[Approved] Cosmo Zeta <> Gaming DAO

Main information

Project Name: Cosmo Zeta

Project URL (Demo): cosmozeta .com

Game information

About The Game:

Core gameplay loop involves managing fleets, collecting resources, and expanding to other planets and participating in the marketplace

Briefly Describe your project:

Players explore a galaxy divided into sectors containing planets. New players receive a main planet equipped with a research factory, unique buildings. The game focuses on resource management across three categories. Key gameplay elements include building structures to enhance resource collection or reduce ship construction times, developing a shipyard for spacecraft production, conducting research to boost ship capabilities, managing fleets for planetary attacks, constructing defenses, maintaining an overview of assets and incoming threats, navigating a simple galaxy map, and forming alliances similar to guilds.

What is the USP ( unique selling point) of your game?:

  • Unique asset ownership on the NEAR blockchain
  • Alliance system for collaborative gameplay

How does your game align with the NDC and Gaming WG KPIs?:

The game will focus on getting new users on NEAR . Every action in the game will run onchain.

What is your Tech Stack?

  • React/Next.js, frontend
  • Rust, smart contract
  • Wallet Connector

Status of the Project

What is status of you project?
In development - Pre-MVP

In case your game is not launched yet, what is the current state and when is the launch planned?
Our estimated development time from funding to release is about 10-12 weeks.

What is financial status of you project? (Bootstrapped (Team is covering expenses), Previous Grant/s,Pre-Seed,1 Seed Round,2+ Seed Rounds,Live Token)

Monthly Burn Rate In USD:


How many Team Members are working on the project:

Please Tell Us About Your Development Team:
Software engineer with a gamedev background and 5 years of experience, built multiple NEAR projects in the recent years


What Kind Of Support Is Needed?

Please select the areas you request support on

Please provide more information about the selected areas
Art, assets, animations, and mainly the smart contract development.


Grant Amount Requested:

Roadmap & Milestones:

  • Start of development: $2000

  • Frontend + Backend: NEAR login, building management, research and shipyard: $6000

  • Remaining Tasks: Galaxy Map, Fleet Management, Battle Simulation, Overview: $6500

Have you applied for any other funding programs so far?

NEAR integration

Initial launch will be NEAR exclusive, later we will evaluate whether to implement other chains to acquire more users


Congratulations! Gaming DAO is pleased to support you by allocating $14500 divided into 3 milestones:

1 Milestone (upfront) - Start of development: $2000

2 Milestone (retro) - Frontend + Backend: NEAR login, building management, research and shipyard: $6000

3 Milestone (retro) - Remaining Tasks: Galaxy Map, Fleet Management, Battle Simulation, Overview: $6500