[Approved] FEMINU Exhibition for women and trans artists

Proponent: Ghini (Argenide Ghini)
NEAR account for payment: ghini.near

Designer: Natasha Cremonese
NEAR account for payment: natashacremoneseartista.near

Project Timeline: March 1 th – March 22 th 2022

Objective: The main objective of this project is to give visibility to women and trans Brazilian NFT artists, bringing them to the Gambiarra store in Mintbase (NEAR blockchain) so they will be able to participate in the FEMINU (Feminine NFTs Universe) Exhibition that will take place in the Museu.xyz in Cryptovoxels from March 8th – March 22th 2022. Each onboarded artist (proposal already approved by Mintbase - [APPROVED] Onboarding women and trans Brazilian artists - #7 by marianeu ) will mint at least 2 artworks with at least one at 1N price, and buy a 1N NFT from the Gambiarra store. Near artists will also participate of the exhibition.

Justification (benefits): This is the first time in the NFT world that will occur an exhibition exclusive for women and trans artists and this is important, first of all because in the art market as in every market, this gender is underpaid and don’t have the same opportunities as men. We need to pay attention and bring all the support we can to promote events that put women and trans artists in the spotlights, including anyone who identifies with the female gender.
FEMINU Exhibition intend to achieve this goal and for that to happen, we already have a perfect place, the Museu.xyz that will gently host the exhibition for free and we have a perfect date for the opening – March 8th – Women International Day.

A video will be done as part of the historical registration on the Exhibition. It will be recorded as a chat to be posted on YouTube and displayed in FEMINU Exhibition. Theme: women in the art market and NFTs, with the participation of:

  • a Gambiarra artist representing the store (to be defined),
  • Mia Siufi, the owner of Supernova Arts, first Latin American gallery to have only women’s art, and
  • Ghini, as the mastermind, organizer and curator of the exhibition.

This project intend to bring to Gambiarra the Near artists and the onboarded artists ( link of the approved proposal by Mintbase above) with all the artworks of the exhibition minted there, bringing visibility to everyone, artists, store and Mintbase.

Gambiarra will grow significantly in number of artists (almost 50% increase at least) and at least 50 sells in the store because of the onboarding project. Gambiarra will be mentioned in the curatorial text and will have their logo exposed in every disclosure, together with the exhibition logo to be made by the designer and artist of Gambiarra, Natasha Cremonese.

We will be making history and it would be great to have Gambiarra as partner in this endeavor.

Project and Timeline: In order to fulfill the objective, Ghini will be organizing and coordinating all the exhibition, including:

  • planning and general organization (already in progress)
  • opening a Discord Channel - FEMINU - in order to inform and help the artists during all the process – Last week of January
  • planning and coordinating the chat “Women in the art market and NFTs” to be recorded in February and ready for the exhibition mounting from March 1th
  • posting the chat on YouTube – March 1th
  • curatorial work (already in progress)
  • curatorial texts (February 20th)
  • Instagram and Twitter texts and hashtags (March 1th)
  • disclosure – March 1th -7th
  • FEMINU Exhibition mounting at the Museu.xyz – March 1th – 7th
  • Coordinate opening party (March 8th) and closure party (March 22th), searching for volunteers to help in this issue – February 20th

Observation: considering the grandeur of the event, many of the tasks will have (or had) to be started before the period that comprises this proposal in order to be able to finish everything in a timely manner.

Budget (March): 500 USD will be required to be paid as follows:

450 USD in near/dai to be paid to Ghini, for coordinating all the exhibition, as follows:

200 USD in near/dai. [milestone: at the opening in March 8th]
250 USD in near/dai [milestone: at the closure in March 22th]

50 USD in near/dai to be paid to Natasha Cremonese for the logo design [milestone: at the opening in March 8th]

TOTAL: 500 USD in near/dai to be paid: 250 in March 8th and 250 in March 22th

Artistic name: Ghini
Traditional, digital and NFT Artist, curator and poet
NFT’s exhibitions in New York (NFT.NYC 22), Art Basel Miami Week 22, Cryptovoxels Metaverse and physical artworks exhibited in Museums in Germany, Switzerland, Israel, Korea and Lithuania. Ghini was one of the curators of BrazucasNFT, a huge Brazilian NFT artists exhibition in Museu.xyz and this year will publish her first book of poems.

