[Approved] FEMINU Exhibition for women and trans artists

@Dazo gratitude for the words of recognition and encouragement to my work and to FEMINU. It is a baby who was born big and has many things to accomplish. We will be together on this path, making it possible to give more and more visibility to artists who find few opportunities to exhibit their work, as well as to reinforce the educational side that was very present in FEMINU, considering that the great majority knew nothing of the NFT universe, having to learn everything from scratch and reap the fruits of a work for the collectivity, because together we can always do more. Thank you very much! Let’s go to the International now!!!


Since the project, the reception, the arts, the inspiration… all very incredible. You certainly revived the desire to create in many artists. And what artists! Waiting for FEMINU International. Proud of you!


@cleusaraven Thank you so much for your kind words. It means a lot to me. :sunflower: