[Approved] Datality.com Pre-Launch Marketing Budget - Q1

Happy New Year!

I’m requesting quarterly funding for marketing and communications efforts for Datality.com.


Datality is the first blockchain-based data marketplace directly connecting buyers and sellers to safely transact data for value in a free market. Existing one-sided marketplaces dominate supply and market share – they hold back private sellers of data, inflate the cost to data consumers, and restrict all the economic advantages of a free market. Datality solves the multilateral data marketplace challenges of trust, provenance, fraud risk, appropriability and market thickness by employing blockchain, escrow systems, covenants, reputation management and local network effects.

We’ve built an MVP on NEAR Protocol over the past twelve months. Use the following credentials for access, then your email address or Google account to sign up:
user: datality_user
pass: Pa5sw0rD@0


We are working directly with Cate Kelly and Flying Rhino to do full social media management. We have a full Tier 1 blueprint from Cate. Excerpts from the blueprint are below:


  • To clearly communicate the concept of Datality to both users in the NEAR ecosystem, research companies, data firms, and companies wishing to purchase data and participate
  • To attract users from the NEAR ecosystem and other blockchain/crypto communities as well as market research companies and corporations to the value of Datality
  • Teach and educate about the WHY of Datality, the need for it, the importance of the concept, and the impact it can have both on the NEAR ecosystem and the embedded data systems in general society

Weekly Twitter content schedule/ideas sent by every Sunday evening

  • 2 Tweets per day of the week including any and all graphics, content, visuals, etc
  • Daily engagement
  • End of month metrics and feedback
  • Active promotional strategy work
    • Engaging on community telegram
    • Medium blog cover photo graphics for any new blog about to be posted (sent as needed)
    • Launch: All accounts are formatted, content prepped to go live on launch day
    • Advise whenever needed or when more service is needed via Telegram chat


  • Feb 2022: Core Leadership attracted and retained
  • Apr 2022:
    • Initial Buyer end users engaged
    • Initial Seller end users engaged
    • 70+ Potential Market Research Industry Sellers Contacted & Onboarded
    • Initial product loaded onto Datality
    • Communicate Datality payments/payouts in NEAR or fiat to the world
  • Jun 2022:
    • Launch Datality v1.0
    • Evidence of Local [Buyer-Seller] Network Effects


  • Contracted Principal Marketing Leader for Q1 by working with OWS who will help me manage this effort
  • Finalizing terms of $40k NEAR Foundation grant to add cryptocurrency payments and payouts to Datality’s current fiat ecommerce system

I request funding on two separate tiers. I’d love to be able to really focus on this via Tier 2, but if we can only do Tier 1 then I can continue to bootstrap/moonlight the leadership.

  • Tier 1: $5700 in NEAR which will go directly to Flying Rhino for Q1 work
  • Tier 2: An additional $6500 in NEAR which will allow me (the founder) to spend my own time managing this part of Datality, as opposed to moonlighting it (which I’m currently doing and have personally invested nearly $250K in this effort so far)
  • Wallet: datality.near
    • Owner: Clint Taylor

Thank you so much for your consideration, and please let me know what else I can provide! I have tons and tons of structure and details about this. :slight_smile:


Good evening. Unfortunately, as well as you work with Flying Rhino, I can’t give my opinion about this proposal, because don’t have enough information about Flying. Unsuccessfully, trying to reach them and Ecosystem councils.

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But anyway thanks for information.
Tier 1 client pays $5700 per quarter/ $1900 a month for these media activities : 60 tweets a month, telegram management and some photos.

Hello Dacha,

Thanks for your response and for the link to Flying Rhino’s December summary!

Rhino Guild (now “Flying Rhino”?) was listed on the Ecosystem Service Catalog page, which is why I’ve pursued an engagement with them. If there is another suggested SMM provider more inline with NF goals and budgets, I’m happy to investigate. Also, I’m happy to adjust to a 1 or 2 month schedule to demonstrate Flying Rhino’s effectiveness - though I do believe 3 months is the proper amount of time to establish traction.

Also, Datality worked with OWS to onboard a seasoned marketing leader who will monitor KPIs that will accelerate awareness and engagement for both Datality and the Near Community based on Flying Rhino’s work.