Links: @ghini_ar | Linktree

Artistic name: Natasha Cremonese
Brazilian Visionary Artist 2D and 3D, Art Educator, Professor of Visual Arts Licensed by (UNINTER).
Graduate Student in Afro-Brazilian and Indigenous History and Culture (UNINTER)
Links: @natashacremonese | Linktree


This action is too important! FEMINU (Female NFTs Universe) Exhibition you have my full support, congratulations Ghini, I’m always rooting for you!


Thank you so much @macieira that means a lot to me.


Project Report : FEMINU Exhibition

Project Status: Completed

Project Accounting: The main objective of this project is to give visibility to cis women, trans women, nonbinaries and transvestite Brazilian artists women and trans Brazilian NFT artists, through participation in the FEMINU (Feminine NFTs Universe) Exhibition that is taking place in the Museu.xyz in Cryptovoxels since March 8th, 2022.

Updated Project Timeline:

The first realization was the visual study and logo of FEMINU by the artist @Natashacremonese on January 30, 2022. Immediately we started publicizing the exhibition, spreading the word about submissions and onboarding the artists for the Gambiarra store.

The the assembly of the exhibition took a week, the opening on March 8 was accomplished and I am very happy to report that the success of FEMINU was such that the Museum decided to extend the closing date to March 27, 22.

Highlights and analytics:

FEMINU entered NFT’s history as being the first exhibition to give visibility to cis women, trans women, non-binary and transvestites, which never happened even only with cis women, because women in all their forms of accessing the feminine represent only 5% of NFT’s universe, This needs to be changed and an initiative like FEMINU, for its concept and repercussion, gave a kick-start to call attention to this need, as well as to give voice and visibility to many artists that for their gender choices receive a prejudiced treatment by society, which makes it difficult for them to give the publicity their work deserves.
The result of FEMINU went far beyond the goal initially set.
Without any exaggeration I can say that FEMINU is being a resounding success. On the opening day, the quarter hour of peak attendance had over 240 people at the event, which means we could easily have reached 300 visitors or more on the first day alone, one of the reasons why the museum decided to extend the closing date of the exhibition.

My meetings with the Museum xyz since last year and the vision of the importance of the FEMINU exhibition concept being undoubtedly the first of its kind in the universe of NFTs, made it possible to hold the exhibition in the huge and beautiful new space of the museum, without being charged any kind of counterpart except for the dissemination of the museum in publications on any social media related to FEMINU. This was a great achievement considering that the rent for a space like that would be extremely high.

On the opening day I participated as a curator of FEMINU, in a Space on Twitter to talk with some artists about the experience of making and participating in this historic exhibition, which was extremely important to give the social tone that FEMINU has reached since its conception.

I also contacted and did a ZOOM interview with Mia Siufi, international art dealer and owner of Supernova Arts, the first gallery in Latin America to work exclusively with works of art by women. This earned FEMINU a publicity support in the social networks of the gallery Supernova Arts.

Both the Museu xyz and the Supernova Arts Gallery have featured FEMINU on their respective websites:


The event brought to the Gambiarra store, through the onboarding process, approximately 50 artists (which can be proven by the onboarding report I made for Mintbase – [APPROVED] Onboarding women and trans Brazilian artists - #28 by Ghini). Due to the fact that most of the artists in the exhibition (48 out of 60) are entering the NFT universe, it took many hours of talking and even the help of other members of Gambiarra, such as @macieira , @iagods @Natashacremonese and Thais @filmesdeinfiltracao, for example, whom I thank on my behalf and on behalf of the artists that needed help with many questions and sometimes I couldn’t be there for them for some reason. These 48 artists minted their first NFT especially for the FEMINU exhibition and today most of them are very active in the store, minting and participating in Gambiarra’s exhibitions, social media and events.
All the social media was done voluntarily by the Octopode team, and also organically by the 60 artists in which I am included, in addition to disclosures from the Museu xyz and the Supernova Arts gallery. It is impossible to quantify the number of times the Gambiarra store was tagged in the countless stories and instagram posts, in addition to the huge number of Tweets and Retweets.
I would also like to highlight the quality of the entering artists and their intense participation in the Gambiarra community and Mintbase ecosystem. There have been artists who have minted as many as 20 works, others are already in Gambiarra DAO and planning to make proposals.


