[APPLICATION] Programa de Bolsas artísticas - jmemediato.near

Name & NEAR Account ID
João Emediato (@jmemediato)

Helsinki, Finland

Social media handle(s)
Ig. @jmemediato / @ficacalmajoana

Website/Online Portfolio if applicable
I currently use my own Instagram profiles as portfolio (@jmemediato / @ficacalmajoana)

Artist Statement - tell us about your practice and artistic intent; max. 5-10 sentences

As a visual artist, my main interests involve creative processes between graphic and performative arts, archives and language. I am a student in the Visual Narratives MA program at Aalto University, Helsinki, where I am currently developing a book called “Atlas of Work”. This atlas frames the implications between labor, images and language. Through this project I try to map the metaphors, mental images and idiomatic expressions that mediate our relationship with work/labor. Finally, I intend to lay out visual interpretations of these tropes through the combinations of photography and written text.

Blurb of Current/Planned Project - what kind of work will this stipend allow you to pursue?; max. 5 sentences

The entire content of the book has already been produced, and is currently being edited and finalized into its final printing version. With this stipend I will be able to finance the production of the “Atlas of Work”, which will include the costs of printing tests, final printing, binding, and also posting fees for book shippings. I expect to be able to print approximately 8 books.

Previous samples of your work - max. 4 pieces (if not already on social media and/or a website or virtual portfolio)

Breves Bandeiras (Brief Flags)
Released June, 2017
Conception: Filipe Costa and João Emediato


Oi João @jmemediato Happy to see your submission!
We will be receiving applications till the 17th. We are going to let you know the results until the 30th of September. :star_struck: :star_struck: keep in touch.


Thanks @JulianaM ! :crossed_fingers:


Hi João, how are you?

The Stipends program jury is very glad to let you know that you’ve been selected for the first edition! :star_struck: :star_struck:

feel free to ask your first month payout of 30N (± 150 eur in Near) on SputnikDAO

I will also send you an airdrop :blush:

Welcome to Incubadora community!

We would like to send you 4.4N for your participation as well. I can’t see any wallet in your post, do you need any help creating one? Please let us know and I can help you.



AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHH I’m sooo happy! Thank you! <3


hey @jmemediato , how are you?

You are free to ask your second month payout of 150 eur, that is the equivalent of 17N to our Sputnik Dao

cheers :heart_eyes:


Have just done it, darling! Thank you!


Hey @jmemediato, how are you? Just a quick reminder that the report of your experience with the stipends should be posted untill Dec 10th, as discussed in the Open Caal Post :slight_smile:

We hope that this Program supported you and helped you achieve your goals :heart_eyes:

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