[Approved] April 2022 Content & Infographic Production - Near Insider Guild

Thank you. We have 20+ great people in Degens team for shilling Near protocol and projects on Twitter. I believe it’s enough. I like your infographics and proposed reduce rewards and translate pictures on two languages. Sorry, if it’s doesn’t work for you.

I believe partnerships with

Polaris Finance
Bluebit Finance
Varda game , etc

can help to grow your awesome channel.

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As I understand it, Degens’ shill work is completely different from the way we do it. We show users an overview of the ecosystem, what is in the user’s mind, and the project as a whole. We will appreciate your opinion about supporting other categories instead of just focusing on defi. You can reduce the reward to $3000. We will prove our ability for 1 month before a new proposal with higher reward. This is an example, it’s more objective and in-depth than shilling in terms of price:

Thanks @Dacha !

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Hello @Dacha and Community DAO! How long will I wait for this proposal to be considered? Thanks!

Thanks for your proposal and patience.

I’m happy to support this proposal.

I do note that, as always, content is king. Make sure that you are working closely with projects to get as much informartion, as accurate as possible. The ecosystem is growing fast which means more complex products and more new people.


I will also support this month’s funding. To follow up on what @satojandro said in his comment, we are experiencing a lot of ecosystem growth and influx of funding requests. For ongoing projects, we are closely evaluating projects and their content for quality and effectiveness. It’s something I am mentioning on many proposals. Not singling you out.

In the future, for example, if your proposal mentions supporting 6 projects, I will want to know what those projects are and have information to substantiate that portion of the project in order to support it.

You have support from three council members so this is approved and you can add to Astro.


Good evening! Your proposal was Approved on the forum.
Please, follow these steps to get approval on Astro DAO


PS: filled out the form to promote games on Near

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Hi @Dacha . Thanks for reply. We will promote games what you filled

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Thank you for approved! This is my proposal

Pls approve my poll @marketingdao-council. Thanks!

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Hey, Can any of the NEAR ECosystem project ask for post on NEAR Insider with funds covered by marketing dao?

Can you please share the request form?


Hi @zubairansari07 . Send you form. Hope you share for Near ecosystem projects. We can create a group to discuss and work


Sure, Thanks for the quick response! I would fill the form for UniqArt


Thanks! @satojandro, @Dacha and @so608 we from the @ConciergeTeam appreciate your feedback and the support you are giving to Near Insider.


Thank You! I also shared the form in Near Games dev group for free promotion of their projects within approved budget by Marketing DAO.

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Hi @Dacha but i can’t contact them. Pls send me their handle to dm. Thanks!

Hello @Klint @alejandrom @cryptocredit @so608 ps approve my poll. Thanks!

They will fill out the form and include contacts. Thank You :grinning:

Hi Guys, When can we expect a contact from the team to UniqArt?



Next week. We created a group on telegram with UniqArt

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Thanks so much, Appreciate it!