Finally, if you’re fine with Flying Rhino, here is a more detailed breakdown of the full scope of work we expect from them, directly from their proposal to Datality (please forgive the formatting conversion below - bullet lists don’t play well with blockquotes):

Marketing Platforms to Utilize
-NEAR Forum
-Community Telegram or Discord channel

Target Audience:
*NEAR community- admin, developers, traders, etc (everyone)
*Blockchain + Crypto data experts/those interested
*Data companies, security companies, market research entities with a connection to

Engaging Online- Tier 1 Service:
-Retain an active presence on all platforms
*Liking and retweeting relevant tweets DAILY
*Tweeting 2x per DAY with original content, announcements, blogs, videos, etc
*Post to Medium bi-weekly at least
-Tagging other accounts in tweets, retweeting other relevant tweets, and liking tweets in general
-Responding to comments on Medium blogs
-Creating and exporting educational videos
-Responding to community inquiries promptly
-Posting progress updates on the forum
-Daily interaction in the Telegram community chat, including the sharing of social media posts, posing questions, beginning conversations, etc

Outreach Initiatives:
*Rise n Grind
*Open Web Sandbox AMA
-Guest Blog:
*NEAR Protocol Guest Blog
*Any and all other partner blogs
-Potential Collaborations:
*NEAR Protocol
*Astro DAO (once/if the DAO is launched)
*Legal Guild
-Channels to engage:
*NEAR community telegram
*Guild private group chat
*All partner community chats
*Open Web Sandbox
*Human Guild community chats
*4NTs Guild

Please let me know what else I can provide to help make this work for everyone!


I think you need contact directly with Ecosystem Dev DAO councils, as far as Flying Rhino is internal NF project and gets payments directly from NF. Probably, Flying need include your project in their budget for NF.

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Thanks, Dacha!

I am hoping that you’ll see that by aligning with a known SMM provider like Flying Rhino with a track record of results and tons of connections in NF, we are effectively reducing risk for everyone and maximizing benefit for NF. I see other marketing proposals and we’re doing the same thing - just using a provider known to the NEAR ecosystem.

I’ll reach out to Cate Kelly and see what can work best for everyone. If it’s reaching out to Ecosystem Dev DAO councils to help supplement, then we’ll pivot!

If it’s an official “no” here, just let me know and we’ll try to launch another way. Thanks.

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Good morning. @grace @David_NEAR @jlwaugh could you please help here? Thanks


Flying Rhino Guild already receive funding from the NF to ensure that projects don’t have to compensate them to this extent.

This makes sense, what’s the timeframe on it? The entire duration (until July?)?


Okay, thanks! There appears to be some miscommunication on the Datality-FRG end regarding the options for working with them. I’ll try to sort this out.

The ideal timeframe is until April. However, I can extend to July and still maintain an effective focus on outreach activities.

This here is one component of assembling several sources of funding to devote my full attention to the launch that will drive on-chain usage, enable transactions in $NEAR and boost NEAR awareness via a successful Q2 launch. (We’ve achieved funding to build crypto payments into Datality, achieved funding for principal marketing/revenue leadership, pending funding on building out our marketing website, pending funding for principal product leadership, and discussing collaboration with Legal Guild on Monday.)

Thanks a ton, all!

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Sounds great, do loop back!

I’m happy to support this 100%, but it might be more suitable for the Ecosystem DAO. LMK when FRG get back to you and we can sort this :ballot_box_with_check:


Hello @Clint-Datality , I found your Proposal amazing, we have a small team here in Venezuela ready to work, i would like to participate in this amazing proyect. If you feel it’s ok, we could schedule a call. We are part of near-venezuela guild, and we work with @FritzWorm.

Best regards


Hello, David and team!

FRG will include this Tier 1 work in their proposal so we can remove that from the scope here, leaving only the $6500 to include my time to best coordinate all pre-launch marketing, launch, and post-launch marketing activities.

Can pivot to whatever route or parameters work for everyone (or continue to hustle and bootstrap), if this is more suitable under a different path. Thanks!


Thanks, Clint!

I’m fully in support of this, happy to approve if there are no objections from @marketingdao-council :100:


Good morning. Sorry, I don’t understand why marketing DAO should approves grants for commercial projects? Who are beneficiaries?

Could find Community here. I see buyers and sellers. If it important for NEAR Inc., NEAR Foundation , please do it directly.