There were many achievements and learnings in this three-month period between organization and realization of FEMINU. I would highlight the dissemination of both the Gambiarra store and the Mintbase platform as well as the Near network, initially.

We also had the entrance of many artists to the NFT universe through the Near network. The whole ecosystem was very welcoming, encouraging and participatory

I would also like to highlight the quality of the entering artists and their intense participation in the Gambiarra community, Mintbase and Near ecosystem. There have been artists who have minted as many as 20 works, others are already in Gambiarra DAO and also planning to make proposals.

I consider to achieve the objective of giving visibility to these artists who do not easily find a space to exhibit, a great success from an artistic and social point of view as a large portion of the artists are trans and non-binary women who were finding few opportunities to showcase their artwork. They found hope here and it is visible in their attitude of gratitude for the opportunity offered.

I would like to end by thanking Mintbase for their encouragement, which made all the difference for most of the artists who would have no other way to have been able to mint their first NFT, as well as for the trust placed in me. I want to thank @marianeu for all the encouragement and for solving issues even during her vacation. I also want to thank the whole group of artists Gambiarra who welcomed the artists in a very special way, as well as @macieira and his significant project of exhibition Semana22 in commemoration of 100 years of the Week of Modern Art of 22 that also represented an incentive for several artists who entered and participated in an exhibition even before the FEMINU was opened.

Thank you all, enjoy FEMINU for more 5 days and let’s all meet at the International FEMINU :slight_smile:


FEMINU, an amazing project. :star_struck: Congratulations @Ghini for the immense commitment in doing something so important for the community, including so many sensitive questions that go beyond art. You can come FEMINU International! :heart: We are up for the challenge! You can count on me always! :facepunch:


Wake up with amazing news, like this one is a blessing! Congratulations @Ghini for one more important and challenging project giving hope and making difference in the community! You’re amazing. Good vibes! Always! :pray: :grinning: :sparkling_heart:


Im SO grateful for being part of this exposition :blue_heart:


wow!! I can’t wait to see FEMINU International! @Ghini , your inspiration on doing this first edition has created a real community, revealing the strength of this project. All the process before the exposition, and then the party, the way that the artworks were exposed, your curate view, everything made this magic to happen.
come, FEMINU international!!


@macieira my dear friend, immense gratitude for all the support and the words of consideration for the work that was done in this beautiful exhibition. We will be together at the INternational FEMINU for sure! I count on you! :slight_smile:


@Mayramendes,my sweet friend, thank you for the words of affection and support. It´s an honor to have you in this wonderful cast of artists that are in FEMINU. :heart: :pray: :heart_eyes:


@ritamaria I have no words to describe the emotion when I read your comment. FEMINU was being built as all of you arrived. You all made FEMINU this wonderful project with the union of the group and the strength of your arts. :gift_heart: :sunflower: :heart_eyes:


Fantastic, everything is beautiful and incredible. Congratulations to you @Ghini and to all involved in FEMINU.


Surely one of the most exciting exhibits in the world!



Hey @RETORMAR glad to see your comment here and really happy to have you in FEMINU exhibition :gift_heart: :pray: :heart_eyes:


@ViniciusGCP94 thank you very much my friend!! :pray: :heart_eyes:


@Natashacremonese I agree my dear friend :heart_eyes: :pray: Thank you for all the support.


Such an amazing project, exhibition, discussions and talk and invited artists together in FEMINU!
Thank you Ghini for your proposal and for your effort in making it real and metareal!!!

We really appreciate this kind of initiatives!
Wishing more FEMINUs around the world!



Ghini, you can ask in ASTRO for the amount of your proposal!



@filmesdeinfiltracao Thaís, It fills me with joy to have the recognition for this work that is simply a dream come true. The group of artists is incredible and it was they who made FEMINU such a force. Thank you for being with me and @natashacremonese in the creation of FEMINU DAO of which I am so proud. There is a lot to come. Thank you for all your support. :gift_heart:


Hi Ghini … we are all very happy with the way this project was presented and executed. The true significance of a successful project.
Congratulations for the effort and dedication, congratulations to all the team involved and congratulations for the very detailed report, all very well organized.
You can request your payment in our Astro

Success to Feminu … next step Feminu international