[ Approved ] budget Requested March of Persian

Hello everyone

Funding scheme: Monthly

In this post we will list the requested budget. We preferred to send the reports and requests separately.
Here you can check out l month’s report.

can check our report here. We tried to explain everything in a very clear way



Requested budget

Five Moderator telegram /Discord /twitter /Redidt +[ Voice calls]:{$200 per person}= $1000
Holding competitions and to make wallets: $400
Articles Medium: $1800
Instagram content(2 Post): $250
Lives Instagram(3 Live per month): $200
twitter: $150
Redidt: $150

Total:$3950 ÷ 15.7= 251 N


Great job. Fully support you


Thanks @Dacha :pray: :clap:.

@marketingdao-council I am waiting for your comments
@so608 @Klint


Hi @Saeed01 thanks for your report. Happy to support your budget requested for this month


Hello, @cryptocredit thank you for your support :clap: :pray:

@marketingdao-council @so608 @Klint
Tell me if there are any other comments or criticisms, Thanks :clap:

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Thanks for your detailed proposal and providing report.

I would also support this proposal with ONE tiny ask: would you please consider posting your content on Medium AND Blogchain.app? Blogchain is a NEAR Native project providing censorship resistant blogging. At the Marketing DAO, we are always looking for way to cross-pollinate initiatives, we believe that driving Persian Guild members to Blogchain (for the content we are paying for) would be a great introduction.

Moving this to approved. You can proceed to post poll on Astrodao

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Thanks you for your approval

please check it, Thankful :clap: :pray: