[Approved] August 2023 - Promoting Social media, AMAs, Graphics Design for NDC elections - Nearity

For the issue that @jarednotjerry comment on our giveaway with Rogues project.

those winners is from Taskon. the Taskon, Zealy, Link3 or some platforms like that(tier2 marketing for social activities) have critical and task for user join, we just choose the best performance by the task, time to listen the AMA… To find out the winners. At the moment that we choose winners, those winners is have active profile twitter.

Those activities are agreed by Rougus team.

We will remind Rogues team and recheck the way to choose right entity winners together.

About giveaway activities in crypto marketing,

I’m not going to argue about giveaways in crypto industry marketing, but given the current situation of onchain transactions 1 month our budget is 2 to 5$ per winner, total number of wallets receiving the giveaway each every month is 20 -30 wallets, which means that the total cost for this activity to stimulate onchain relevance to users listening to ama or learning about the giveaway is 150$, 150$ for a user’s micro-activity stimulus on near for 2 - 30 people I think from a personal perspective,(not to mention the fact that having appeared and listed on this platform sometimes brings the market to projects, with very good organic users) the giveaway is still a good part for NEAR communitis and Project right now in the current context, if it’s an issue because of cost or lack of giveaway administration, we can discuss.

Over the past few months, the activities on Cyberconnect’s platforms and any similar social networking platforms has been a trend, Nearity has been present in time and created significant recognition on those platforms, almost A large number of users are also active on platforms such as, link3, zealy, taskon…, the early presence and identification of projects on NEAR on these platforms is what not many media creators on NEAR kept an eye on.

Nearity team always work closely with Taskon team

Taskon and Link3 Traffic by Similar web

As an advisor, I would love to hear your advicing on how to make things better, contributing more to the development challenges of production media work on NEAR.

I’d be happy to open a chat group where we can share our work timely, so you get more informations, before making any public comments on forums or social media do like below?


CC to @Dacha @so608 @cryptocredit @Klint, @Bakaka to follow the issue when manage third-part social connecting and giveaway marketing activities


Thanks for your reply. Having an open discussion about marketing practices is important.

I am not opposed to people doing giveaways. I think

  1. They should NOT be funded by MDAO.
  2. If a project uses giveaways anyway (and leaves it out of the grant) the metrics are cut 95%.

As a content platform and media site with extensive experience and have been making mostly good content for NEAR, you make the decision of how to roll out your content.

Your account has done some growth hack stuff and i totally get that too.

What are some options​:thinking:

Instead of giveaways do​:point_down:

  1. targeted ads to other blockchains
  2. prompt your content
  3. make multiple cuts of spaces that highlight key point
  4. hire a BOS dev to make a cool component to start solving your problem.
  5. do a small hack-a-thon with the funds

I think using growth hacking sites is fine and good to see you are exploring them. But there’s a line of gaming numbers and true engagement.

If you believe giveaways are valuable you should still do them. But not funded by MDAO. I believe grants should be partial support of why you create content and not the ONLY reason you create content.

Also, the MDAO is working on some ideas to help the community with Marketing​:saluting_face:

we dont use fund from grant, it did by project.

you call we hacking growth, it’s not, many professional media channels in another ecosystem, communities, they use it such as a tier 2 marketing, even tier 1 marketing, it’s popular.

and this is just you thought, how you could have this concluding?

this is extreme, and you’re most likely missing out on some marketing perspective, again, giveaways are just one of the fronts of the work we do, it doesn’t determine the remaining 95% of the work ours

A month we do 3 - 4 giveaway(the demand from projects, and they do by thier fund)
each giveaway campaign just appear 24 - 48h(10 tweets), then we have another idea that we do AMA, inforgraphics, shilling thread, educating graphics for project. Impression ratio of giveaway just have 4*48h = 192h(in 720h - in tottal of ~ 200 tweets a month), it just arround 1/5 - 1/10 Impression ratio on my channel.

we could stop giveaway to have suitable view in your eyes, but we have to do it, if project need it like a campaign that serve their plan to approach users. And this not mean our metrics is cut 95% the truth.

in past time, we have some viral content, and project campaign and get satisfaction from many projects








we are quite disappointed, because you openly claim that we organized a meaningless giveaway, the giveaway result is “not true”, the result engegament not true, the result winners is not real and this activity does overshadows all that we contribute.

Btw, i again require you dont declare anything by your scope of viewpoint without any discussion, dont make a conclusion by in a subjective, over-quantitative irrationally way like this

“our experience shape how we treat, but it not is all, not meaning the rest of world that we dont know, are not good”

I also want to you suggest you consider open with some kind of marketing way, that have various engegaments, there are things you’ve never done, doesn’t mean it doesn’t work.

Thank your recommend those ideas, i will keep it in mind


I’m disappointed that there was only a couple accounts that won the giveaway that weren’t “suspended” or a giveaway goblin (a person who doesn’t add real engagement but just enters giveaways)

I think you do some good work (which i mentioned) Also why i still support your grants. (but as an advisor i don’t make decisions)

My main issue is with Giveaways.

I’ve been looking at a lot of the AMAs in the NEAR ecosystem and actual engagement. You’re not the only one.

It’s a systemic problem.

People are going to be upset and disappointed when light is shown on bad practices or just ineffective ones.

It’s about how to distribute funds in the most effective way.

And i don’t believe an AMA with a giveaway is a good use of funds.

But this infographics are​:saluting_face:

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Hi there, my name is Ivan and I`m a part of the core team of Black Snow and we are building free-to-play-earn AR mobile game.

Starting from 07 July we have launched our first community play test demo and we were looking how to increase our marketing effort.

From the end of July we were connected with Nearity and started our collaboration. From that days guys have made pretty good impact on our social media metrics and promotion of our event.

It was really good to have AMA session with guys and their community. Love being in such kind of event, especially with experienced hosts. I really liked the communication and the questions. The audience and questions from them were really wonderful too. The participants were truly engaged into our game.

From the cooperation perspective its important to notice how it was organized. From the beginning of our conversation Justin have prepared plan of collaboration, so it was easy to understand what kind of activity we were planning to do and when.

One of the interesting things is information campaign focused on our project, where Nearity highlight our features and benefits.

Until now guys are helping to highlight important posts and updates of our projects.


I agree, i listened to it. The host had a great voice and the AMA was good​:raised_hands:

It would be awesome to see some of the highlights broken out into short pieces of content!:saluting_face:

We at Rogues did a campaign with Nearity ending a couple of weeks ago.

What I really loved is how professional and organised the team was:
• From the start, there was a clear plan of action and a schedule
• Their team executed without any prompting or hand-holding on our side
• Their team researched our project in significant detail
• The team then prepared post graphics, infographics, and further materials.
• The AMA we had was done very professionally, with a great voice and engaging appearance of the host.

As a result, we grew our Twitter account by approximately 700 followers, and our Discord also grew in size. While I cannot attest to how many engaged community members we got at the end, I think Nearity are working hard to market NEAR projects at no cost to the end project.

I will leave the marketing DAO team to make the final call about the giveways aspect, but as a project it was helpful to have such a hands-off, organised marketing partner that can extend our reach.

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Hello, @nearity . Thanks for an outstanding work! Due a specific KPIs for August and September, MDAO can allow only proposals focused on the following:

  • NDC elections (please make sure you don’t get any bounties from GWG for the same work)
  • Increasing numbers of active Developers
  • Increasing numbers of active Users and Transactions
  • Increasing numbers of Tools on BOS

Could you please update your proposal, and I will be happy to support it.

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Thank you for your patience while reviewing your proposal.

As Dacha mentioned, our core KPIs for August-September are focused on the NDC election and voter education for proposals like yours that rely primarily on social media, e.g., Twitter threads, spaces, infographics, and graphic designs

I really like your professionalism in your design approach and infographics related to ecosystems.

i will suggest you focus on providing mind blowing infographics with some threads and designs for the NDC elections without doing spaces and AMAs for the months of August, Focusing on campaigning and voter education for the upcoming election will be fantastic.

You can do it on your own, outside of the MDAO budget.

Happy to support $2500 after editing the above suggestions.

@Dacha @jarednotjerry @so608

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thank your support dacha, i also update our proposal with new targeting milestones that NDC and NF optimize general community workflow in August

This is what’s needed right now. And giving the new KPIs i feel like you are spot on.

I do not think the AMAs should be funded for the next 2 months due to updated KPIs.

helllo Bakaka, thank your suggestion, i understand that we need focus the kpi and our milestone.

You could see we are completed the promoting two project are: Rogues and Black Snow in August. Then Nearity recieve the right way KPI with Increasing numbers of active Users and Transactions

so i still suggest back with the real KPi archived through those completed in-August activities(inforgraphics, highlight update, news…) with additional 2 project x 250$ = 500$

Total suggestion for August is $3001$

Please consideration our case, it still adapt new forming KPI that you mentioned.

@Dacha @So608 @cryptocredit @klint @Bakaka @jarednotjerry

Thank you have a good đay.

Hi @nearity – Thanks for answering my questions and those of others commenting on the forum. I’ll say something here similar to my reply to Trove Labs and Near at Night. I want to note that you have been very open to feedback and also willing to update focus to meet current focus for August, which is NDC election and BOS.

Here’s the reality as I see it:

  • We have $203K+ in funding requests coming from the community for August
  • We have ~$46K to deploy
  • We cannot fund everyone
  • The funding we can allocate is limited and needs to go to the ecosystem KPIs – which are NDC election and BOS content

I also agree with @jarednotjerry that MDAO should not fund giveaways. I see that you are not using MDAO funds for that, but wanted to note my agreement there for transparency.

I think we may need to reduce funding to a flat rate for this month (I’m thinking $2-2.5K based on the proposals we are reviewing for August) across a number of projects in order to get funding to multiple projects and work together to amplify the ecosystem.

Given the current situation, I think it is likely MDAO will have to limit funding to a grant in a specified amount to produce content supporting NDC election and BOS. And then we can reevaluate in the future after the election.


Thank you so much, for clarifying.

I also update this proposal to 2500$


Hi guys, i also update our in suitable reviewing by council and advisor.

I still need your support and revision, @jarednotjerry @Klint @so608 @cryptocredit (cc to anyguy that i missed…)

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Happy to support your proposal!

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@nearity happy to support revised amount. Moved to Approved

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thank council and advisor for high discussion and revision my proposal.

This is my poll in astrodao, please help me do the voting


@Dacha @so608 @cryptocredit @Klint @jarednotjerry @Bakaka


Your application was approved by Marketing (Ecosystem) DAO at NDC. The approved proposal will be included in the following request to NDC Trust, and the trust should authorize it first and then transfer it to Marketing DAO treasure: the expected payment date is the last week of August.

So, during this time, please

  1. Fill out the form to pass KYC https://airtable.com/shrAnyWQYcy6zZwa6
  2. Wait for future instruction from Marketing (Ecosystem) DAO and an invitation to create a transfer on Astro DAO.
  3. Please join NDC Marketing HUB Telegram: Contact @ndc_marketing
  4. Please feel free to contact me on telegram @kmotiv 24/7 if you have any questions.
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hello @Dacha @cryptocredit @Klint @so608

this is the astro proposal link, please help me to do vote


Thank you so much

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