[Approved by HoM] Service DAO - Budget March 2024

We appreciate HoM’s approval of our proposal ([Approved] Service DAO Updated). We announced our hiring for the Service DAO (Service DAO is Hiring!), and since the process commenced, we have received approximately 76 valid applications submitted before the deadline. Following a thorough shortlisting process, we conducted interviews with several applicants and ultimately selected four candidates.

About Mods:

Dav(Lead): Started in OpenShard Alliance three years ago. Dav got involved in the NEAR Ecosystem as Validator (PandaTeam). Then he worked as Moderator for Pagoda on NEAR Discord and Telegram. He took part in many early stages of projects like MetaPool.He is now a Member of House Of Merit.

Rahul(Co-Lead): With over three years of experience in NEAR and its ecosystem, and six years in the crypto space, Rahul currently serves as a NEAR Moderator alongside NF Mods, managing community engagement across NEAR Telegram, Discord, and Reddit. He also holds the position of SMM for NDC and has previously contributed to various projects on NEAR and Solana.

Isaac Essuman: Isaac entered the web3 sphere in 2016, undertaking roles such as community manager and social media manager at Gate.io, AmaZix, Tendermint (Cosmos-Atom), ConsenSys (MetaMask), DappRadar, and most recently, Near Foundation.

Vikash Kumar: With extensive experience in NEAR, Vikash has worked as a Community Moderator in NEAR Protocol, NDC GWG, Seda Protocol, and NEAR NFT CLUB. He currently serves as a Content Creator in NDC SMM and a NEARWEEK Agent in NEARWEEK.

Tyrion Tales: Possessing a Bachelor’s in Technology, Tyrion has been involved in the crypto space since 2017, spending 2-3 years within the NEAR ecosystem. He has contributed to projects such as OFP and Desmos and remains active in other ecosystems including Cosmos, Ethereum, and Solana. Tyrion has also developed several basic tools in web3.

Michael Yavorskyi: With three years of web3 experience, Michael showcased his project as one of the top 10 at NEARCON 2023. He has led over 20 telegram channels and Discord communities with a combined audience exceeding 100K participants.


  • Lead Remuneration (@DDeAlmeida ): $4000 x 1 = $4,000/month

  • Co-Lead Remuneration (@rahulgoel007): $4000 x 1 = $4,000/month

  • Advisors (@fiatisabubble & @zubairansari07): $800 x 2 = $1,600/month

  • Mods: $2000 (+500 performance review) x 4 = $10,000/month

  • Tools:

    • Telegram premium - $5 x 6 mods = $30/month
    • Discord Nitro - $10 x 6 account = $60/month
    • Helpscout - $50 x 6 mods +1 HoM Members (Point of Contact (El)) + 1 Advisor = $400/month

Engagement Budget(Campaigns/Events): $2000/month

Total Budget: $22,090/month


Adding link to Poll on HoM DAO: https://near.org/astraplusplus.ndctools.near/widget/home?page=dao&tab=proposals&daoId=congress-hom-v1.ndc-gwg.near&proposalId=126


I would like to support to give the team the opportunity to demonstrate it’s capability to have a positive impact. However, the starting salaries are high, given that there is no history of this group being able to perform as a cohesive unit. I suggest a 25% reduction to all salaries for the first month, with reevaluation and the potential for gradual increase over the following months.

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Thank you Odin,
Remuneration rate was based on current NF rate.
We will take in account your feedback and we really appreciate it

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