[APPROVED] Exhibition “POSTAL – Urban portraits of immigration”


I would like to present to you my proposal to create a virtual exhibition to be published by an international art magazine.

Project Member:


Project Summary:

FITA magazine is an international editorial project by Friends in the Arts, a platform that develops projects focused on the art world. This platform is aimed at artists, curators, cultural spaces, and people interested in art in general.

They make a biannual edition of this magazine and sell this content through different cultural spaces in several cities. In the open call for the next edition of the magazine, the proposed theme is “Portraits”, and it is around this subject that I built the project that I am presenting here.

The idea of ​​this proposal is to create a virtual exhibition with the portraits that appear in the POSTAL project developed by Cudo DAO, one of the Incubadora DAO’s partners. This virtual exhibition will then be made available to the magazine’s readers through a QR code, which will give access to the virtual gallery created in the 3RX space.

This proposal aims to present not only the POSTAL project developed by Cudo DAO, but also to explore new possibilities of curatorship and virtual exhibition. Thus, the choice of 3XR to create the gallery also arises from the desire to experiment with new formats and disseminate the potential that this platform can bring to the artistic community and to the development of exhibitions.

To do this, I am planning:

  • Create a virtual gallery and curate the works presented in the exhibition

  • Make the exhibition available to the magazine readers via a QR code link

  • Write a curatorial text that will present and detail the narrative aspects of the exhibition and the Postal project in the article

In order to achieve this, I ask from Incubadora DAO for:

  • 30 $ to cover the costs of the application fee

  • 50 $ to write the curatorial text

  • 20 $ to production

Total amount: 100 $

In addition to being available via a QR code in the magazine’s article, the exhibition created will also be available on the 3XR platform itself for anyone who wants to access and view the work.

The magazine edition for which I am applying this proposal is scheduled to be launched in April, for this reason, the development of this project will take place in March.

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super nice idea and I’m looking fwd to it!!! :star_struck: :star_struck: :star_struck: :star_struck:

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