are going to organize, promote, launch and select the best designs from the contest: $600

  • Workshop to explain how to build a NFT Collection: $400 - Content will be created in order to explain in a zoom call about how to design the a NFT Collection

  • Contest for art design: $1000 - Funds to be distributed between the creators, will be an open call and more guidance to participate


Hi @Jloc, thank you for the proposal

Can you break down this into 2 smaller proposal and add some more details for it?

  • Purpose
  • Tentative time
  • What tasks are involved?
  • Cost breakdown (should be break into smaller units with corresponding tasks for both workshop & contest)
  • For contest: what is your prize system or how are you going to distribute 1000$?

To help you take some reference, please visit the guidelines here: [GUIDE] How to submit a funding proposal to Creatives DAO

Thank you very much

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Hey @Jloc

Tagging you for your attention here!


Hello @williamx, @Jloc is sick now.

I am part of the #onboarding-dao, but as an advisor, at the moment, I don’t get any rewards from helping there.

Also, here for Free Horses, I am an advisor, and I think that’s good because morally, I feel good that way, I already have a position in the Concierge Team, and giving support and coaching is part of my duties.

Saying all of this to let you know that I am also helping the Free Horses project, and as Jloc is not feeling well right now and we are all in a short time, I would like to help to push forward this proposal.

We made a great partnership already with the Free horses to give away NFTs to promote Creatives DAO tweets for the CreativeSpaces, and that played a part in getting the good metrics for the Twitter interaction:

Just to make it clear that our partners from Free Horses are good members who want to generate value together with us in the Creatives DAO.

I know this could be necessary in cases where there is much detail to see and different breakdowns in proposals for $5000, but as a guideline, we can also understand it is sometimes not a need, I believe the full breakdown and detail can be shown in just one forum thread in cases like this could improve the organization and communication of the proposal.

Let me know if it is acceptable to leave the answer to your questions here or if it is not possible and we should copy and paste it into a new forum post and then link that here to this thread.

Now to address your concerns:


  • Steps forward into some discussions we have had related to governance and consensus with token weight voting:
  • Open the opportunity to all the Creative Community to participate in the creation of a NFT Collection
  • Transfering experience and tools to our Creative community about the NFT launch.

Tentative time

For the creation of the NFT Collection there is a tentative timeline for 1 month

What tasks are involved

Several tasks are involved, basically a open call for the contest similar to this here, in the case of one logo it was a $200 USD, but in the case of an NFT Collection we are talking about several designs to mix and then get a collection of more than 3000 different NFTs.

Cost Breakdown

Corresponding tasks for workshop and contest design are the concern.

Basically, there will be video creation for 1 hour of content rated at $200, a presentation & documentation rated at $100, plus support and coaching distributed into 3 times of 1 hour for the participants at $100.

Then the Contest will reward 5 creatives members with $400/$300/$200/$100 for their designs that will create the NFT Collection.

It is a lot of what it is being offered to Creatives DAO to build value on NEAR compared with the amount of funding in the hope more trust and a greater relationship between Free Horses DAO and Creatives DAO can be built.

Hope to address all of your concerns, big hug partner :love_you_gesture:


Thank you @FritzWorm for the detailed inputs.

Dear @Jloc and Free Horses DAO,

Welcome to Creatives and happy to say that this proposal follows the Creatives DAO Guidelines, and it is approved by the Community Moderators. Please create a poll on the Creatives DAO Astrodao , so that the council can vote. When and if the vote of the council is ‘yes’, approach NF for your payout proposal, following this guideline: [New Process] Community Payouts .

Some suggestion so that you can organize your future proposals better:

  • Please make separated topic for each single project with details added
  • Always include a detailed cost breakdown as detailed as possible for each small proposal

Good luck on your first month with Creatives & looking forward for your report. Thank you!


thanks, @williamx and @Cryptonaut for your support! Much love from the entire free horses team :heartbeat:


All the best @Jloc looking forward!
Do reach out if you guys need any assistance!

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