(APPROVED) C1 Discord events & workshops

Hey fam, I want to start some events like audio production workshop, paintings workshop ect in our C1Tv server in the C1 guild Discord which will hold twice ( Tuesdays & Fridays) of each week.This event will be streamed live and recorded to be minted as behind the scene alongside every content we achieve during this events.The goal of this event is to educate members on Art making and keeping the C1 guild Discord channel busy with contents from across the globe,I have features like @sterryo and 2 other painters within my reach here in Nigeria and to accomplish this we request the total of 300 N for the month of August.
Payout : 300 NEAR
Wallet : dedeukwu.near


Yes i’m freaking down for this… lets grow the community with the energy over here!
Africa is great, we are ready now!