[APPROVED] AFROSTAR GUILD Monthly Kids Talent Seminar

Hi, on AFROSTAR Guild, the kids talent unveiling monthly seminar will held by me. Kids between the age of 2-16 in all kinds of talent and Adebukola has been discovered already!

and She’s 8 yrs old, singer/composer not been to studio yet, but heard her singing like an angle, met with her dad, and ill will be supporting her dreams in terms of

developing, training, producing of content which will cost $400,
renting of event space $200,
transportation fare $150
studio photo shoot $50,
artwork $50,
(depending on location)
welfare for the kid and their parent $100
Content Promo $300 on social media and Radio

Total 1250 USD

time for the kids to start kicking it with their dreams.
Project starts as soon as its funded, gonna be all ready latest by January 28.



bravo… this is nice, @sterryo!


i applaud @sterryo :clap: :clap: :clap:

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cant wait to see her unleashing the greatness in her :raised_hands: