[Approved] December 2022 Funding for Marketing to create content and introduce new users to the NEAR ecosystem

Hello, @AaronAbyss could you please split the total budget for each category?

For example

Content → Writing → guide > $400 / KPIs, goals, metrics
Social media → Twitter → $400 / KPIs, goals, metrics/

And exclude not supported categories.

Thank you!


Hey @Dacha Dacha I just updated my proposal, go take a look


hi! nice work you’re doing!
would like to ask - what are the topics for these short videos that you have in mind?



For most of the videos I would be covering current events in crypto, than have a portion of the video for NEAR news/education. This way the video will get maximum viewership and it will draw in people too NEAR who have never heard of NEAR before. I also plan on doing some in depth educational videos too about NEAR to further help the viewers understanding why NEAR is supreme

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hope, you’re aware that NEAR is supreme because of Aurora :blush:


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will be grateful for including Aurora as a part of Near ecosystem in your series.
feel free to reach us in Aurora Community core chat and our news on Aurora Community stream channel :pray:


Hey I joined the Aurora community core telegram. My telegram is @Aaronbremser If you could hit me up there I would love to talk


Hi @AaronAbyss thanks for your proposal and your understanding during the pause in funding.

The DAO is now actively working to clear the backlog of proposals.

I see that you have adjusted your proposal, but before i can support it would be useful if you could complete this form .

To assist you please take a look at the new Marketing DAO proposal funding guidelines .


hey @cryptocredit I just filled out the form! Thanks for reaching out!

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Hey @AaronAbyss . Thanks for your proposal. Could you please update it for December?

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Yup, I have just updated the proposal for December

Hi @AaronAbyss

Thanks for the proposal. I’ve checked out some of your content- great stuff and good energy.

Just so I understand it:
You’re planning on producing 10 short TikTok videos that will be republished on youtube, is that correct? Or is there a longer-detailed version behind each short that is uploaded to youtube?

Can you elaborate on the types of videos you want to create?

Can you please list the work deliverables associated with:
Social Media → Promotion → Tiktok → $2000 USD

  • What type of promotion?
  • What format?
  • How do you intend on promoting per video?
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Hey @Klint A Tiktok can go up to 3 minutes long - and Yes I would repost the Tiktoks on Youtube because Youtube Shorts is getting pushed much harder than regular Youtube Videos - The goal of this project is to maximize exposure so I feel that doing “short” form videos will get the most attention

Deliverables: The 10 tiktoks that would feature a segment about NEAR. The videos wont be purely about NEAR because to be quite frank, it would pull way less views and we are trying to get people who have never heard of NEAR to watch the video and to maximize NEAR’s exposure!

What type of promotion: Educational, News, Anything Relevant Happening in NEAR
What format: Video
Promotion: I would simply post the videos and the videos would get traction organically. I did over 2 Million views in the past 28 days so I think I’ve proven that I can get views organically


Thanks for your proposal and patience,

I am willing to support this proposal as;

  • You have an established, large audience and a track record of creating crypto content.
  • TikTok in particular is an area where we have been traditionally lacking. I am excited not only to increase the NEAR presence there but even ideally to have you collaborate w other content creators on NEAR to assist them expand there.

A few things to take into account:

  • I am trusting your judgment and ability to take general crypto knowledge news and insert material about NEAR. Aim for maximum impact (what makes NEAR truly unique, etc.)

Looking forward to seeing results. Remember to log in a Report here on forum when campaign is over

To be clear, total cost per video would be $400?


@satojandro Yes total cost per video would be $400

And I look forward to expanding the NEAR Ecosystem further through Content Creation

Hey @AaronAbyss – thanks for the proposal. I’ve read through and reviewed your submission, content and forum feedback.

I agree with you that incorporating a NEAR segment into your content is a good avenue for drawing in entirely new audiences to the ecosystem. I would encourage you to have a CTA built in that allows you to track engagement in some practical way so that we can review with the bigger pictures NEAR Foundation KPIs in mind after a month of funding. That’s going to be really important for us to be able to show in order to allocate ongoing funding.

That said, in its current format, I can support this.

You need one more council member’s support to have this approved.


Also happy to support. Moving to Approved


Yup will be looking very close at stats

and Thanks

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You can now

1)Proceed to Poll on AstroDAO.
2)Once the poll is approved, you need to submit THIS form Ironclad.

How to create a poll? Here is instruction.

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Hey @Dacha I proposed a poll here:


But I also accidently submitted two other polls that I had formatted incorrectly so ignore those other polls

Sorry if this causes any confusion

And thank you for taking the time to read this message

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congratulations!! wish you a nice trip here :green_heart: