[Approved] APRIL 2022 Social Media + Marketing + Branding

Great job. Happy to approve your proposal :muscle:


Thanks for supporting @Dacha !!!

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  • Can you provide more information (with links) of the Workshops that you have held in the past and that you have coming up?
  • Do you charge for these workshops and for the Art Assistance on Photoshop/Discord?

I believe this are the things that a small DAO run by passionate people should be able to work out by themselves. I do no think it is appropriate to ask for funding to ask these utmost basic questions.

  • Are you currently receiving funding from Creatives DAO or any other source affiliated to NEAR?

There seems to be a strong conflict of interest here between purchasing NFTs within insider communities and putting it under the category of Marketing - how is this reaching the wider community and adding value to the NEAR ecosystem?

Please include links to all the social media channels. From your previous month’s report I can see that these channels have approx. 30 people following. It seems premature to have ‘account managers’ dedicated to this. As a passion project, I’d like to see more commitment from team and organic growth.


Can you explain why the office supplies are necessary for the Marketing DAO to cover as part of your project? For example:

“various stationery materials for the dynamics of the whole team meeting (I cannot exactly quantify the cost of stationery materials such as Papers A1 blocks, block support, dozens of post it, prints, several pens, sketch books, projector rental, 01 technician to provide support”

I generally feel that operational supplies and expenses are not a great fit for the Marketing DAO. The vast majority of our projects help support marketing activities, funds to support service providers and their activities, but not operational costs.

I also would like to see your responses to @satojandro questions above as well. Thanks!

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Good morning @so608 and @cryptocredit .
Thanks for supporting us.

this week we are very busy with the completion of the free workshops and starting the new workshops and onboarding process of new wallets, we have a week with holidays here in my country. as soon as possible we will work on all questions clarifying everything asked. We follow near’s branding proposal by reimagining the world and we are doing it in the best possible way.
We will share the answers one by one to better serve you.


Good Morning @so608 @cryptocredit @satojandro ! Thanks for you attention.
first, sorry for the delay, but we were working hard on resolutions for workshops, artistic assistances, marketing, onboarding, and coupled with my personal commitment to be best man at two friends’ weddings before the our national holiday here in brazil. Your questions are great and should be given special attention in the answers. We will answer all your questions and if there are as many questions as necessary to clarify.

February: [PROPOSAL] Experience Design for NFT - February - 2022 - #8 by frado

March: [APPROVED] fra-DAO - overview- March 2022 budget

April: [APPROVED] fra-DAO - overview- April 2022 budget

roadmap: https://gov.near.org/uploads/default/original/3X/3/0/30bdbbaf5f5bb19f5d8d8e77e1fddd4925e81000.jpeg

keeping to our ethical values, we do not charge for the workshop, assistance and it would be absurd to charge any amount of value to the participating artists, this totally violates our principles. All artists participating in the fraDAO community have never paid or will pay any fraction of a cent to us. We are very ethical and have never participated in any financial pyramid scheme, nor have any fees been charged and never will be! that’s our promise, only near can earn from financial transactions. we would like to make this very clear.

I totally understand your position, and you have every reason to disagree. I personally have already experienced a lot in my professional career the abstraction of Branding and the supremacy of marketing, which most of the time only when things go wrong and there is a need to enter a process of rebranding is that marketing is placed as secondary on the communication priority path. I’m going to create an analogy now to try to synthesize what I’d like to express.
I develop electronic circuits and I can create a technology analogy between branding and marketing.
lets go:
Inside any digital circuit, we must have a wave generator or a master clock, to govern all the synchronicity of the algorithms of our main chip. Branding is the master clock of any Digital circuit pulsing non-stop to keep everything orchestrated without bugs. Marketing is just a led that flashes or writes messages, but who is the main agent in this MASTER/SLAVE communication protocol?

Branding is the Master of communication, without it the led flashes randomly and everything becomes a mess full of bugs, sensors don’t work correctly and there is no possibility of getting into safe mode.

Sorry for the words master/slave, but that’s exactly how the communication protocol is referred to technologically.

I’ve seen many companies fail because of marketing negligence without branding supervision, I would love for our ecosystem to focus more on reading the posts related to NEAR’s internal branding, which by the way is excellent and the team is to be congratulated, but no more than 10 likes.

In short: To answer these 7 questions you need dedication, organization, immersion, method and commitment, this is hard work and not a simple questionnaire. Who will create the guideline? how will the entire fraDAO team arrive at these answers without much effort and work? Why are we going to take the near financing fund and do anything? I’m not here to deceive anyone. If I want to appreciate FraDAO I have to start by appreciating the NEAR brand and its guideline. We have to do the best and deliver the best result with the right professionals and not enthusiasts. I apologize for my sincerity.
And I am very happy to see the work of the Marketing Council having seriousness and depth in the opinions, filtering any kind of bad intention.

Yes we receiving funds from Creative DAO since February and Marketing DAO in March. Only

I think this comment is of profound importance and we must come to a resolution. I think all NFTs purchased should be transferred to Marketing DAO and be able to be used in marketing campaigns by NEAR. I don’t see any reason to keep these tokens in our portfolios, but everything should be transferred to DAO marketing or the NEAR protocol. So far no NFT has been purchased, this would be the week for these resolutions. I will wait for your resolution and accept the order from you. It is very important that NFTs have buyers, keeping artists within a protocol is simple! A basic question that happens about NFT is:
Inside the NEAR protocol sells or doesn’t sell art NFT, such as Ethereum, Solano and Tezos protocol?
This question, about the sales statistics of art NFT, I cannot answer with excellence, because it is a variable.

If the artists don’t sell, they go to another protocol. We have seen this since the time of patronage. Who calls the artists into the protocols are the artists themselves.
Inside our proposal,
Buying the best NFT and the most consecrated artists is a great marketing strategy, and I’m the one who does this free curation. But I agree that we shouldn’t keep the NFTs in our wallets and pass them on to you!

At the moment we have already doubled the amount, the report was done with 10 days of work, in an organic way. We are in a financing fund precisely so we don’t have to exploit any manpower, as I could say that marketing work should not be worthy of being paid honestly for dedication. I cannot exploit anyone using the name of near protocol or the name of fraDAO, all work done must be paid honestly, I apologize for my position. starting a marketing job, creating strategies and planning can be even more cumbersome than maintaining marketing maintenance. Creation versus maintenance.
What uses up the most energy from the marketer/social media?
those were our 4 weeks of work organically without paid boosts. the impulse will start now that we have the contents. The marketing professionals will be waiting for the renewal of the proposal for the continuity of the work. as I said, one of our values is that no professional will be exploited or work for free for passion. Passion is not part of our values at fraDAO.

instagram: Login • Instagram
Reddit was created for April proposal, not march: https://www.reddit.com/user/fra-dao
Twitter: https://twitter.com/fra_dao
facebook: Fradao
Telegram: Telegram: Contact @fra_DAO

Any need for clarification I’m ready to answer.
I am very honored by the seriousness and strength of the near team.

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Hi @so608, How are you? nice to meet you.

I will answer your question, but I believe that in the answers above, I will have clarified some part.
I have 11 years of experience in remote work, I believe a lot in remote.
But, any project start or an initial branding immersion, needs to do it physically.This procedure, I’ve done it remotely in 2020, and it didn’t work, it ended up causing damage and wasting time.
To create an immersion of the team, we will need to meet physical and at this moment we have to be as professional as possible and not do it in an amateur way, I will already be investing. this material is the basis for an immersion of work, be it design thinking, experience design and branding development. I will invest in an outside professional to be the tutor of this immersion, who will not get involved with the near protocol, they are professionals who will not receive through my wallet. I can’t sit at a team table that will be looking for the answers and be a tutor at the same time, I know dozens of professionals who do the branding of coca-cola, NATURA, Danone, Olympic Games, Plexo Solar (solar energy)…
i will invite him to be my tutor while I’m sitting with the team writing our values. The process is for the team and not for me. Once that’s done, there’s no need for physical meetings and we can follow remotely. Several companies like Denmark’s Kaospilot university that develops these branding tutorials have not been successful during the pandemic in team development, I won’t be able to remotely either, nor do I advise you to try. I already tried it didn’t work, the tutors from Kaospilot, from Brazil, also tried and it didn’t work, I was part of the study team during 2020. I cannot insist on the error. my apologies.
But where´s the place about branding funding?
I am happy for the seriousness of the questions, and concern for the brand. A solid brand needs guardians.
congrats on the positioning.

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Getting to the point of the Experience design workshops for NFT and Art Assistance. Every time, WHEN there is a change in the financial system and in the way art is distributed, the social and technological system, exclude our elders, it is no longer a positive and comprehensive revolution, but a strategy of exclusion and social renewal, pushing our elders to ostracism and disposal.

I lived through the technological revolution in 1989 when artists who used airbrushes became art directors in just one year, and the photolithography trade and some graphic services were abandoned from the production line, and replaced by floppy disks, 486 DX2 66mhz computers or Mac Performer 6100 or the topline Power Mac 8600. From one hour to another, xerox/bureau store owners became the new graphic artists, with a promising young man behind the computer doing non artistic operational.

if you need more details about my trajectory and my family, I can answer in direct, I’m not allowed to talk about them, here in the near forum

We are experiencing the same paradigm changes, at this time after 2020.
Knowing this, our workshops are about taking 90s, 80s, 70s, 60s, 50s, 40s, 30s and some 20 year old women out of the technological and social vulnerability zone.

At one point I read about passion project, let’s say that the women who enter in these free workshops and free artistic assistance, are a passionate users of the NEAR Protocol, and beyond. When we insert our Elderly into the NEAR Protocol, we insert our grandchildren, our children, our husbands or the family nucleus in parallel.

NEAR’s branding is reimagine the world, we’re just doing it and making near protocol accessible to the whole family. The family members of these artists, who are attending the workshops, creating your NEAR wallet without even asking me about receive 01 near to onboarding family, because they are in passion and we are working hard attending and executing the project in the best way possible. Most of the team that is part of fraDAO are mothers and fathers, we work focused on our projects and some people here, have already worked in investment funds and have worked on several physical projects of investment funds in past(branding experience), this is nothing new for us(but is my first time in blockchain fund), we just used tickets with high values with 3 to 5 years of project and not from month to month, that tendency to burnout easily. and we know that the priority to give continuity in our roadmap 2022 is not to have the famous “burnout”, the villain of any project. we are doing everything possible to have health and increase the ecosystem without falling into burnout and having to suspend activities avoiding burning the near protocol image. We are following the Branding guidelines here within the NF.

Something that surprises me, is that almost all of NEAR’s super important internal branding posts, have less than 10 likes, and from my experience that I come from a branding family, I can say that they are extremely professional and appropriate content guided with excellence by the Miss Tinsman leadering Marketing Team Update.
Will be good to pin this amazing information and share with the ecosystem, it´s an amazing work, so professional.

Thanks for your patience and time!

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I think it’s worth seeing where you take this. Best of luck!


thanks @klint ! :dizzy:
we will have a lot of responsibility, honesty and clarity on our way, keeping open to learning and respect NEAR marketing team, to better serve the investment fund.
Our team is serious and qualified to do a honest work and maintain a positive relationship inside our ecosystem.
We are grateful for the attention and support, and will be a pleasure honoring the NEAR branding.


I look forward to seeing where this goes. Moving this to approved! You can submit to Astro.


Your proposal was Approved on the forum. Please, follow these steps to get approval on Astro DAO



Thank you Lorraine @so608, @Dacha and @marketingdao-council, I will always be available for criticism and clarification. Thank you for your trust and we will be focused to do a good job and not disappoint your approval decision. I will follow the process in astroDAO.
@Adrianatavares @toiadmt @lauralago @raissalaban @paulaguimaraes @frado send a good week and regenerative health for everyone !


@marketingdao-council thanks for supporting. follow our astroDAO link to vote:

In the moment we had some crash in the crypto market, but we will keep the instagram Social media account management in operation, while the team waiting the financial funds of May . let´s waiting the NEAR price stable again. No worries


Excited already :slight_smile: let’s go!!!


We created a dream team based on what we expect from new media tecnologies. All parts of the project FRADAO are fed with care and attention, in a totally friendly environment. This is how we desire to rewrite the world, maintaining the cyberpunk ideia of dissolving centralized patriarchal structures. As a female artist I feel secure and welcome to protect and strengthen NEAR system.


Hi ! Filled again a google forms:



Hello @satojandro and @zana ! :dizzy:
I hope you both are doing well!
Thank you for the wonderful support and I would like to notify you that the “Hellosign” has already been signed.

And we receive it, we will make the acknowledgement of receipt as well to clarify the whole transparency process.
Screen Shot 2022-05-16 at 13.32.26

If it is unnecessary to notify you of all the procedures, just let us know.