[APPROVED] DAOrecords Marketing Campaign | July-22



  • daorecords.near
  • sleezymoss.near
  • crans.near
  • vandal.near
  • daocubator.near

Key Links

DAOrecords Audio NFT Launchpad

DAOrecords Website

2DVerse Venue

Cryptovoxels Venue


DAOrecords on Linkedln

DAOrecords Project Overview

DAOrecords' Community Partners

Blog publications

DAOrecords' Achievements

Marketing Plan & Budget Overview

Team: @_Tech1 & @Sleezy_Moss

Paid advertising by DAOrecords:

  • Twitter and Instagram: weekly posts/ paid promo from Sunday till Wednesday - $400


  • 5x per week themed posts - $500 USD


  • 5x per week posts about SoundSplash, featured artists, and featured community partners, according to our Campaign Calendar - $500 USD
  • Weekly Twitter Spaces with Natalie Crue as a host, varying themes & guests - $500


  • SoundSplash highlights and press releases on Medium - $600

Adam4Artists (adam4artists.near)

  • Twitter Ad Campaign 4 Twitter Posts ($125/Post) - $500
  • Instagram Ad Service Fee - $400
  • Twitter Ad Service Fee - $500
  • Instagram Ad Campaign 4 Instagram Posts ($125/Post) - $500

Prices based on the DAORecords July Ad Campaign.pdf (165.2 KB)

Total Request Amount: $4,400
Target: daorecords.near

Current numbers:

  • Instagram: 1287 | (1261)
  • Twitter: 8251 | (8020)
  • Telegram: 78 | (60)
  • Discord: 629 | (610)
  • Twitch: 87 | (84)
  • Medium: 53 | (46)


  • Instagram: 2500
  • Twitter: 10,000
  • Telegram: 100
  • Discord: 1000
  • Twitch: 100
  • Medium: 100

We continue to move forward with the SoundSplash and the FonoRoot, spreading the gospel of the new way of music releases. In July we will close our first edition of SoundSplash, and the recap party will be done in August. Adam4Artists will help us to accelerate SoundSplash through their social media services for DAOrecords. The social media team keeps working on the SoundSplash and continues to realize our main mission - reinvent the record label by decentralizing the music industry. In order to do so, we seek support from the Marketing DAO.

In August we’d like to focus on FonoRoot promotion before we’ll enter the public beta phase, using recorded and collected footage during the events and testimonials made by artists that have taken part in the SoundSplash series.

Appreciate your time during this review process!



Hello, just fyi, internal recap, with June metrics/traffic in the Metaverse, gathered AMAs, June’s releases, along with the internal conclusion are up now in a form of a press release. :slight_smile:

Good evening, looks like the Near community already supported your project (raised over 10k Near). I believe you can use the money for any marketing campaign. Thanks


Hey @Dacha
Please note that raised funds are not meant for the marketing but for the LP of the $SPLASH token, which means that they are not going to our DAO address, also, funds are locked for the 6 months period, and the team or Meta Yield can’t withdraw them (no one can :slight_smile: )

If you wish to know more about the fundraiser, please check the site below or feel free to connect with @claudioac, as he is one of the founder of the Metapoll and Meta Yield.

With that being said, we’d really appreciate Marketing DAO support! Thanks.


Good morning,
Ok, thank you!

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Thanks for your proposal.

Isupport this proposal as I note that the team is gearing up towards big releases later this year.

My only question is - are there any signs or indicators that may suggest for how much longer is DAOrecords going to be requesting funds from Marketing DAO? The NEAR ecosystem has been proudly and generously supporting this project for over a year, interested to see what the expectations are for the future (either sustainability, private investment or otherwise).


Given that the funds are locked, what is the plan for allocation once they’re “unlocked?”


Hey, @satojandro thanks for your questions!

Can’t agree here, as DAOrecords started the official journey on NEAR in April 2022, as in that month the first funding request came in, mainly focused on DAOrecords.

Also, the DAO has started to experiment with the NEAR in the middle of 2021, using Mintbase mainly, but no funding requests were made to support this project!

Regarding the second part of your question… during our journey, we have noticed that web3 can be quite complicated for most musicians, therefore we go out to meet the needs, and DAOrecords started to build an additional tool called DAOrecords Console (FonoRoot will be integrated into that) which will allow artists to manage the release based on their needs, implement new changes in the next generation of minted NFTs, plan in advance their releases, and… much more!

We’d like to see DAOrecords technology used by the musicians daily, where most of our processes are automated, and available on multiple chains (long-term goal), but before we go there, we need to finish our tool, go through the audit and do the public beta (Q4 of 2022), however, we also need to establish ourselves within the musicians’ ecosystem way more (both web2 and web3), and show what services we’re offering (Metaverse event, music NFT release, artist interview, and artist promotion).
We believe that before we’ll reach the point where most of our services will be automated, we need to create stronger fundaments in the musicians’ ecosystem (others would call that “hype”), that’s why we are constantly doing what we have proposed above, but we have our challenges like current market conditions, low liquidity in NEAR NFTs (especially when it comes to music) or even people’s prejudice against new technology (which we can’t and won’t do anything with it).

As SoundSplash is going to finish in July, we’re coming up with new event series in collaboration with the BeatDAO (and DJ DAO as usual), where we’d like to present our technology to music producers/beatmakers.

Nice question @Klint thank you!

$SPLASH Token Distribution Chart

Source - Making a $SPLASH. A SoundSplash Mirco-Economy by… | by DAOrecords | Medium

Hope that my reply is sufficient for you guys and I’ve cleared your doubts!
With regards!


Thanks for creating a clear, thorough proposal backed by supporting information, links and metrics.

I’m happy to support this proposal and look forward to seeing how the project continues to grow with the upcoming releases you have planned for the rest of the year.

I’m moving this to approved – you can submit to Astro.

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Thanks, @marketingdao-council!
Poll submitted:


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