$BLACKDRAGON REMIX Music Video x Save The Eggs Report

$BLACKDRAGON has had the highest appreciation in market cap of all previously established memecoins with an over 500% increase since ETH Denver. Comparatively for reference, LONK is only up 86%

By every metric, this activation was the most successful and organic grassroots operative on NEAR to date.

Original Goal: 1,000 QR Codes Collected at ETH Denver

Outcome: 20,000+ QR Codes Collected

QR Code #1 8850

QR Code #2 5913

QR Code #3 5537

Original Goal: 100K impressions from music video on Twitter

Outcome: Single Post w/ 70,000 impressions in less than a month. Countless other independently uploaded posts from other accounts including Black Dragon with 7,500+ impressions.

Personal Twitter with over 791,000 from February 11th- March 11th.

Original Goal: 50 Pieces of Original Visual Content Distributed Across Socials

Outcome: 100’s of pieces of content created and posted throughout our network. 100’s pieces of content yet to be released.

3 Podcast Appearances
NEKO Morning Show
Cade Bergmann
Multiple interviews on-site at ETH Denver

2 Twitter Spaces:
NEAR @Night

Coordinated production team for an interview with the SEC Commissioner

Masters for $BLACKDRAGON REMIX sold at auction on Mintbase for 500N–totaling almost $4,000 donated to projects on Potlock.


Great work Rhyme! It is clear by now that your guerrilla marketing method is benefiting our entire ecosystem. I hope you are able to continue and scale these efforts.

Thank you Atrox. That means a lot. I hope to be able to add more value to the community at scale. Hopefully others will feel the same :pray:

Awesome !
Thank you sir