[Approved] Amsar - AR Exhibition + NFT Burn Amsterdam Blockchain Week

Hi everyone! Really excited about the upcoming Amsterdam Blockchain Week. I’m collaborating on a creative exposition with Nomu Labs (Madrid) and Membit (NYC). We’d love to also partner with Mintbase. Here’s our proposal:

AMSAR FEST - An Augmented Reality Exhibition

During Global Governance Gathering, Dev Connect and ETH AMS


What is AMSAR?

Our love for art, web3 and innovative technologies have led Nomu Labs (Spain), ORIGINSTØRY and Membit (New York) to meet in the Dutch capital to present a glowing experience for the Web3 community and for all curious minds seeking new adventures.

About the Boat Party:

The most incredible nautical experience possible hosted on Eivissa with:


Retractable roof

400 person

Gamified Exhibition space for Sponsors and Partners

Live Music

How we will use Mintbase

H.E.R. DAO - AR Creative Hack - 18 April

On Monday, April 18th, we will do a creative Hack in collaboration with H.E.R. DAO. This will be focused on storytelling and specifically how to tell women’s stories. Karina Mitchell from the Augmented Reality team at Membit will do an NFT2AR workshop. Pieces made in this workshop will be minted on Mintbase and selected artworks will be shown in our larger exhibition at Museumplein.

Some of these pieces will also be featured on display screens during the boat party

The Workshop on the 18th would be a combination of an NFT / AR/ STORYTELLING Workshop

250 USD in N- These funds would be going to compensate Karina Mitchell who would be leading the NFT2AR part of the workshop. Karina is part of the team at Membit, which has displayed art at the Venice Biennale and worked with brands like Steinway, and been featured in the New York Times for their augmented reality work. Karina is currently working on a book about AR and is signed to Asia’s largest tech publisher.

(NEAR/Minbtbase On-site Support) H.E.R. DAO founders - Tracey Bowen and Yip will also be there who are familiar with Near /Dev and Mintbase. I’m getting more familiar as well in preparation, but we’d love to have you at this workshop as well. We can have a pre-event meeting to make sure everything is clear for the workshop.

600 USD in N The rest would go to the other workshop facilitators - which includes members from Nomu Labs and myself. Nomu Labs (Madrid) has recently worked on projects with Porsche and I am in the process of launching The Gallery DAO. Before web3 I was on Broadway, teaching life skills through empowerment in South African townships, touring as a musician, and building multidisciplinary art projects. I’ll be driving the storytelling and collaborating on the idea to mint portions of the day.

The workshop is going to be about NFTs and AR and we will use Mintbase to Mint. We will then put these pieces in a gallery on XR and have it be something your can "burnt and redeem. So in the end there will be AR pieces minted now on Mintbase focused on woman artists and creators.

Facilitators - We will give storytelling workshop that will be both written and oral. It’s possible we may also create music in this workshop because we have award winning musicians (including H.E.R. DAO Founder who is a Mercury Prize Winner)

Other Facilitators

Sean Bradford - Workshop Lead / Storytelling/NFTs. Formerly at The Mynt Lab and now co-founding The Gallery DAO

Luis Pozoglio - Web 3 Development and Integration

Borja Colom- Spatial Design and Architecture (helping with the Gallery)

Pablo Astiarraga- Design (will help to bring ideas to life for participants who are not artists)

Javier Mateache & Eduardo Thapar, Content Capture, Help with NFT education.

The goal is to provide 1-on -1 experiences with participants so there is something created at the end of the workshop. These pieces will also stay for the entirety of the week.

The Boat Party - 23 April

Guests will have the ability to a “burn” NFT in the AMSAR Mintbase Store. We will onboard people before the event and during the week to set up a Near wallet which they can then use on the boat.

We will create a series of redeemable items for people, including a 3XR Gallery of the works from the week, a free drink, a future live recording of the DJ sets from the boat, tickets to dinner, and AMSAR T-shirt and other “gifts.” We will try to continue to add a wide range of items that people can claim after burning to keep this unique and exciting!

Near one of the bars there will be a screen showing live burning.

Near is requested is to help support our tech /content capture /har costs for the boat event. The party will be a culmination of the AR exhibit and workshop for the week, featuring artwork from artists from around the world. We will post a list soon on the AMSAR Fest Website. There are also hard costs, including to have screens at the party. So I’m breaking down this in terms of where this money goes and what MINTBASE would also get in return here. Additional partners on this event include Human Protocol, DoinGud, and H.E.R. DAO. We will also have local partners which will allow MINTBASE to reach new audiences who are curious about web3 and NFTs.

How we will tell people about the Activation and Onboard them with a Near Wallet?

We have a very active telegram created just for this event, which already has 178 members. We expect this to keep growing over the next weeks. We plan to share links with guests there and also will have some QR code’s to onboard people. Both Nomu and I will be in Paris for NFT Paris so we can also start onboarding people with their burn NFT for Amsterdam if they are attending.

We estimate 50-150 will claim their wallet and participate in some portion of the activation

Our Reach/Mintbase Value

  • Listed on AMS Blockchain Event Schedules + AMSAR Website
  • Collective Team Social Sharing at 50k + on Instagram and 3k on Twitter
  • Sponsor social reach at 60k
  • Pre, During, and Post photo/video content for Mintbase to share with their community
  • Use case of using NFT tickets and live burning at a dance music event

Social Numbers

  • Human Protocol: 32k on Twitter
  • DoinGud: 12.7k on Twitter, 7.8k on Instagram
  • H.E.R. DAO: 2k+ on Twitter
  • Nomu Labs: 1.5k Instagram
  • Event Organizers (Combined) : 50k Instagram, 1.5k Twitter

The Ask

We are looking for 2,225USD in N to complete this activation = 2,500USD in N

Part I:

100 USD in N - Set Up Mintbase Store
250 USD in N - NFT 2 AR WORKSHOP - Karina Mitchell
600 USD in N - 6 Workshop Faciliators (Nomu & ORIGINSTØRY) + Lunch (4-6 Hours)

Total = 950 USD in Near

Part II:

550 USD in N Dedicated Screen for Mintbase Activation + contribution towards tech costs (MINTBASE NFTS wil be displayed on the LED screen and in content on other areas of the boat)

150 USD in N Person to help facilitate Burning

500 USD in N towards content capture - Hi-res photos and videos post event including visuals for social sharing.

75 USD in N for drinks to be given away through burning

TOTAL = 1,275 USD in N

GRAND TOTAL = 2,225USD in N + (0.3N x 50) Link Drops = Approx 2,500USD in N

Wallet name : originstøry.near

This is only the beginning

We are planning multiple activations and would love to continue this collaboration in the future!

Thank you!

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Hi @playoriginstory

I really love the reach this project can give us.

A important thing that you probably weren’t aware of: here at the governance forum we indicate the value in USD in near.

So for example: tutor fee: 150USD in N :slight_smile: So when the price of N fluctuates, we are all on the safe side…

Let’s just get some things clear:

6.5N are enough to set up a mintbase store

60N for the workshop teacher & day - who would that be? Are they qualified to give this workshop? Should I jump in? We need to know exactly what the funds are used for :slight_smile:

225 N is just really much for our dao for a punctual event like this… It’s 3400 USD

The linkdrops are fine, we can create them already.

The only parts we need more information about are the 60 for the workshop & the 117.5 for the boat costs…

We need a person that is really familiar with near & mintbase at the event if you want to do all these things you are planing… Who would that be?

Looking forward to our meeting!

We can’t wait to partner with MINTBASE on this activation!

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@playoriginstory happy to approve your proposal.

will create the links for airdrop shortly and you can request payout proposal for the 6.5N to open your store.
Thanks and see you in amsterdam :slight_smile:

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Hello! Thanks Maria,

We are super excited for this activation next week in Amsterdam and to use Mintbase! With Nomu at NFT Day Paris so we will definitely have a drink to celebrate :slight_smile:

See you next week!

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See you! And let me know if you need any help setting up your store on mintbase @playoriginstory

Hi Maria,

Thanks for your support of our event in
Amsterdam. Based on what we were
able to accomplish we are requesting:

850 USD in N

Paid to: originstory.near

Thank you!

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you can submit payout proposal on the mintbase astrodao.

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