Secondly, the same question about Flying Rhino. Why NF pays $5700 to the project. $1900 a month for Twitter and TG channel a month, at the same time Marketing DAO approves $200-400 for other guilds.

OWS pays $100 for this work.Tweets, daily engagement, metrics and feedback, photos. Absolutely the same work.

Why x19 for Flying Rhino? Who is response for payments to Flying Rhino? Why NF councils advise to Guilds work with Flying and don’t want to find cheaper alternatives, or working with Marketing DAO?

Why NF councils didn’t compare prices with other companies on the market? It’s not about experience in Near Ecosystem. Everyone can do their job. I mentioned their Astro DAO account as an example of poor work.

I think NF needs to stop this kind of experience.

Really, weird, continue my investigation.

Dear @Clint-Datality thank you for your work. Probably, it’s wrong DAO for funding.

Ps: I’m only 1/6 council. May be other one has different opinion.


It’s not the same work, they’re of differing standards.

FRG are offering a full scale service, including the creation and management of all social media accounts for Datality.

Please understand that FRG are on track to becoming self sufficient, they’re forming an LLC and are setting an example for future Guilds.

@Clint-Datality if you don’t have a grant anymore and still need funding to complete this, and the MarketingDAO Council aren’t in alignment with funding it, we can still get this funded through an alternative like the EcosystemDAO.


The reason I’m supporting funding from the MarketingDAO is because of the utility this platform will provide for all marketers (and beyond) within the NEAR Ecosytem.


Ok, Could Flying Rhino show their standards?

What the difference?


And https://twitter.com/astrodao?s=21

The fist channel even better. Thanks for great job @Maiker

If you don’t have enough a time on these kind of questions in Ecosystem Development DAO, you can take me as a 5th council. Make sure, it will be perfect transparent dedicated work.

I see only two accounts in the report - Twitter and Telegram. Averagely Marketing DAO pays $400 for both for guilds with strategy, OWS ~ $200 for Twitter + infographics + detailed monthly report. Why $1900 for Flying Rhino?

Great point.

In my opinion, the project kind of Ebay platform with one beneficiary.
I want to see a community driven DAO, first-of-all.

Have a great day!


You can see their work in their reports.

I’ve explained to you countless times the trusted status of particular guilds, including FRG. Maintaining the same increasingly high level of accountability is admirable but it just hinders growth in this case.

You’re conflating OWS work with that of the FRG. It is not the same. It includes the creation of the accounts, the (higher quality) maintenance and management of them, too.

Let’s not fill this thread up with this discussion. Feel free to make another and we can chat there if you wish.

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Thanks so much, Dacha and David. Fireworks! :slight_smile: One more bit of feedback in the interest of making us all better… then I have to break for a few hours:

@Dacha 's assessment is spot on: Datality is similar to an Ebay|AirBnB|Uber for research data; and our surface-level tactic is solely engaging sellers and buyers. However, with every Datality user, we’re concurrently showing them NEAR Protocol on every signup, posting, purchase, and product review. We’re directly marketing NEAR (blockchain) as a critical economic facet of a trustworthy market and $NEAR (crypto) as a safe and efficient payment/payout medium. In fact, NEAR is showcased in their Datality user menu to see those immutable transactions:

Thus, I see this marketing effort being very mutually beneficial, hence the proposal - first for Datality, and then quickly thereafter for NEAR.

FRG Standards:
My 25 years (yikes!) of experience says the level of standards rise to how well participants make each other better. I believe my research, structure, strategy and high expectations for Datality, FRG and every Datality contributor will enable them to achieve great things in 3 months’ time, be an example in crafting a vendor-client fit, and long-term won’t be a waste of your time and funding.

There are other considerations, but it’s a lot. Enjoy the day/evening, and thanks again for your time and consideration! :muscle: :rocket:


Just a little part.

The same actually :joy:, asked you multiple times, when Near Community granted them “trusted” level? Do you have a link on voting? How so not transparent guild got this status?

It doesn’t cost x19 . OWS and their contributors after last improvements do great transparent work, definitely better than Flying R.

Why NF discriminates OWS Community members who make the same work for $200 against Rhino $1900?

Again, I’m asking Ecosystem DAO councils put attention on this question, don’t create monopoly here.