[Announcement] Create your WEARABLE voxel art class. 26/05

:zap: Invitation to the NEAR Ecosystem Community :zap:

" create your WEARABLE "
voxel art class

date: 26th of May
time: 8.00-9.00 pm IST(India timezone)
[ 7.30 am PST / 2.30pm UTC ]

with: prof. @GeminiRising , INA DAO and LP DAO Council, web3 and digital artist

for: graphic, digital or any kind of designers and painting artists;
for beginners in Metaverse but curious about new technologies;
for any NEAR ecosystem DAO’s members.

participation tools (are free):

Meeting ID: 602 784 5544
Passcode: 777

** in Goa we’ll have offline meetup to join the online-class together (keep updated for details in our socials (NEAR GoaDAO | Linktree))

does anyone want to join us ? :arrow_heading_down:

  • me !!
  • no, thanks

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I want to! But I don’t have a computer and I already know that I can’t produce the voxels. But I can have ideas and propose a collab. And so yes! Count on me :raised_hands::innocent: Please, thank you.

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You can do voxel on smartphones now. And share the same file format as magicavoxel or .obj and send it to them

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what is the soft?
are you voxel-artist? could you perform the next workshop? :slight_smile:

Voxel max from appstore


Im not part of this proposal. Im just a commoners picking bountys 🫰🏻

for the next month i’m planning 3-4 more workshops
as much divesify as possible
suppose to look for teachers through bounty here, if couldn’t manage to make certain agreements in advance.

Oh no… Android here :roll_eyes::pleading_face: ahahah tnx anyways
Oh no 2… I couldn’t participate, is there a recorded class somewhere for those who missed it? :raised_hands::innocent: