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Margarida Bolsa - margarida bolsa.near
Lisboa, Portugal

Portfolio: Portfolio_Margarida_Bolsa.pdf - Google Drive

Artist Statement:
All my work revolves around experimenting with various materials and textures, exploring their visual and physical possibilities. When it comes to the creative process, I always start with one or more visual notes that can have different dimensions: in the same way I take them from a film or a place, I take them from a gesture, a tennis or a moldy lemon. It is this visual information that becomes autonomous and gains one or more artistic dimensions that I want to explore. As if I enhanced this note, or put it under the microscope and analyzed its infinite possibilities. The autonomy of these possibilities fascinates me during creation, I’m not the one who controls the conceptual weight or the intention of my works, they control themselves, always positively depending on the spectator and gaining from this relationship.

Sinopse do projeto: Sapatos sanduíche
Este é um projeto embrionário que consiste na divisão de um sapato de forma a separar a sola da parte de cima, voltando depois a uni-las colocando uma chapa de zinco entre os dois elementos do sapato, criando assim uma sanduíche.
A chapa estará lixada para se tornar um espelho onde o espectador poderá ver o seu reflexo. O tamanho da chapa dependerá do tamanho do sapato e da sala onde será exposto.
Deixo desenhos explicativos que exemplificam uma das soluções de exposição e ajudam a perceber a ideia.


Hey, Margarida! Thanks for your application! We hope to announce the winners by February 1st, good luck! :dizzy: :star_struck:

Thanks for the help :hugs: :hugs:

Olá, Margarida!

Thanks for your application! We had more participants than ever and the selection process was not easy for the jury of this 3rd edition.

We used the following evaluation criteria: » Quality of Artwork » Past Experience » Fitting with Incubadora concept »Quality of application »Impact of the Stipend on the artist/project

It was a very hard decision, but unfortunately, your application was not selected for this edition.

You are more than welcome to apply again in the next rounds! Stay tuned :crossed_fingers:t5: :hugs:

Cheers :purple_heart::dizzy:

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