[ANNOUNCEMENT] Please upgrade your NEKO token to NEKO v2

As some of you have noticed, the NEKO in your wallet is showing up as NEKO (OLD). This is because we have implemented changes to the NEKO token contract including one critical update and several value add upgrades.

Unfortunately, the only way to implement this upgrade is through a v2 NEKO token. This means you must exchange the v1 NEKO (OLD) in your wallet for NEKO v2 (contract ftv2.nekotoken.near).

How do I upgrade to NEKO v2?

All you need to do is go to https://stake.nekotoken.xyz/ and click the UPGRADE NEKO button.

This will automatically:

  • Unstake your Good Fortune Feline NFT(s) from the v1 (old) Fortune Pool and deposit them in the new v2 Fortune Pool where they will begin earning NEKO v2. New staking site is https://stakev2.nekotoken.xyz/

  • Exchanges all NEKO v1 (OLD) in your wallet for v2 NEKO

  • Any unclaimed NEKO v1 (OLD) from the Fortune Pool is converted into NEKO v2 and deposited into your wallet

NEKO v2 Upgrades:

  1. NEKO token V2 is updated with 24 decimals (NEAR standard). The NEKO v1 code has 0 decimals which means NEKO can only be sold in whole number quantities on DEXs. This cannot work with the 5% NEKO token tax. It is impossible to make this update to the v1 NEKO contract which is why v2 NEKO is needed.

  2. NEKO tax information is added to the token metadata. Tax info is now under tax_rate in nft_metadata. The tax rate is dynamic and can be adjusted externally by admin without re-deploying the contract. Our goal is to create the standard for tax tokens on NEAR and this is a big step towards this!

  3. Loading Good Fortune Feline NFTs staked in the Fortune Pool is way faster than before

  4. NEKO rewards from staking Good Fortune Feline NFTs in the Fortune Pool are now calculated in real time!

Please reach out to us in the NEKO Discord if you have any questions! NEKO