[APPROVED] #4 : ZINE digital integration

ZINE #1 : ALONE OUTSIDE : ZINE digital integration

This month of June I would like to propose the development of the digital version for the zine. Figuring out the best way to integrate the zine in a digital medium is something truly important for us.

This would be available in our website, upon launch.

Due to the nature of this zine, there’s no straightforward way to share it in digital format that does not undervalue the accordion. I would like to try some 3D mockups for this specific zine, creation of gifs and animations.

This is a trial and error experiment given the type of format we are using.

Our objective remains: to refine the printing, publishing and digital integration of the zine. Being able to show the nuances of our next publications in a digital version is key not only for our zines but for the upcoming artist we look forward to work with.

and this is what I’m looking forward to work on next.

Development of digital version = 300$
3D Mockup = 150$
Animations = 300$
Sub-total: 750$

Thank you all for your consideration,
the DOI DOI team

Anyone cares to comment on why this is approved?

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Hi @satojandro, thank you for your concern. I believe this is part of this main proposal and hasn’t been accepted yet.

We’ll review and decision should be out by 15th July!


@atshim the header says approved?

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Hi @kc_sollano and @satojandro.
This proposal was proposed to DoiDoi DAO and it was approved internally by the council of DoiDoi DAO to be part of July funding request. We accidentally tagged the post in the Creatives DAO category and I think the confusion comes from that.