[APPROVED] Dapp development, Mintbase grant proposal creation

Hello team,

for the month of June, and while we wait on NF response to our grant request, I think we should push forward on our dapps.

I propose that we work on a model that would run on top of Mintbase and prepare a document to present to their team.

We have a working document but it needs to be improved in order to adapt it to the Mintbase goals and platform.
dapps_inc.pdf (48.3 KB)

Dapp 1: Open Call manager
Dapp 2: Incubadora Vertical

Roadmap: June 2022, development of the model, that must include NFTs as checkpoints to manage the progress of our Artist Stipends program (dapp1) and the use of NFTs for widespread vote on projects (dapp2); at the end of the month the conceptual model must be done and a document must be presented to Mintbase.

  • Budget: 350$

Thank you!